Śitalāng Phakirer Rāg

This text contains songs about Sufism and its development in the region of Kājidahar, Sonāi. The author of the songs is Śitalāng Śāh who changed his name from Muhhamad Salimullāh after renouncing the world and becoming a Phakir (a wanderer). It is believed that Śitalāng Śāh was born sometime between 1793 and 1799 and lived for more than ninety years.

The original volume was handwritten and undated. The physical book measures 186mm x 280mm. The main text is found on pages 5-89 and this is all that has been copied. The original volume is missing pages 11, 30-35, 42-47, 52, 57 and 64-73.

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