On the first page of the manuscript, it is mentioned that this book is an Avestā-ye Yašt. The manuscript has no colophon. The Nērangs of the new part of the manuscript are written in Persian, whereas the Nērangs of the older part of the manuscript are in Pahlavi. The older part is probably from the Qajar period. The older part begins with page 15 and ends with page 155. On two pages of the manuscript, we find the date of death, termed the Sālmarg. Folio 51r has the Sālmarg of Rostam Dastūr Keyḫosrō Dastūr Ḫodādād Dastūr Behmard. He died on the day of Dey-be-dīn, in the month of Ḫordād, in the year 1264.[i] Folio 79r has the Sālmarg of Mūbed Ḫodābaḫš Mūbed Kayḫosrō. He died on the day of Ard (or Ardibehešt), in the month Ābān, and in the year 12?? (unlikely 1200) AY. Under this date, another date, that of 1223[ii] (AD 1854), can be observed. It is not clear, however, whether this date is a correction of the other date or if it is from another date era. The manuscript is not illuminated.

Custodial history: This manuscript belongs today to Mehrabān Poulādī, the grandson of Arbāb Mehrabān Poulād. Mehrabān Poulādī is the vice president of the Council of Iranian Mobeds. His Grandfather, Arbāb Mehrabān Poulād was an influential Zoroastrian merchant from a priest family.

Extent and format of original material: Collection level 1, File level 1, 331 folios.

Volume and issue number: 1.0.

Owner(s) of original material: Mehraban Pouladi.