"Photographs from Esfahan, Various Photographers [1880s-1940s]"

This file consists of digital copies of 15 photographs taken in Esfahan, Iran, from the 1880s-1940s. Photographs in this file were taken by Minas Patkerhanian Machertich, Amanollah Tarighi, Thooni Johannes, Mirza Hasan Khan Shams, Mirza Mehdi Khan Chereh-Nama, Ernst Hoeltzer, and other unidentified photographers.

The material primarily consists of black and white portrait photographs (individual and group), but also includes a fisheye photograph of a photographic studio. Several of the portraits are of Mass'oud Mirza Zell al-Sultan, the governor of Esfahan from 1872-1907.

The original prints were created from glass plate and gelatin negatives; these digital copies are based on prints held by Parisa Damandan, measuring 6 x 9cm, 9 x 12cm, 13 x 18cm and 18 x 24cm.