Written by Munśi Ābdul Karim, the text provides the rituals associated with two (of the five) compulsory duties of a Mussalman - 'Oju' meaning ablution before prayers and 'Namāj[z]' being an offering of prayers. It emphasises the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene to keep oneself pure. The rules of namāz and other religious observances are detailed. The author ridicules those who do not perform the rituals and who provide futile excuses. It relates all misfortunes - natural as well as material - to non-performance of rituals.

The original volume is printed and undated. It measures 215mm x 127mm and is covered with a brown paper. The title page is missing. The main text is written on pages 3-26 and this is all that has been copied, with images of the front and back cover.

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