Dictionary of Shüpamom and Shümom Languages. [1920-1950]

Leaves: 489 + cover; Pages: 977 + cover; Measurements: 28cm x 21cm; Dates: ca. 1920-1950; Script: Primarily Akauku mfemfe with some Akauku Nyiet and rare Akauku ntunta script; Condition: Fair; Comments: compiled by numerous secretaries. As with many works organized into “books”, the pages numbered in Bamum script numerals and later added Arabic (western) numerals do not match. In the case of all documents, the original Bamum numerals are relied upon. In this item, the Arabic numerals skip pages 108-109, two pages are marked 257, and page 666 is skipped in the numbering process (not uncommon and due to a perceived satanic value attached to the number). “Shüpamom” is the name of the conventional Bamum language and “Shümom” is the artificial spoken language devised by Sultan Njoya around 1910. This book appears to have been one of those books removed from the palace by King Njoya’s son, Nji Musa, during a conflict over succession after Njoya’s death in 1933. While some parts of the book reflect writings prior to Njoya’s exile and death, some of the additions to the book were made subsequent to Nji Musa’s own exile in British Cameroons in the 1940s (the latest date perhaps being 13 May 1946).

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