Glass Plate Negatives from the Konstantin Dmitrevich Nosilov Fund

This file contains 222 digitised copies of photographs from the Konstantin Dmitrevich Nosilov collection of glass negatives. The images were taken from the late 19th to early 20th centuries (Nosilov died in 1923); exact dates are unknown. The photographs were taken by Nosilov on his travels, which included the following areas: Yamal, the Red Sea, St Petersburg, the Urals, and areas of Tundra and Taiga.

The images here feature the following subjects: camels, steam boats, reindeer, tents, recreation, paddle wheels, sail boats, kayaks, reindeer sleigh, hunters and hunting practices, roads and trails, buildings, horse and carriages, farming and farmers, sheep and goats, churches, yurts, orthodox priests, picnics, urban scenes, markets, rivers, streams, fishing, portraits, hot air balloons, Islamic ruins, bears, and Ainu.

This file consists entirely of glass plate negatives, measuring 60mm x 80mm.