Pamparomas Archive, volume 3 1774-5

From the mid-1770s, the Pamparomas villagers again contested their removal, but to no avail. Their case was taken up again in the 1790s, under Cacica Doña Maria Vilcarima, widow of the former Cacique Marcelo Quispe Condor. She triumphed, and in 1793, the people of Pamparomas were granted titles to their traditional lands. To further their case, the villagers, now led by the Alcalde Mauricio de la Cruz, created a hand-drawn map in 1803.

Images 1-534 are digital images taken in normal lighting conditions. Images 535-796 are copies of the same volume, but taken in ultraviolet (UV) light. This was done because parts of the volume are heavily water damaged and illegible. The UV light was used to see whether this would improve legibility. It did to some extent.

Extent: 1 partially disbound volume 265 folios.

Size and dimensions of original material: height 31cm width 21cm, depth 5.5cm.

Condition of original material: Book is badly stained and discoulered by water, margins are torn and fragile with losses, some of the pages have holes, is most pages the black to brown ink has faded to in some cases badly faded.

Arrangement: The document is written in various different hands and writtent by members of the community of Pamparomas, it copies out earlier material and was created over a period of c. 30 years.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Includes copy of a royal document from 1591; further document from Lima, December 15, 1698; includes mentions of Doña Maria Vilcarima Cacica, Santiago Valverde; included hand drawn map of area.

Scribe(s): Includes document dated 1801 written in Huaras by Juan Martin Alcade and others; includes letters signed Maurizio de la Cruz and others; and a letter by Mro Fray Joseph Manuel Montalvo.