The text is a romantic narrative poem depicting the adventurous love story of Hazrat Yusuf and J[z]ulékhā, a woman of peerless beauty. The core story is described in the Qur'an as 'Āhsānūl Kachach'. The version here is an adaptation of the work Mohabbatnāmā written in Persian by Maulānā Jamir. Originally written by Ch[S]ādék Āli, it was reproduced by Muhammād Hatem Saheb, perhaps with some revision.

The significance of the text lies in the fact that a theme borrowed from Persian tradition was thoroughly remodelled and rearranged in order to accommodate new as well as subtle regional, socio-cultural and aesthetic variations.

The original volume is printed and undated, although the name of the book and the date 04 April 1946 is written in black ink on page 17. It measures 125mm x 209mm. The title page is missing and the main text is written on pages 17-94. These pages are all that has been copied.

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