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EAP769: Montserrat in written records and photographs: preserving the archive for the nation and the Montserrat diaspora

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EAP769/1/1/1: Entries 1 to 784 [1894-2014] EAP769/2/1/1 pt1: Otway Settlement [1946-1948]
EAP769/2/1/1 pt2: Otway Settlement [1946-1948] EAP769/2/1/2 pt1: Otway Settlement [1952-1960]
EAP769/2/1/2 pt2: Otway Settlement [1952-1960] EAP769/3/1/1: Farrells and Bugby's Hole [1902]
EAP769/3/1/2: Glendon [1897] EAP769/3/1/3: Greer Howes Plymouth [1910]
EAP769/3/1/4: "Harris, Longround, Farms, Tar River Records [1934-1945]" EAP769/3/1/5: Howes Power of Attorney [1884]
EAP769/3/1/6: Liddells Garveys Nixons Hill [1857] EAP769/3/1/7: Maps and Plans [Late 19th century-early 20th century]
EAP769/3/1/8: Morrises [1917] EAP769/3/1/9: Mt.Pleasant [1910]
EAP769/3/1/10: Paradise [1897] EAP769/3/1/11: Roaches [1917]
EAP769/3/1/12: Sale of Champion Jones Properties [1910] EAP769/3/1/13: Streatham and Ryleys [1887-1911]
EAP769/3/2/1: Assorted sales WLW 2 parcels [19 Feb 1923] EAP769/3/2/2: "Receipt from General Post Office, Nicosia, Cyprus [04 Apr 1928]"
EAP769/3/2/3: Copy of Lease Agreement between Henry Wilkin of Gages Estate and Henry Randolph Howes [19 Jan 1926] EAP769/3/2/4: Copy of Lease Agreement between Henry Wilkin of Gages Estate and Henry Randolph Howes [19 Jan 1926]
EAP769/3/2/5: About moving water to Riley’s Estate from the Paradise Source [27 Feb 1915] EAP769/3/2/6: Birth certificate of Henry Randolph [30 Nov 1887]
EAP769/3/2/7: Letter of recommendation as surveyor from J Spencer Hollings [07 Oct 1887] EAP769/3/2/8: Invite card from HE Governor and Mrs Blackburne to C Herbert Meade for an event at their home [10 Nov 1950]
EAP769/3/2/9: Invite card from Commissioner and Mrs Boon for tennis event at Government House [09 Jun 1938] EAP769/3/2/10: Printed list of part of the Document collection of the Montserrat National Trust [Undated]
EAP769/3/2/11: Fragmented letter agreeing a loan of $30 by W Howe from Mr Dikers of Blakes Estate [07 Jul 1943] EAP769/3/2/12: Receipt No 16580 from the Land Treasury [04 Jan 1944]
EAP769/3/2/13: Licence to keep a chestnut horse by L D Lee of Blakes [27 Jul 1945] EAP769/3/2/14: Receipt No 15097 from House Treasury for payment of 5 shillings for house tax by Ann Lee [06 Jan 1944]
EAP769/3/2/15: "Receipt No 18644 from Treasury for one shilling and five pence for 2 scales and verified weights, from Blakes est [06 Jul 1942]" EAP769/3/2/16: Hand written note [18 Oct 1944]
EAP769/3/2/17: Receipt No 17426 from the Treasury for receipt of 13 Pounds and three shillings from the Lee Brothers on account of income tax [06 Jan 1944] EAP769/3/2/18: Receipt sent by W D Lee of Blakes Estate to L Boyd for professional services [15 Sep 1943]
EAP769/3/2/19: Letter from James Thomas Ponteen asking for a $10 loan [1945] EAP769/3/2/20: Receipt from Treasury for licence to Mr D Lee to sell all tobacco products [1943]
EAP769/3/2/21: Letter from Income Tax office to W D Lee of Blake’s estate asking him to supply all books for 1948 [06 Aug 1949] EAP769/3/2/22: Letter from J Ponteen detailing something about cotton but unclear [1945]
EAP769/3/2/23: Handwritten letter to Mr Lee from Governor Osborne [22 May 1950] EAP769/3/2/24: Handwritten letter from ? Kirwan. Asking her employer for a loan [18 Feb 1945]
EAP769/3/2/25: The Form and Order of Service [05 Jun 1932] EAP769/3/2/26: Invite from the Masters and Boys of the Montserrat Grammar School to Mr H Meade to the school speech day and Athletics Sports [08 Aug 1933-09 Aug 1933]
EAP769/3/2/27: "Script ""Old Forts of Montserrat"" for ZJB Montserrat Radio programme by Delores Somerville [06 Sep 1972]" EAP769/3/2/28: Small booklet concerning the Visit of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Montserrat [17 Nov 1964]
EAP769/3/2/29: "Souvenir pamphlet ""HRH Princess Royal's Visit to Montserrat"" [23 Feb 1960]" EAP769/3/2/30: Items relating to the Visit of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Montserrat [19 Feb 1966]
EAP769/3/2/31: Invite from the Captain and Officers of HMS Eskimo to Mr and Mrs F E Gorman [01 Nov 1968] EAP769/3/2/32: Letter from the Administrator D R Gibbs requesting support from the community in setting up a Montserrat National Trust [01 Feb 1968]
