Milinda and Nāgasena Questions and Answers

Title in Mon: သၠပတ်မေလိုန်ကဵုနာဂသိုန်နွံသီုသၟာန်ကသှ်.

Transliterated title: SLAPAT MELUIN KUIW NĀGA SUIN.

Palm leaf manuscript of a dialogue between King Milinda and Nāgasena. Also called "Milinda Pañhā" and apparently considered a canonical text in Burma but not Thailand.

Extent: 1 bundle of palm leaf manuscripts, approx 30 faces. Complete.

Condition of original material: Fairly good condition and legibile. Some leaves are faded in a way that looks dirty, and some leaves have been bent. Additional comments written on last leaf in ink.

Custodial history: Handwriting is Thai Mon, so manuscript is of local provenance.