Prince Madrais Alibasa Manuscript No. 7

The manuscript No.7 is written in a set of loose folios. The size is 35 x 20 cm. The condition of paper is taped, brittle and yellowing. The ink penetrates to the reverse side but the writing is still readable. In this manuscript, Prince Madrais writes historical facts about his life when he was asked by Dutch government about his religion then sent to prison. He also describes his teachings about life guide such as realising law of cause and effect, Java has its own religion, self consciousness can cure the world desease, use the culture of our nation, obey the government, mutual respect among religions, etc. He also tells description of trade rules and some prophecies about Lumbu land case, revelation for Java and some bad nature disaster like drought, crops failure and flood.

Extent and format of original material: File 7: 204 pages of folios.

Owner(s) of original material: Prince Djatikusumah, Ratna Gumilang Damiasih.

Author/Scribe: Prince Madrais Sadewa Alibassa Kusuma Wijayaningrat.

The material is written in Cacarakan (Sundanese-Javanese) script.