Dreams of King Kosala

Title in Burmese: ကောလသလမင်းအိပ်မက်.

Title in Mon: လ္ပံပတ်သိုန်.

Transliterated title: LPAɁ PAT SUIN.

Palm leaf of dreams of King Pasenadi Kosala, a prominent follower of the Buddha.

Extent: 1 bundle of palm leaf manuscript, approx 84 faces. Incomplete - leaves missing at beginning.

Condition of original material: Fairly good condition; original surface shiny. Some emendations made with paper and ink.

Custodial history: Handwriting is Thai Mon, so manuscript is of local provenance.

Sponsor(s): NĀY CHEW, NAY DEɁ, MI KLĀṀ (Kḅaṅ Kḍī).