One brass spoon and one copper spoon and copper bowls [Early 18th century]

One brass spoon and one copper spoon and copper bowls. Spoons 16 and 22 cm long. Copper bowls ( 12 and 14 cm across) The copper bowls held water or Tibetan beer (chang). Water, herbs and pills (Wylie ril bu) would be served to the audience from the spoons during performances. The previous owner, Buchen Pema Tsewang, was a nagpa (Wylie sngags pa), a tantric practitioner and healer as well as a Lama Manipa) . Creation dates: Early 18th century. Date suggested by current owner. Custodial history: An item owned by the family of Buchen Pema Tsewang and passed down through generations of Lama Mani in Tibet. Following his death the material has been handed down to his son Pema Choephel who is not a practising Lama Manipa. Extent and format of original material: Two spoons and two bowls. Owner(s) of original material: Pema Choephel. Material inherited from his late father, the Lama Manipa Buchen Pema Tsewang.