रघुबंश महाकाब्य

Raghuvamsha is a Sanskrit epic by the most celebrated Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. He ispresumed to have flourished in the 5th century CE. It narrates, in cantos, the stories related to the Raghu dynasty, that includes Raghu, Dasharatha and Rama. The earliest surviving commentary written on the work is that of the 10th century Kashmiri scholar Vallabhadeva. Custodial history: Personal Collection. Extent and format of original material: Collection Level 26, Series Level: 21 files, File Level: 7 Vol. of 122 folios, Item Level: Paper folios 122. Owner(s) of original material: Purushottam Shresthacharya. Alternative calendar and date: Vikram Samvat [Vikrami] 1951.