Archival records from Documenting, conserving and archiving the Tai Ahom manuscripts of Assam (EAP373)

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  • Fragments [c18th century]

    Since this manuscipt is a collection of fragments the content in each of the folios is different and not related to each other. ... File Ref: EAP373/1/6
  • Fragments [c18th century]

    This is basically a fortune telling manuscript which helps in counting of suitable days for marriage, building of houses or any such kind of good happenings. ... File Ref: EAP373/1/7
  • KhonMing [c18th century]

    The content is similar to Tileshwar Mohan's Ming Mvng Lung Phai (EAP373_TileshwarMohan_MvngMungLungPhai). On the front cover image 0001, is written Khon Ming Lung Fai in English and Lit Khon Ming in Tai languages and Ayukh Tula Puthi in Assamese. ... File Ref: EAP373/1/8
  • KhonMing [c18th century]

    It contains the mantra of the Ming Mvng Lung Phai (EAP373_TileshwarMohan_MvngMungLungPhai) ... File Ref: EAP373/1/9
  • Su Nuk Lit [1816-7]

    It contains mantra for calling the khon 'spirit' of the country. On image 0011.tiff, it is written that this manuscript was written during the reign Purandar Singha in Charing. It is also mentioned that at that time Jorhat was his capital. The Manuscript s ... File Ref: EAP373/1/10
  • Po Ming [c18th century]

    This manuscript has content from three different subjects. The content in image 0001-0002 is Po Ming, 0003-0010 is Nemi Mang and image 0019-0020 is Aap Tang. The folio Po Ming contains mantra to give blessings. And Aap Tang contains water purification mant ... File Ref: EAP373/1/11
  • Manuscript [c18th century]

    This manuscript is similar to Bhuban Baruah's Lon Moti (EAP373_BhubanBoruah_LonMoTi_) ... File Ref: EAP373/1/12
  • Manuscript [c18th century]

    The content of this manuscript is similar to that of a Lon Moti. Further the name of the scribe is written in image 0044. ... File Ref: EAP373/1/13
  • SaiKai [c18th century]

    The content of this manuscript is similar to the other Sai Kai manuscript of Tileshwar Mohan (EAP373_TileshwarMohan_SaiKai1) and Padma Sangbun Phukan (EAP373_PadmaSangBunPhukan_SaiKai) ... File Ref: EAP373/1/14
  • Du Kai Seng [1788-89]

    It is a fortune telling manuscript. On folio 49v, in the last three lines it is written tun man mohung mosai to kam mobori luk ai lakhi luk langi naliluk noi tengai sampi, ti ren min sun meaning Mohung Mai Seu family's eldest son was Lakhi, the second son ... File Ref: EAP373/2/1
  • Fragment [c18th century]

    There are 3 folios, the first folio, 0001.tiff- 0002.tiff is a Rai Ju Dai having astrological calculations. Although it is a single folio the content written on it is complete. The second folio, 0003- 0004.tiff contains a water purifying mantra Naam Jari. ... File Ref: EAP373/2/2
  • Pen Ka Ka [c18th century]

    This manuscript contains the creation story of the universe. It also has records of the different Ahom kings beginning with the first Ahom king Siu Ka Pha to the last king Gomedhar Konwar ruling in the British period. Image 0026-0027 contains a prayer. ... File Ref: EAP373/3/1
  • Aap Tang [c18th century]

    This manuscript contains the mantra to purify water which is then used for bathing to get rid of deseases and evil spirits. Medini indicated that this manuscript can also be called Korothi Puthi ... File Ref: EAP373/3/2
  • Nang Khai Puthi [c18th century]

    This is a story which is about Lengdon's daughter Ka Pha Enga getting married to Kun Deo. ... File Ref: EAP373/3/3
  • Phelung Pheban [c18th century]

    This manuscript deals with astrology. The content in it is about calculation of auspicious days and events. ... File Ref: EAP373/3/4