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EAP698: Digitisation of the endangered Cham manuscripts in Vietnam

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EAP698/1/1: "Instructing about good - bad days/months, cosmology, weather forecasting, agricultural rituals and prognostications, the way to choose days to plant trees." EAP698/1/2: "Purification rites, the art of protecting oneself when traveling."
EAP698/1/3: Comparison between Cham and Malaysian (translating Malaysian into Cham) EAP698/1/4: "Food taboos, Kajang Rija Praong instruction, study of underground dragon currents, rituals of barriers between sacred and profane, ritual beliefs and practices concerning termite mounds, Cham Bini calendar, prognostication of auspicious/inauspicious days
EAP698/1/5: Rituals for prosperity of spouse's business in relation to sacred and profane. EAP698/1/6: Rituals for proper purification of wherry boats and Arabian purification rituals.
EAP698/1/7: "Islamic doctrine, Bini doctrine." EAP698/1/8: "Calendar of Cham Ahier people, prognostications in terms of locations, choosing days for receiving, the recitation of God Uwluah for Cham Awal follower about to depart on a journey, rituals for when accidents happen on the road, personal mantras, chants
EAP698/1/9: Ariya Sah Pakei. EAP698/1/10: "Ariya Paoh/ Cataui, Cham folk, myth of Po Riyak (God of Southern Sea), anthem of Ong Kadhar in ceremonies at temple, Lyrics of Ong Maduen."
EAP698/1/11: "Ariya Paoh/ Cataui, Cham folk, myth of Po Riyak (God of Southern Sea), anthem of Ong Kadhar in ceremonies at temple, Lyrics of Ong Maduen." EAP698/1/12: Anecdote of iron line in poet.
EAP698/1/13: Ariya Sah Kei. EAP698/1/14: Panuec Arbingu (implication).
EAP698/1/15: Chinese multiplications in Akhar Thrah. EAP698/1/16: Panuec Maduen (speech of divine invitation to Mr. Maduen in Rija Praong).
EAP698/1/17: Umarup saga. EAP698/1/18: Ritual for the mourning of Ahier (Danak ngap ragei ndam cuh).
EAP698/1/19: The way to worship Mr. Kadhar (Danap kadhar ngap abih yang) EAP698/1/20: The way to prepare the dead body at mourning Ahier; astrology.
EAP698/1/21: Anecdote of Goad Umarup; poems of Mr. Ariya ong Parang (French); poems about Cham enslaved by Kinh people; poems about days and nights; story of teacher Churu; Myth of Po Klaong Girai; myth of God Southern Sea (Po Riyak). EAP698/1/22: "The way to worship Kadhar; mantra to protect oneself; proper position when sleeping with wives of dignitaries, customs of bride's parents during wedding at place of Ahier."
EAP698/1/23: Ariya gleng anak. EAP698/2/1: "Anthem of Mr. Maduen, speeches in Riha Praong ceremony, chants for Patri. "
EAP698/2/2: "Instruction for shaman, the art of protecting oneself, instruction for worship of termitaries, notes on disaster, instruction for treatment of illness: eyesore, instruction for purification, treaties on karma, cures for bewitching in food. " EAP698/2/3: "Purification rituals for the bewitched, other purification rituals, directions for drawing images of a human, undoing curses."
EAP698/2/4: "Instruction for shamans, instruction on hair washing at day and night, keeping demons away, protection from snakes and tigers, treatment for long-day illness, instruction for travelling through the forest, myth of the Wind God, the way to become a ""Work EAP698/2/5: "Instruction for treatments in shaman, how to kill a murderous individual, purification rituals, treaties on karma, prediction for the future of children, helping people who vomit blood, the art of saving oneself."
EAP698/2/6: "Prayers of purification, treaties on the role of the shaman" EAP698/2/7: The way to dispel the soul.
EAP698/2/8: Ariya Umarup. EAP698/2/9: Indra patra.
EAP698/2/10: Instruction for dispelling bad karma. EAP698/2/11: "Instruction for reviving the soul, instruction for binding the soul to the body, how to properly build a door, instruction for becoming a shaman, proper mourning of women, the way to have a successful business, how to maintain oneself while worshipping,
EAP698/2/12: Description of Cham society under Po Ceng empire. EAP698/2/13: The art of invitation fire.
EAP698/2/14: Gods in Rija rituals. EAP698/2/15: "To sing the praises of a boy, Ariya Gleng anak."
EAP698/2/16: "Taboo days, images on amulets, the movement of Earth Dragon, the art to make buffalo not to forget its dwelling place, the art of retaining women, amulets letters, instruction for sleeping near fire, fortunes for people who leave their villages, the imag EAP698/2/17: "The proper arrangment of offerings, rituals for buffalo giving up its domain, proper storage during Kabaw mߩh ceremony, rituals of buffalo worship, rituals for worshipping Mr. Kadhar, how to rid the house of noisy owls. "
EAP698/2/18: "Instruction on ceremony for Cham Awal children, image of amulets to treat illness, image of amulets on leaves, how to make children stop crying, amulets spells treating malaria, amulets spells treating illness, amulets spells to gain a woman's love, tute EAP698/2/19: "The way to dispel demons, instruction for preparing the dead."
