Prince Madrais Alibasa Manuscript No. 10

The manuscript No.10 is written in a bundle of unbounded folios with no cover. The size is 35 x 21.5 cm. The condition of paper is brittle, perforated, taped and yellowing. The ink penetrates to the reverse side, but the writing is still readable. In this manuscript, Prince Madrais write historical facts about his life. He got social punishment and his movement was strictly watched by Dutch colonial government. His wife, Siti Munigar, was humiliated in the court. He also explains his teaching for practicing in life such as self consiousness to fight against the bad influence come to us, God is The One and unite with His creation, the creation of universe is told in many religions, but Sunda religion teaches caring for nature, many disorders happens in the world because human beings lost their true identity, every nation has its rules of behavior, custom and culture so that humans from every nations should be respect each others, etc.

Extent and format of original material: File 10: 108 pages of folios.

Owner(s) of original material: Prince Djatikusumah, Ratna Gumilang Damiasih.

Author/Scribe: Prince Madrais Sadewa Alibassa Kusuma Wijayaningrat.

The material is written in Cacarakan (Sundanese-Javanese) script.