EAP769/3/2/33: Three receipts stuck to one sheet of paper [19 Aug 1944-13 Jan 1945] EAP769/3/2/34: Agreement between Maria La Frere Semper and Alfred Hall [13 Aug 1897]
EAP769/3/2/35: "2 receipts stuck to one sheet of paper [11 Jan 1944-11 Jan 1945]" EAP769/3/2/36: 2 documents in poor condition [1944]
EAP769/3/2/37: Cover of official handwritten document [1890s] EAP769/3/2/38: "Script ""Montserratian Medical Practitioners At Home and Abroad"" for ZJB Montserrat Radio programme by C.N.Griffin [Jun 1972]"
EAP769/3/2/39: Receipt dated for £15 received from C H Meade for three shares in the Montserrat Development Company [10 June 1920] EAP769/3/2/40: Receipt no 315 from the Treasury granting permission from H M Dyer (Excise Officer) to P Hollander [13 Jul 1944]
EAP769/3/2/41: Letter from W E Bassett of the Agricultural Department dated [03 April 1940] EAP769/3/2/42: Hand written list of new scales of wages to come into force week commencing [17 July 1922]
EAP769/3/2/43: Diocese of Antigua Annual Statistical Report and Statement of Accounts [1946] EAP769/3/2/44: St Patrick's RC Church enlargement accounts. Includes names of workers on church improvements with sums paid [21 Jul 1950-10 Nov 1950]
EAP769/3/2/45: "Typed report ""Anti-soil Erosion Measures in Montserrat (since 1943)"" by W.C.Clarke (Agricultural Officer) [1945]" EAP769/3/2/46: Dept.of Agriculture Report by R.A.Frederick [Oct 1967]
EAP769/3/2/47: Montserrat Hospital Statutory Rules and Orders [1951] EAP769/3/2/48: "Typed pamphlet ""Ways and Means of Preventing Waste of Public Funds"" [10 Dec 1962-17 Dec 1962]"
EAP769/3/2/49: Typed letter from W Llewellyn Wall & Co [01 Oct 1938] EAP769/3/2/50: "Typed invite from the Clerk to the Commissioner inviting C Herbert Meade, of Galways, to attend the meeting of the Scrap Metal Committee [25 Jul 1941]"
EAP769/3/2/51: "Letter from Commissioner inviting C H Meade, of Galways, to meeting of Committee for the collection of scrap [30 Dec 1940]" EAP769/3/2/52: "Pamphlet ""Opening Ceremony of the Cork Hill Government School [08 Jan 1951]"
EAP769/3/2/53: "Booklet ""St.Anthony Masonic Lodge List of Officers etc"" [1931]" EAP769/3/2/54: "Booklet ""St.Anthony Masonic Lodge List of Officers etc"" [1948]"
EAP769/3/2/55: Typed notice of unexpected arrival of a sloop [16 Jan 1946] EAP769/3/2/56: Letter from Commissioners Office [18 Jul 1947]
EAP769/3/2/57: Letter sent out from the Clerk of Board of Health [15 Dec 1943] EAP769/3/2/58: Letter to Mr.?Herbert from ?Sheill of St.Kitts discussing a strike on the estates there [09 Jul 1947]
EAP769/3/2/59: Letter to H.Meade Esq. From Paul Hollender of Waterworks estate discussing the leaving of Montserrat of Dr.Margetson [22 Jan 1947] EAP769/3/2/60: Agenda for meeting of the Board of Health [06 Apr 1951]
EAP769/3/2/61: Memorandum to the Secretary of State for the Colonies from the Cotton Growers Association of Montserrat [17 Dec 1962] EAP769/3/2/62: "Paper delivered at Conference on Culture and Conservation, Jamaica about Montserrat [c1970-1974] "
EAP769/3/2/63: Title Deed of Amersham Estate. From Warren Ottley to T M Howes [15 Aug 1857] EAP769/3/2/64: Invite from Administrator and Mrs Dawkins to Mr HH Lee to meet Trinidad Trade Delegation [c1956-1960]
EAP769/3/2/65: Handwritten letter. Needs to be transcribed. Blakes Estate [c1920s] EAP769/3/2/66: "Hand-written letter detailing daily life farming and local news, incomplete, from ""Nick"" (Blakes estate?) to ""Willie"" [-1986]"
EAP769/3/3/1: A Description of Slides [1986] EAP769/3/3/2: Amersham Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/3: Baker Hill Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/4: Banks Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/5: Barzey Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/6: Blakes Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/7: Brade's Estate Yard [1986] EAP769/3/3/8: Bugby Hole Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/9: Carr's Bay Fort [1986] EAP769/3/3/10: Carr's Estate Little Bay [1986]
EAP769/3/3/11: Cavalla Hill Site [1986] EAP769/3/3/12: Cork Hill [1986]