EAP698/2/20: "Dispelling demons, taboo days at certain ages, undoing death spells, instruction for business, dispelling disaster, love spells." EAP698/2/21: "Picture of amulets, amulets spells"
EAP698/2/22: "Betel invitation of Mr. Maduen in Rija Praong ceremonym, lyrics about invitation Patra patri. " EAP698/2/23: "Taboo years, taboo things, good days, days for planting, directional divination, proper cleaning of termitaries, prediction for locations of termitary, speeches in the shaman, text on the fire god, chants for abolishing spells, chants for dispelling demo
EAP698/2/24: "Image of God in Rija Harei, divining location of thatch in Rija Praong, songs of Po Adam of Mr. Maduen, comparisons of Malaysians with Cambodians , inviting the God Rija Harei." EAP698/2/25: "Rites of purification, chants of purification, chants for expelling demons, Chinese multiplication tables in Akhar Thrah, lessons for dispelling bad karma, lessons for the shaman."
EAP698/2/26: "Image of amulets for patients, discussions about demons." EAP698/2/27: "Hour of dragon' s head turning, age, praying when there are difficulties, lessons for dispelling bad karma."
EAP698/2/28: "Rriya Gleng anak, Ariya pataow adat (family education songs)." EAP698/2/29: "Study of Gods in Rija Praong ceremony, building houses in Rija Praong ceremony, dispelling Umal, God himself, the way to dispel disaster in Rija Praong ceremony, the way to hold Rija Praong ceremony, instructing Cham Awal children on learning language."
EAP698/2/30: "Prediction for good and bad hours, prediction for patients, study of Betel God, wedding instructions, amulets spells for warfare." EAP698/2/31: "Gods, methods for making people hate each other, chants for protection from fire, study of kinds of water for purification ceremonies, lessons on treating illness, the way to sow."
EAP698/2/32: "Lessons for the shaman, instruction for ceremony of the dead due to drowning, amulets, lessons for summoning ghosts, the way to prepare the dead in mourning of Cham Ahier, chants of purification, instructions on purification rituals." EAP698/2/33: "Astrology in Akhar Vietnamese version, prediction of patients, fortune teller for Kinh people."
EAP698/2/34: "Fire burning letter, the treatment after being attacked by a dog." EAP698/2/35: Fortunate ages of males and females.
EAP698/2/36: "Study of Maduen, instruction of Mr. Maduen, the method for invoking God before demon-dispelling ceremony, instruction at home in mourning of Cham Ahier people, instruction for becoming a shaman, study of clean water, chants in Rija Praong ceremony, dispe EAP698/2/37: Chants while making offerings.
EAP698/2/38: Instructions for purification after a disaster. EAP698/3/1: "Astrology, rice rituals for washing away sin, treatise on God Ali, instructions for becoming a shaman, chant of Mr. Kadhar leaving the temple, rituals of worship new Kut, rituals for worship of Kadhar, rituals for worship of Payak or worship of buffalo,
EAP698/3/2: Shamanic chants for rituals. EAP698/3/3: The way to protect oneself.
EAP698/3/4: Administrative documents. EAP698/3/5: Fortune.
EAP698/3/6: The art of expelling demons. EAP698/3/7: "Picture of amulets, fortune for good and bad days, astrological prediction (concerning the dragon's head) to build house. "
EAP698/3/8: "Chants for shamanic rituals, the way to prepare a corpse, protection from disaster." EAP698/3/9: "Magic, the treatment of mental ills, Sakawi (calendar)."
EAP698/3/10: The art of expelling demons. EAP698/3/11: "Chants for sharmans during cemonies, chants for rituals of purification."
EAP698/3/12: "The name and the use of Cham medical drugs, rituals of worship, chants for sharmans during ceremonies. " EAP698/3/13: "The art of enchanting, manuscripts of amulets, prediction of months/days, fate, daily phenomena, days to build a shelter for horses, astrology days, Kate Cam bar day, choosing a place to build a house, chants for purifying soil, chants for house foundati
EAP698/3/14: "Fortune, rituals of worship when being haunted in ghosts, the way to build an ancient altar." EAP698/3/15: "Taboo days, the day to sue, good days, bad days, days of taboo foods."
EAP698/3/16: "Pictures of amulets of patients, amulets to avert disaster, chants for patients, chants for Rija Praong, the art of protecting oneself, mantra of shaman, ritual water for the dead. " EAP698/3/17: "Herbal concoctions for house washing, the art of protecting oneself, chants for purifying termitaries."
EAP698/3/18: "Age prediction, taboo days, illness prediction, directional divination, chants of the shaman, the art of protecting oneself, study of swords, chants for purifying the dead outside the village." EAP698/3/19: "The method for worshipping during tragedy, study of important works, chants for killing buffalo. "
EAP698/3/20: "Chants for long day illness, amulets for averting disaster, methods of worship, speech for buffalo sacrifice." EAP698/3/21: "Fortune, disastrous washing, methods of putting human image, fortune of astrology."
