Batismos de Escravos, Forros e Livres, 1853-1860

The volume records baptisms of enslaved, freed (forro/liberto), and free individuals registered in the church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção de Cabo Frio. The opening and closing charters are dated 16 Dec 1853 and were signed by Domingos D'Oliveira Maia. Entries were signed by José Francisco Marques. The volume also records some baptisms which took place in the church of São Pedro da Aldeia. Physical characteristics: The volume has 300 numbered folios. It has a cover, but no spine, and has been severely damaged by ink. Dimensions: 40 cm x 26 cm. Folios 60 through 101 were not photographed due to their fragile condition. Owner(s) of original material: Arquivo da Cúria Metropolitana de Niterói.