Śitalāng Śaher Gān [1961]Śitalāng Śaher Gān [1961]

The songs in this volume deal with Sufi philosophy and show the development of Sufism in the region of Āssām. The author Śitalāng Śāh's original name was Muhammād Salimullāh. He assumed the name of Śitalāng Śāh when he renounced the world and became a Phakir (that is, a wanderer).

Scholars suggest that Śitalāng Śāh was born between 1793 and 1799 and that he lived for more than 90 years.

The original volume is hand written and dated to 1369 Bengali Era (1961 CE). It measures 280mm x 145mm. The text was copied by Hāji ĀBdul Āj[z]ij[z] and is written on pages 1-231. These pages are all that has been copied, along with the front and back covers.

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