EAP698/3/22: "Chants of purification, fortune through phenomena, mantra for the dead going to heaven, fortune, God Jibara el is in the East, chants for undoing disaster, amulets spells for victim of tiger attack." EAP698/3/23: "Chants for points of the compass, chants for soil, the way to protect oneself when going far, chants of purification, mantra of purification."
EAP698/3/24: "Rituals to fence an area, to purify the soil for a village." EAP698/3/25: "Chants of purification, methods to erase, how to build a place for angry women."
EAP698/3/26: "Chants for Gods, chants from forest to home during mourning of Cham Ahier people." EAP698/3/27: Prediction about space and soil.
EAP698/3/28: "Cosmology, chants of purification, chants for escaping imprisonment, methods of purification." EAP698/3/29: "The way to spread out the mat of Cham Ahier, chants for eradicating demons, images of amulets, protesting the cruel."
EAP698/3/30: "Methods to abolish the demons, myth of Mala - un, origin of humans, and predictions about phenomena. " EAP698/3/31: "Chanting during purification day, chant for dismissing demons."
EAP698/3/32: "Fortune teller for patients, studying of hour - age of patients, how to make others ill, how to harm ghost hunters, divination for travel dates, rituals of the steal plow, rituals of auspicious hours." EAP698/4/1: "Poetry of Po Parang, Gleng anak, poetry of hard life, poetry of Reng debita, poetry of teaching boys, poetry of teaching adolescents, singing Pacha at Binh Nghia, the way for hunting. "
EAP698/4/2: "Cham calendar, fortune, procession of months/days, astrological divination for building houses (based on the Dragon's Head), auspicious hours of Cham people, taboo days, lucky days, unlucky years, chanting and the method to build house, amulets letters f EAP698/4/3: "Fortune for Kinh people, dream interpretation, treatment of certain illnesses, rituals of divorce, temple rituals, amulets, rituals for capturing the soul."
EAP698/4/4: Poetry for educating adolescents. EAP698/4/5: "Chants of purification, chants for expelling demons, methods for building a new kitchen, chants for expelling ghosts."
EAP698/4/6: "Purification chants, purification chants when ill, prays for purification, chants for expelling demons, chants for points on the compass, chants for dispelling ghosts, purification chants for a new house, chants for house foundation, days for sowing." EAP698/4/7: The method of making amulets.
EAP698/4/8: "Giving water ceremonies, rituals for receiving bath water, images on amulets, ritual of giving water for the dead who have no relatives, ritual of expelling demons." EAP698/5/1: "Astrology, fortune, Cham calendar."
EAP698/5/2: "Poetry of Cham people, myths of the Gods, calendars." EAP698/5/3: "Myth of the Trinity of Gods, Cham philosophy, the last days of the year, 7 hours in the month, colors of hours, Cham calendar."
EAP698/5/4: "Poetry of Cham calendar, knowledge of the Trinity of Gods, astrology, calendar, good and bad days, days for purification" EAP698/5/5: Education of family for males.
EAP698/5/6: "Poetry of daily news, poetry of Cham calendar. " EAP698/5/7: "Brahmin mourning, Cham calendar, speeches of dispelling."
EAP698/5/8: "Lessons for becoming a shaman, speech to undertake rice worship, chants of purification before worship of Mr. Heng, mourning rituals, methods for evoking Heng, methods to build a catafalque, constructing Heng's body, days for cremation and picture of cre EAP698/5/9: Testament.
EAP698/5/10: Chants for dispelling ghosts. EAP698/5/11: Cham calendar.
EAP698/6/1: Stories of Amarup. EAP698/6/2: "Chants for dispelling ghosts, age calculating."
EAP698/6/3: "Divining the future, age calculation for building houses, methods to get married with widow, manipulating ghosts, averting disaster." EAP698/6/4: "Poetry of Gleng anak, poetry of dropping singing, poetry of daily life."
EAP698/6/5: "Magic, rituals to protect against inauspicious months/years, chants for expelling ghosts, purification chants. " EAP698/6/6: Poetry of the God Umarup.
EAP698/6/7: "Purification chants, good days, auspicious days, days that rats will not harm rice fields, chants for expelling demons, rituals of cutting batten, days for building houses, future prediction for building houses, study of the dragon's head in astrology to EAP698/6/8: Rituals for purifying the house.
EAP698/6/9: "Amulets, chants for construction of house foundation, chants for relocating, wishes, health divination, purification chants for expelling demons." EAP698/6/10: "Saga of God Amarup, poetry of building new temples, poetry of trains."
EAP698/6/11: "Fortune for patients, general divination, auspicious hours, treaty on proper living and dying, astrological hours." EAP698/6/12: "Amulets, chants for protection from disaster, chants for dispelling demons."
EAP698/6/13: Poetry of education. EAP698/6/14: "Chants for candle rituals, chants for dispelling ghosts."
EAP698/6/15: "Chants for dispelling ghosts, praying for Gods invitation, chants for overcoming difficulties." EAP698/6/16: Auspicious days.
