Digitising the colonial and early republican sections of the Archive of the Welfare Society of Lima (EAP1049)

Aims and objectives

The ASBPL is one of the most important yet least studied archives in Lima (the capital of the Spanish empire in South America). The Welfare Society of Lima was created in 1830 and received documents from different origins. The ASBPL combines diverse collections. Regarding the colonial period (16th -19th centuries), this includes information on hospitals, religious brotherhoods and the General Cemetery of Lima. Most of the documents are unique. Given difficulty in access, much of this material has not been studied. Digital access will be useful for those interesting in urban history, religious history, history of medicine and social history

Our main goal is to digitise the entire colonial section of the ASBPL. Our team will be composed of five people, all of whom will work regularly in the ASBPL. Our plan is to work with two photographers (a professional and an assistant). Two other people, specialists in archives, will be in charge of organising the pictures and the archival material (one of them, will be K. Montoya co-applicant). Finally, one additional person will coordinate and continuously check the work; help to organise the archival work; and deal with the ASBPL, the PUCP, and the EAP. Besides the daily interaction at the ASBPL our team will meet every two weeks to evaluate our progress and results. Regarding conservation, we will continuously evaluate the stat of the documents, and we will only intervene in the conservation of the documents when we consider the situation to be extremely urgent. Our project will focus on digitising, but our final report will also include information about the state of the conservation of the documents, that could be used in a following project sponsored by the ASBPL or other institution.

We will create a printed catalogue. In parallel with the digitisation, our work will help to improve the existing inventory of the ASBPL collection. One of our goals is to publish a catalogue of the ASBPL, jointly with the Welfare Society and another Peruvian institution (to be determined), with the collaboration of the Endangered Archives Programme. A printed catalogue will be a useful tool at the ASBPL and on other archives and libraries in Peru.

We will organise two symposia. For the first, at the beginning of the project, we will invite four scholars and a member of our team to show and discuss the potential of the ASBPL. We intend to publish these presentations as a book, with the Welfare Society and a Peruvian institution. At the end of the project (around month 22) we will organise a second symposium to present and discuss the results of our project, including a small exhibit about our work at ASBPL.