History of the Bamum Kings: from Rifum to Njoya, Volume II (known famously in the Shümom language, invented by Njoya, as “Snak Rifum: Libonar Pantu Dusang”) [c 1912?]

Leaves: 304; Pages: 604 (numbered 615-1218); Measurements: 22cm x 15cm; Dates: ca. 1912?; Script: Akauku Mfemfe; Condition: Poor; Comments: This book is the equivalent of the Bamum language version known as “Saa’ngam Pamom” or History and Culture of the Bamum, which is APRB5010. Volume I was removed by King Njoya’s brother, Nji Musa, during the 1930s, but later returned to the palace. Today Volume is actively being traced.

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