EAP698/7/1: "Poetry of time, precepts, comments on life and morality in village. " EAP698/7/2: "Chanting for purification, chanting when sitting on the mat, rituals when worshipping Rija, songs about God Thuer rang, instructions for drummers. "
EAP698/7/3: "Image of amulets for expelling demons, Bini chant, chant for purification, image of amulets, memoirs, chanting for locating a wayard soul." EAP698/7/4: Poet of Dewamano.
EAP698/7/5: Precepts. EAP698/7/6: "The treatment for stomachaches, treaties on demons, rituals of divorce."
EAP698/7/7: "Chant for expelling ghosts, rituals of Rija, linguistic interaction between Malaysia and Cambodia, rituals for evoking fire." EAP698/7/8: Love poems.
EAP698/7/9: "Chanting for purification, overcoming disaster (kajang)." EAP698/7/10: Predicting the future.
EAP698/7/11: Song of Maduen. EAP698/7/12: "Fortune for washing away sin, forture for after death."
EAP698/7/13: "Fortune for patients, unlucky years, auspicious days, chants for crossing empty Kut, chants to expel demons, purification chants, predicting good or bad manner of women." EAP698/7/14: "Rituals to purify the land, rituals to break free from ghosts."
EAP698/7/15: "Love spells, studying about Gods, speeches of sacrifice, purification. " EAP698/7/16: "Purification chants, chants for cleaning mold, chants for dispelling ghosts, chants for searching for souls for homkar."
EAP698/7/17: "Chanting during rice rituals, Maduen language in Rija Praong, chanting for receiving water in Rija Praong." EAP698/7/18: "Chanting for purification, chanting for searching the souls of amulets, chanting for Maduen."
EAP698/8/1: Religious ritual. EAP698/8/2: Manuscript about magic and religious rituals
EAP698/8/3: Manuscript about magic and religious rituals EAP698/8/4: "Good and bad days, directions."
EAP698/8/5: Manuscript about rituals EAP698/8/6: "Manuscript about agriculture, religion, astrology, and architecture"
EAP698/8/7: "Manuscript about religion, ritual, and astronomy" EAP698/8/8: "Manuscript about religion, fortune, rituals, magic and astrology"
EAP698/8/9: Manuscript about magic EAP698/8/10: Manuscript about religious rituals
EAP698/8/11: Manuscript about religious rituals EAP698/8/12: Manuscript about magic
EAP698/8/13: Manuscript about magic EAP698/8/14: "Manuscript about astrology, magic, and architecture"
EAP698/8/15: "Manuscript about magic, and medicine" EAP698/8/16: Manuscript about fortune
EAP698/9/1: "Speech to protect from the devil, instructions about good and bad days, fortunes, incantation pictures and letters, demonology infomation, Jawa-Cham scripts, stories about smoke Gods." EAP698/9/2: "Combatting evil, information about spin dragon, incantations to protect against evil, Maduen songs."
EAP698/9/3: "How to perform exorcisms, incantations, agriculture methods, Allah." EAP698/9/4: "Cham Ahier calendar, reasons Cham Bini do not eat pork, Cham Ahier do not eat beef, definition of Yang."
EAP698/9/5: "Cham manuscripts collected by Mr. Ba Den, No.05" EAP698/9/6: "Manuscript used to compare Cham and Jawa language, Malay - Cham dictionary (Jawahaok)"
EAP698/9/7: Umᱵp poem. EAP698/9/8: "Rija ceremony ritual details, Maduen songs in Rija ceremony."
EAP698/9/9: Manuscript about magic EAP698/9/10: Cam-Bini poem and stories.
EAP698/10/1: "Chants for dispelling ghosts, shamanic chants, mantras for arranging offerings, chants used in demon-expelling ritual, amulets, treating coughs." EAP698/10/2: "Bible used for expelling demons and others, techniques to expel difficult demons, extreme purifcation rites."
EAP698/10/3: "Anecdotes of Umarup, poetry of Acar." EAP698/10/4: Jawi in Akhar Thrah (Bani).
EAP698/10/5: "Amulets, amulets to expel demons, amulets for love, new month rites, the piles hitting, astrology for building houses (conception based on the head of the dragon), purification chants, medical divination, amulet divination and magic, goat worship chants, EAP698/10/6: "Chanting to expel ghosts, ways to expel demons."
EAP698/10/7: "Cham manuscripts collected by Mrs. Dao Thi Luoi, No.07" EAP698/10/8: To expel demons.
EAP698/10/9: "Taboo days, treatments for pregnant women, future prediction, auspicious hours, zodiac hours, chanting for souls." EAP698/10/10: "Images of amulets, future prediction for Kinh people, Cambodian, patients, amulet rituals, incantations to invoke Gods."
EAP698/10/11: "Chanting to expel demons, chanting to protect oneself." EAP698/10/12: "Taboo days, image of amulets, chant for anti-fire ghost, chant for invoking Gods, candle ritual chants. "
EAP698/10/13: "Purification rites and expelling demons, purification chants, chants for the assumption of God-forms, treatments for the chronically ill." EAP698/10/14: "Chants for protection from disasters, chants to expel demons, ceremonial tree chants, treatise on Po Uwluah, resolving harm, eradicating demons"
EAP698/10/15: "Image of amulets to protect graves, chant for searching for lost souls, divinatory chants. " EAP698/10/16: "Chant for expelling ghosts, divinatory chants."