EAP769/3/3/13: Drummond's Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/14: Farm Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/15: Farrell's Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/16: Fogarty Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/17: Frith [1986] EAP769/3/3/18: Gages' Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/19: Geralds Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/20: Hermitage Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/21: Infirmary [1986] EAP769/3/3/22: Judy Piece Church [1986]
EAP769/3/3/23: Judy Piece Methodist Church [1986] EAP769/3/3/24: Lee's Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/25: Locust Valley Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/26: Lookout Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/27: Molyneux Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/28: Mulcare's Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/29: New Windward Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/30: Paradise Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/31: Parsons Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/32: Providence Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/33: Reid's Hill Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/34: Riley's Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/35: Roaches Yard [1986] EAP769/3/3/36: Rocklands Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/37: Spring Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/38: St.George's Hill [1986]
EAP769/3/3/39: St.Peter's Anglican Church [1986] EAP769/3/3/40: Streatham Old Works [1986]
EAP769/3/3/41: Sweeney's Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/42: Tar River Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/43: Trants Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/44: Tuitt Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/45: Unknown item [1986] EAP769/3/3/46: Upper Weekes Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/3/47: Whites Estate [1986] EAP769/3/3/48: Woodland (Howes) Estate [1986]
EAP769/3/4/1: The Dominica Almanack [1781] EAP769/3/4/2: The Montserrat Observer [01 Sep 1956]
EAP769/3/4/3: The Montserrat Observer [03 Apr 1948] EAP769/3/4/4: The Montserrat Standard [19 Mar 1952]
EAP769/3/4/5: The St Vincent Gazette [12 Dec 1778] EAP769/3/5/1: Report [1993]
EAP769/3/5/2: Slides and Prints [1993] EAP769/3/6/1: Customs Journal [1953-1954]
EAP769/3/6/2: Draft of Agricultural Smallholdings Act [1938] EAP769/3/6/3: Draft of Appropriation (1939) Act [1938]
EAP769/3/6/4: Draft of Companies (Amendment) Act [1938] EAP769/3/6/5: Draft of Counterfeit Currency (Convention)(Amendment) Act [1938]
EAP769/3/6/6: "Draft of Employment of Women, Young Persons & Children Act [1938]" EAP769/3/6/7: Draft of Moir Pension Act [1938]
EAP769/3/6/8: Draft of Sedition & Undesirable Publications Act [1938] EAP769/3/6/9: Draft of Supplementary Appropriation (1937) Act [1938]
EAP769/3/6/10: Draft of Travelling Allowances (Amendment) Act [1938] EAP769/3/6/11: Governor's Letter 9 Nov [1938]
EAP769/3/6/12: Governor's Memo Mar [1938] EAP769/3/6/13: Land Acquisition Act [1944]
EAP769/3/6/14: Leeward Islands Gazette [02 Mar 1948] EAP769/3/6/15: Leeward Islands Gazette (extract) [17 Sep 1942]
EAP769/3/6/16: Montserrat Newsletter (with list of archives) [02 Oct 1948] EAP769/3/6/17: Statutory Orders [1943]
EAP769/3/6/18: Voters List [1942] EAP769/4/1/1 pt1: Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas [1790-1800]
EAP769/4/1/1 pt2: Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas [1790-1800] EAP769/4/2/1: Legislative Council Minutes and Letters (President's Council - Nominated Members) [1818]
EAP769/4/2/2: "Legislative Council Minutes and Letters (This is the title in the Library Archives. However it is actually the Assembly, the other, elected, legislative body) [1834-1837]" EAP769/4/2/3: Letters to The Presidency [1868]
EAP769/4/3/1: Execution Book [1898-1904] EAP769/4/3/2: Report on Plymouth Water Supply [1881]
EAP769/5/1/1: Divorce [1901] EAP769/5/1/2: Inquests [1901-1903]
EAP769/5/1/3: Mortgage [1874] EAP769/5/1/4: Probate of A.W.Parson [1846]
EAP769/5/1/5: Probate Records [1926-1930] EAP769/5/1/6: Wesleyan Church Marriages [1820-1841]
EAP769/5/1/7: Will of Eliza Meade [1885] EAP769/5/1/8: Will of Henry Piper [1888]
EAP769/5/1/9: Will of John Hogan [1923] EAP769/5/1/10: Will of M.D.Shiell [1886]
EAP769/5/1/11: Will of Maria Semper [1922] EAP769/5/1/12: Will of Richard Piper [1895]