Papers from the Second All African People's Conference, Tunisia [1960]

Digital images of papers from the second All African People's Conference, held in Tunisia on 25-29 January 1960. The file contains:. Conference Agenda; Attendance list, organised by Country and Institution; A letter from H. Nkumbula to Mr A. F. K. Djin, regarding Ghana; The file primarily consists of texts of speeches given at the conference, by the following delegates:. J. N. Nkomo - Southern Rhodesia African National Congress; H. C. Waruthi - Kenyan Independence Movement; M. W. Kanyama - Nyasaland; Fuad Galal - National Union of the United Arab Republic; Oskar Kambona - Tanganyika African National Union; Ali Muksen - Zanzibar Nationalist Party; Michael Scott - Ghana Council for Nuclear Disarmament; Kaikai Said - African National Congress of Tanganyika; H. N. Moyo - Zanzibar and Pemba Federation of Labour; United National Independence Party of Zambia - M. Mainza Chona; It appears as though the material within this file was once kept as part of a different file system: reference ANC5/42 appears on the papers.

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