Grihya Sutra is a manual detailing the domestic religious ceremonies performed by both Hindu male and female householders over the fire. The Sutras, together with the Shrauta Sutras, which deal with the grand Vedic sacrifices, and the Dharma Sutras, which deal with rules of conduct, make up the Kalpa Sutras - collections of texts that emerged within the different Vedic schools. The Grihya Sutras describe the ceremonies that mark each stage of an individual’s life, from the moment of conception to the final death rites; the five daily sacrifices, seasonal ceremonies; and those observed on special occasions, such as house building or cattle breeding. Custodial history: Family inheritance. Extent and format of original material: Collection Level 17, Series Level: 16 files, File Level: 10 Vol of 20 folios, Item Level: Paper folios 20. Owner(s) of original material: Nuchhe Maya Ranjit.