Sample photographs from Mr Soltani's Collection

This file contains digital images of a sample from Mr Soltani's collection. Image 8 is a photograph taken by the EAP001 project during their survey, and gives an indication as to how Mr Soltani has arranged his collection and housed his photographs. Unfortunately, information about the provenance, context and subjects of most of the collection is unknown; the information presented in this catalogue is therefore necessarily incomplete. The photographers are unknown:1. Group portrait photograph showing officials at an election. Dated to the second Pahlavi period (1941-1979).2. Group portrait photograph of men at a shrine in Mashhad. Dated to the second Pahlavi period (1941-1979).3. Portrait photograph of Mohammad Khan Afsharshrhdar. Dated to the second Pahlavi period (1941-1979).4. 200 metres race at Golpayegan, dated 1336H [1917/1918].5. Field at Golpayegan; date unknown.6. Pentaptych portrait photographs, dated 1337H [1918/1919].7. Gorup portrait of three men and two children. Dated to the late Qajar dynasty [c1880-1925].

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