Selection of Glass Plate Negatives: documentary photographs of indigenous Siberian peoples and cultures [1900-c1935]

This file contains 811 digitised copies of glass plate negatives depicting indigenous Siberian peoples and cultures.

Around 200-250 photographs were taken by the photographers Khoroshikh and Poltoradnev during expeditions to the north of Irkutsk province and the upper reaches of the Nizhnaia Tunguska river, between 1925 and 1935. These photographs document Evenki people and customs. The remainder of the collection dates from roughly 1900 to 1930, and documents Western and Eastern Buriats, Lamaists, and occassionally Tofalary peoples.

The images here feature the following subjects: architecture, seasonal campsites, soviet villages, subsistence farming, shamanic ritual sculpture, Lamaist rituals, boat building, reindeer herding, bark containers, grave sites, hunting, fishing, children, musical performances, Chums, icons, nurseries, national dress, Buriat, Tarasun stills.