EAP698/10/17: "Bini chant, instruction when crossing before God's place, treatment of bloody vomit, chronic illnesses, chanting for purification, chanting to expel ghosts." EAP698/10/18: Anecdote of Umarup.
EAP698/11/1: "Cham calendar, Cham Awal philosophy, fortune, treatises on the Gods, days and months, the anecdote of Atmathekat, red tentacle towel, Cham history, anecdotes on the fetus, myth of Ali." EAP698/11/2: "Poetry of Bini, poetry of padan, the Dewamano saga, poetry on the French God, poetry of daily life, the anecdote of Ms. Than lim, poetry of the Cham people, the Sah Pakei saga, the anecdote of Umarup, Cham calendar, poetry on teachers, wishes, educating
EAP698/11/3: Bini theory. EAP698/11/4: Explaining Acar.
EAP698/11/5: "Treatises on tigers, chants to expel ghosts, treatises on karma, instructions on proper mourning, gift-giving. " EAP698/11/6: "Prediciting the future, divining fortunes, treatises on the fetus, fertility amulets, signal of human, auspicious days to build buffalo pens, astrology by gender, treatises on female illness, fortune for days and months, auspicious days, amulets for buil
EAP698/11/7: Bini philosophy and mantras. EAP698/11/8: Cham calendar.
EAP698/11/9: The myth of Ayuseh. EAP698/11/10: "Mantra Bini, myth of the God Bini, proper practices of the Bini people, myth of the God Traphal."
EAP698/12/1: The formation of the Earth and the life of all beings EAP698/12/2: "Origins of metal (iron, steel, gold) which were used to make weapons (ndao, tuang, phang, mbram, sruk)"
EAP698/12/3: Transferring the dead to the afterlife EAP698/12/4: Observing the rainbow to predict the weather
EAP698/12/5: The teachings of Brahmin religious paths (Priest Pasaih) EAP698/12/6: "The book of Janr᭧ (used for teaching Bani religion); akhan (used for teaching priests, followers in the mosque in ramᶡn festival); Kayet (the prayer used by religious believers in Bani religion)"
EAP698/12/7: About Ummarup legend EAP698/13/1: Worshiping family ancestors; funeral rites; rites of worshiping lineage; worship rites for new year in the village; worship rites for soil and paddy fields; praying rituals in the month of Ramamdan; instructions for praying rituals; sacrifice rituals; the
EAP698/13/2: "Worshiping family ancestors, rites of worshiping lineage, worship rites for new year, worship rites for soil and paddy fields, praying rituals of Bani religion" EAP698/14/1: "Pasaih dignitary elevation, paralao pasah (worshipping ceremony at the river mouth), rituals of worshipping in the tempe in April (Cham calendar)"
EAP698/14/2: Instructions on how to conduct the dignitary elevation in Brahmin religion EAP698/14/3: Instruction on how to conduct the rituals of entering the main house where Pasaih dignitary elevation is held
EAP698/14/4: Instructions on how to conduct the ritual of Pasaih dignitary elevation EAP698/14/5: "Instructions on how to conduct the rituals of temple cleansing, rituals of Ahi谠purification and dignitary elevation"
EAP698/14/6: "Rituals of Buh bit, rituals of Palik." EAP698/14/7: "Buh bit, palik"
EAP698/14/8: "Buh bit, palik" EAP698/14/9: Pasaih dignitary elevation ceremony
EAP698/14/10: "Rituals of cleansing temples, rituals of purification" EAP698/14/11: Buh bit (rituals of purification before the dignitary elevation ceremony)
EAP698/15/1: "Legends of Po Inߎagar, fortune telling" EAP698/15/2: "Exorcism rituals, purification rituals, rituals of spirits fighting over an affair"
EAP698/15/3: Instructions on how to calculate dates of Cham calendar EAP698/15/4: Exorcism rituals
EAP698/15/5: Fortune telling EAP698/15/6: "Exorcism rituals, talisman drawing"
EAP698/15/7: "Rituals in carrying totems, Muk Pajau's rituals, instructions on folk rites and faith, instructions on purification rituals, checking good dates" EAP698/15/8: "Rituals in Raja festival, rites of house building, checking dates for house building based on the age of the husband and wife, checking the weather."
