Register of Births, Noun Region, 1912-1919. [1912-1919]

Leaves: 131 + covers; Pages: 262 + covers; Measurements: 28cm x 21cm; Dates: 1912-1919; Script: Akauku Nyiet in black and red ink; Condition: Overall good with some pages severely weathered; added to the original document are markings in blue ink made at some point prior to the commencement of work by the Bamum Scripts and Archives Project.; Comments: compiled by numerous secretaries; with this book, as with many others written in the middle to late part of the decade of 1910, this shows that although Akauku mfemfe was in general usage the palace continued to use the earlier Akauku nyiet version of the Bamum script; according to an earlier survey of this document, the total numbers of leaves/pages were 170/340, but the document has “lost” some of its volume (for example, pages 15-24 are missing, as labeled in Arabic numerals by an earlier investigator). Note that searches for these missing pages, for example in the palace museum, turned up nothing.

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