त्रिपुर महोपनिषद भाष्यम्

The Tripura Upanishad is a medieval era minor Upanishad. Composed in Sanskrit, this text is classified as a Shakta Upanishad attached to Rigveda [Rgveda]. Tripura Upanishad places goddess Tripura Sundari as the ultimate energy and power of the universe. She is described as the supreme consciousness, above Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.The text is one of the important texts of the Shakta tradition and notable for its theory of Tripura. Custodial history: Inherited. Extent and format of original material: Collection Level 16, Series Level: 23 files, File Level: 10 Vol of 19 folios, Item Level: Paper folios19. Owner(s) of original material: Krishnaman Shakya.