Pamparomas Archive, volume 1 1774

Documentation concerning evidence used in a legal case by the community of Pamparomas against the Dominican Colegio de Santo Tomas about land and water rights. Decrees, wills, and other manuscripts from as early as 1591 were copied out and included in the manuscript to support the community case.

Extent: 1 partially disbound volume 104 folios.

Size and dimensions of original material: height 33cm, width 22cm, depth 3cm.

Condition of original material: Book is badly stained and discoulered by water, margins are torn and fragile with losses, some of the pages have holes, on some pages the black ink has faded.

Arrangement: The document is written in various different hands and writtent by members of the community of Pamparomas, it copies out earlier material and was created over a period of c. 30 years.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Document is written in Lima, March 14, 1774 and San Ildefonso de Caras, July 29, 1774; includes reference to Don Rosario de la Cruz who is the alcalde ordinario de Santiago de Pamparomas at this time.