Cet Riw Medical Text 1

Accordian-style folding book (parabaik) medical text discussing various illnesses which affect the human body. Includes various various astrological diagrams. The text appears to have been written in stages. Written in black pencil. The books has come apart, but all sections appear present. The picture of the cover in the middle represents where the pictures switch to the obverse pages. Note this text and Cet Riw Untitled Medical Medical Parabaik 2 seem to be connected. All the Cet Riw manuscripts were kept together in a wooden box, so presumably all are on the same topic.

Extent: 1 accordian paper book (parabaik), with approximately 94 faces front and back.

Condition of original material: Text appears more or less complete but pages have been eaten extensively by worms. Corners have been cut off but appear not to affect written text. Some damage to centre binding. End pages tending to disintegrate. Covers are not well preserved.

Custodial history: Handwriting is Thai Mon. Collection housed in a wooden box dated to 1918.

Scribe(s): Phayyā Sāttaḅān Dewadā. Name appears to be Thai (possibly a title or monk's name) written in Mon script. It is not clear if this was the sponsor or scribe.

Additional date information: Mon Era 1199.

No colophon.