Kammathan [Meditation]

Title in Burmese: ကမ္မဌာန်းပေစာ.

Title in Mon: သၠရိုတ်ကမ္မဌာန်.

Transliterated title: SLARUIT KAMMAṬHĀN.

Palm leaf manuscript of text describing meditation techniques. Appears to be written in rhyming couplets.

Extent: 1 bundle of palm leaf manuscripts, 30 leaves written face and obverse.

Condition of original material: Fairly good condition and legibile. Colophon missing; contents and title determined by reading text.

Custodial history: Handwriting is Thai Mon, so manuscript is of local provenance.

Scribe(s): NĀY SMIṀ KĀṀ ṆĀN KHUN WHĀN [may be two names for the same person, who was village headman].