EAP698/16/1: "Steps to perform rituals of conjuring up the spirits of the dead, rites to help women give birth, terminologies used for giving souls to dead people due to bad luck" EAP698/16/2: "Checking calendar for good dates to conduct rites such as funerals, house building or weddings"
EAP698/16/3: Tricks to make husband and wife live in harmony EAP698/16/4: Prayers (langkan tuei yaen)
EAP698/16/5: Magic for personal use EAP698/16/6: "Checking good dates for house building or travelling to avoid unexpected situations such as having stomach ache, feeling nauseous, facing ghosts or encountering difficulties on the way"
EAP698/16/7: "Instructions on how to set up an altar to perform cleansing rituals for houses that have termite mounds, ant mounds or bee hives on studs and indoors" EAP698/16/8: Terminologies used in exorcism when facing serious difficulties in neighborhood or in a family
EAP698/16/9: "Names of a reign's years, eras of Cham Kings" EAP698/16/10: The formation and existence of ghosts and devils
EAP698/16/11: Tricks to defeat rivals when meeting and facing invisibly EAP698/16/12: The way Pasaih dignitaries dress to perform funeral rites or worship rituals
EAP698/16/13: Terminologies used in dream interpretation EAP698/16/14: "Priest Gru Urang's rites and rituals, Priest Pasaih's rituals for worship of God"
EAP698/16/15: "Terminologies used in exorcism, accidents, purifications, disasters, calamities" EAP698/16/16: Explanations of the creation of 12 Chinese zodiac animals
EAP698/16/17: "Purification and tranquility rituals for those experiencing bad luck, having traffic accidents, drowning, quiet seeking for the souls of those dying of bad luck" EAP698/16/18: 37 magic tricks to exorcise evil spirits from the souls of those alive
EAP698/16/19: "Fortune telling for relatives or victims possessed by evil spirits, looking at facial expressions and gestures to guess what happened to the victims, divining the past, tying talismans to keep one’s soul" EAP698/16/20: "Checking time, fate and age in order to choose an appropriate time to build houses for those involved"
EAP698/16/21: Magic tricks to exorcise evil spirits and remove nightmares EAP698/16/22: "Techniques for behaving modestly, putting a spell on somebody, and avoiding boasting so not to cause resentment or difficulties from others"
EAP698/16/23: Incantations used in getting rid of accidents EAP698/16/24: "Dates, moon cycles, charateristics and directions of deities"
EAP698/16/25: Magic and tricks to challenge and defeat competitors EAP698/16/26: "The methods of devil expulsion, amulet instructions and terminology for amulet use"
EAP698/16/27: "Devil expulsion, ghost expulsion" EAP698/16/28: "Watching dates, weeks, seasons, position of Gods, taking shape of earth and heaven"
EAP698/16/29: "Methods of devil expulsion, luck, destiny, accidents" EAP698/16/30: "Lessons, methods of cleansing, purification for dignitaries, Pa Maduen, Muk Rija, Gru urang when catching accidents, illness, risks, or bad luck"
EAP698/16/31: "Age, karma, birth, sickness, death, dates/hours for giving birth, karma, reincarnation" EAP698/16/32: "Discussion about I Ching, suitable dispelling"
EAP698/16/33: "Rituals for transporting the dead, methods of devil dispelling, finding suitable dates for prescribing medications or hiding talismans" EAP698/16/34: "Units and methods of devil expulsion, getting rid of ghosts for patients"
EAP698/16/35: Manuscript covering religious and educational themes EAP698/16/36: Rituals to cure long-term patients
EAP698/16/37: "Watching dates/ hours for house building, construction, going out, good luck, avoiding risks" EAP698/16/38: "Methods of cleansing, purification, devil dispelling"
EAP698/16/39: "Ceremonies of new harvest, sowing paddy, reaping, entering the warehouse, building barns" EAP698/16/40: "Fortune-telling when catching accidents, watching dates/hours, avoiding risk, karma, accidents"
EAP698/16/41: Sanan sarak di heng (rituals of drawing Dragon Bird in incinerating of Brahmanism) EAP698/16/42: "Evil dispelling, cleaning, purification"
EAP698/16/43: "Watching calendar, watching good/bad dates" EAP698/16/44: Offering rice to bad luck souls
EAP698/16/45: "Watching I Ching, dates/months/hours symbolizing gods" EAP698/16/46: "Methods of protecting a fetus in pregnancy, including when travelling"
EAP698/16/47: "Treatment for patients with eye-sores, stomachache, worship when being away from home" EAP698/16/48: "Units, methods of cleansing, purification for people who hid amulets"
EAP698/16/49: "Instruction for altars, samples used for cleansing people who hid amulets" EAP698/16/50: Spiritual instructions
EAP698/16/51: Manuscript covering religious and medical themes EAP698/16/52: Methods of using amulets to test talents or dispel competitors in ceremonies
EAP698/16/53: "Cleansing, dispelling for patients, use of amulets for accidents" EAP698/16/54: "Talking about taking shape of ghosts, devil"
EAP698/16/55: "Worship souls of paddy before inviting paddy soul to home, to warehouse" EAP698/16/56: "Rituals of putting offerings on altar, instruction for setting up the altar to worship Po Ina Nagar"
