Bhédsār, 1st Edition"Bhédsār, 1st Edition"

Bhédsār is a book of religious songs which reflect on Sufi philosophy. It may have been written by Hajrat Sāhā Huchan Ālam, based on the thoughts of Saiyad Śah Hussain Ālam. The text was at some point revised and published by Srīyukta Jāji Ābdul Sāhéb; printed by Srī Mahammad Ābdul Gani, Srīhatta Bandar Bājar Islāmiā Press. The first version of the text as it appears in this volume was probably written in the 17th century.

Some believe that Saiyad Śah Hussain Ālam was born in the15th century in Sylhét. Professor Āsāddar Āli places his date of birth sometime between 1500 and 1650 CE.

The original volume is dated to 1907. It measures 203mm x 152mm. The digital copy here has been taken of a photocopy of the text. The main text is found on pages 1-78 and these are all that have been copied, with the title page.

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