A brass pointer [Late 19th century]

A brass pointer, square in cross section and with a mantra engraved on the shaft. 92 cm long, decorated with attachments including trinkets, small bells, a piece of red thread, a ring, and an image of the Buddha. Such pointers are used by Lama Manipas to indicate key scenes depicted on a narrative thangka of the story being told. Chak Dhar ལྕགས་མདའ (Wylie lcags mda') . Creation dates: Late 19th century. Custodial history: An object donated to Dolma Ling nunnery by Buchen Gyurme. It probably belonged to one of three Lama Manipa who had fled from Tibet and who continued to perform within the exile Tibetan communities in India and Nepal. These manipa were Buchen Gyurme (Wylie ’Gyur med), Buchen Norgye (Wylie Nor rgyas), and Buchen Passang (Wylie Pa sangs) Specifics of the actual previous ownership unknown. Extent and format of original material: One pointer. Owner(s) of original material: Dolma Ling Nunnery.