EAP698/16/57: "Moon, gods and kings" EAP698/16/58: "Amulets for making girls fall in love, for work, for earning benefits, for geting respect from others, to avoid bad people and thieves"
EAP698/16/59: "Instructions for the way of living, working, washing sin of old faults, being cursed, dispelling anger" EAP698/16/60: "Rituals of practicing incineration, funerals of Cham Ahier people; Instructions for Superior Priest Pasaih, Bac becoming Host; Instructions for practicing of offering souls, offering food, water for the dead"
EAP698/16/61: "Instructions for setting up the altar, instructions for altars in different situations" EAP698/16/62: Instructions for ritual of worship in year
EAP698/16/63: "Rituals of worship Damdang God, Po Sah InઠPo Mathik Dhik, Po Kabrah, Po Kayet, Po Rahalak, Po Rame Nagar Yathaot" EAP698/16/64: Exorcising and dispelling techniques to cure victims who suffer from magic spells
EAP698/16/65: "Legends, biography and time period of enthroning and abdicating of the kings" EAP698/16/66: "Observing dates, house building, breeding facility building and magical spells for the dead"
EAP698/16/67: "Exorcism, soul granting, observation of heaven's stem, earthly branch, physiognomy, purification, dispelling evil spirits and tragic accidents" EAP698/16/68: Relics and history of forming Po Awluah chancel - Bani religion
EAP698/16/69: "Calendar, dates associated with animal designations" EAP698/16/70: Exercises to cure individuals who suffer blood vomitting; prayers used with raw chicken eggs to treat disease
EAP698/16/71: Exorcism conducted upon those who are taken away by evil spirits EAP698/16/72: "Fortune-telling, physignomy practice, heaven's stem, earthly branch, house building, property gaining"
EAP698/16/73: "Magical spells used when taking care of pregnant women according to their health condition, magicals spells to keep the fetus healthy and therefore relieve the mother's mind" EAP698/16/74: "Magical spells, charms for proctecting and putting mind at ease, for each king; Instructions for the spell makers"
EAP698/16/75: "Instructions for exorcism, enchantment releasing" EAP698/16/76: "Magical spells, incantation of shaman; Pasaih, Acar, Maduen"
EAP698/16/77: "Rituals of favor returning, necromancy, soul granting and restoring" EAP698/16/78: "Magical spells, charms; magical spells are only used by the enchanters to take command; a bowl of sand is for the sick; some magical spells are used to put the souls of the dead at ease"
EAP698/16/79: Instructions for the enchanters to correct and wear clothes before the rituals; teaching ways for students and religious followers; order of dignitaries in rituals; tenets of religion EAP698/16/80: "Magical spells used for exorcism, purification by the shaman"
EAP698/16/81: "Magical spells used for exorcism, purification in Bani religion, dispelling and uncovering the magical spells" EAP698/16/82: "Fortune-telling, physiognomy practice, life judgement, fortune seeking"
EAP698/16/83: "About Po Awluah giving birth to a child; about the fact that everything has meanings and specific symbols; human destiny attached to his or her birth time, and his or her incarnation and good fortunes in career" EAP698/16/84: Rituals and magical spells used when granting soul and water to the dead
EAP698/16/85: "Magical spells in rituals and ceremonials when reclaiming soil, dispelling evil spirits from the house and reassuring the soul of the sick" EAP698/16/86: "Heaven's stem, earthly branch; dispelling incompatibility so as to suit the destiny"
EAP698/16/87: "Observation of calendar, dates which can be suitable for conducting ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, house building" EAP698/16/88: "Observation of calendar, dates which can be suitable for conducting ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, house building"
EAP698/16/89: "Magical spells used for exorcism, purification, christening and tranquillizing the evils from individuals who suffer from magical spells" EAP698/16/90: "Legends and biography of kings; how to search for Earthly Branch, birth dates, and transferring the birth dates into ages, from Vietnamese version into Cham"
EAP698/16/91: "House protecting, magical spells of Mr. Hala Car, magical spells used in the Cham funeral of Ahier" EAP698/16/92: "Fortune-telling, physiognomy practice and destiny judgement"
EAP698/17/1: Kaleng (the ritual of removing evil spirits) EAP698/17/2: List of farmers' names and the area of their rice paddies which are irrigated with water from the dam across a ditch in Nhu Ngoc village
EAP698/17/3: Instructions on how to calculate dates of Cham calendar and choose good days to build houses EAP698/17/4: "Rija festival, Patri and Patra rituals"
EAP698/17/5: Fire-walking ritual EAP698/17/6: Fortune-telling
EAP698/17/7: "Maduen's rituals in Rija festival, worship of yang God, and lyrics sung by Maduen for Ong Ing to dance in Rija festival" EAP698/17/8: Rija praong rituals
EAP698/17/9: Incantations used for ritual for Patri (princess) and Patra (prince) EAP698/17/10: Cleaning ritual
EAP698/17/11: Rituals of Maduen EAP698/17/12: Cleaning rituals
EAP698/17/13: "Ritual of Kathar and Maduen, burning incense ceremony (da - a tanyun apuei)" EAP698/17/14: Instructions of date and month for practicing rituals of Kathar (Kadhar ndom ka bingun maklam)
EAP698/17/15: Malay - Cham vocabulary (Jawa ahaok) EAP698/17/16: Rituals in Rija ceremony
EAP698/17/17: Instructing Ong Maduen practice ritual for invitation the God in front of door of ceremony house (danak Ong Maduen yew yang di pabah kajang) EAP698/17/18: Ong Maduen instructs Muk Rija rituals in Rija ceremony (Maduen lang yak ka Muk Rija)
EAP698/17/19: "Rituals of worship gods, inviting all Gods, rituals, cleaning ceremony, Ricaow chanting" EAP698/17/20: Malay - Cham vocabulary
EAP698/17/21: Instructions for practicing agricultural rituals EAP698/17/22: Instructions for practice cleaning ceremony
EAP698/17/23: Instructions for practicing of cleaning ceremony EAP698/17/24: Ariya Shak likei
EAP698/17/25: Methods to cure sore eyes and nose EAP698/17/26: Rituals of Rija Ceremony
EAP698/17/27: Legend and ceremonies of Maduen EAP698/17/28: Rituals of Maduen in Rija ceremony
EAP698/17/29: Baoj Sarak symbols used in Rija Ceremonies EAP698/17/30: Baptism ceremony for Maduen
EAP698/17/31: Instructions for calculating and observing dates and for conducting ceremonies EAP698/17/32: Brah Adhua Ceremony
EAP698/17/33: Instructions for conducting Ahi谠Funeral EAP698/17/34: Exorcism methods
EAP698/17/35: Ariya Ummarup EAP698/17/36: Brahmanism prayer-books
EAP698/17/37: Ritual purification EAP698/17/38: Eye opening ceremony
EAP698/18/1: "Pakak haluw kraong (worship rites for a river’s headwaters), palao pasah pabah kraong (worship rites for a river’s estuary)" EAP698/18/2: "Purification rituals for Basaih, house cleansing, rites of removing bad luck around the house or neighborhood"
EAP698/18/3: All rites and rituals conducted in tower temples EAP698/19/1: "Worship rites for the God of Soil, funeral dirges, poetry about kings of Dai Viet, king crowning, texts about elephants and tax"
EAP698/20/1: "Rituals of cleansing temples and towers, Pasaih's rituals" EAP698/20/2: Religious dignitaries Pasaih
EAP698/20/3: Purification rituals for Pasaih (tuh aia ka Pasaih) EAP698/20/4: Tuk aia ka Pasaih
EAP698/20/5: "Checking time, days, months and years" EAP698/20/6: "Rites conducted in temples and towers, rites to worship estuaries (bac cuh Yang Apuei, Yuen Yang Paralao pasah)"
EAP698/20/7: Checking good dates for house building; checking dates of birth; magic tricks of exorcism EAP698/20/8: "Checking dates and time of birth, funeral rites of Cham people Ahie?r"
EAP698/20/9: "Self purifcation, reciprocal singing to invite deities" EAP698/20/10: "Religious dignataries' rites and life activities, checking dates and times"
EAP698/20/11: Requiem rituals EAP698/20/12: "Teachings to adolescents via Ariya poetry (Ariya pataow adat dam dara), teachers' lessons to young students via Ariya poetry (Ariya gru akhar ka an᩠saih)"
EAP698/20/13: "Self purification rituals, rites of opening and closing the tower door, magic tricks of exorcism, Gru urang's rituals" EAP698/20/14: "Magic tricks of concilation for husband and wife, magic tricks of pairing boys and girls"
EAP698/20/15: "Exorcism rituals, blessing rituals for the dead's spirit, guides to become Gru urang" EAP698/20/16: "Checking days, months and years"
EAP698/20/17: Pasaih's rites in funerals EAP698/20/18: Gru urang's rites in funerals of those who die outside the village due to traffic accidents or being shot
EAP698/20/19: "Talismans, exorcism" EAP698/20/20: "Ariya Kleng Anak, an incantation chanted by Gru urang before a rite"
EAP698/20/21: "Rituals of Muk Rija, amulets, ceremonies of bringing mortal remains to Kut" EAP698/20/22: "Rituals of cleansing, incantation of devil expulsion"
EAP698/20/23: "Zodiac, dates for illness treatment" EAP698/20/24: Watching dates for building house.
EAP698/20/25: "Building houses and kitchens; watching dates for building pigsties, cowsheds, stables, buffalosties" EAP698/20/26: History of soil's taking shape
EAP698/20/27: "Consulting dates, months, years" EAP698/20/28: Rituals of singing for Cham Ahier mourning
EAP698/20/29: Rituals of Pasaih organisation and Vice Superior Priest EAP698/20/30: "Rituals of redoing mortal remains for the dead abnormal in Brahmanism funeral, ceremony of wearing dress for Yang God, amulets"
EAP698/20/31: Ariya Tey Ley. Contents : 26 x 14 cm EAP698/20/32: "Rituals of devil extermination, cleansing for devil expulsion"
EAP698/20/33: "Rituals of Ahier funeral, rituals of practice for Fire God" EAP698/20/34: "Rituals of cleaning for soil, hiding devils, fortune-telling"
EAP698/20/35: "Watching dates and hours for dirty cleaning ceremony, rituals of devil hiding, devil expulsion" EAP698/20/36: "Rituals for reconcilement of couples, fortune-telling, amulets"
EAP698/20/37: Ceremony on Tower temple (cuh yang apuei) EAP698/20/38: "Cham manuscripts collected by Mr. Luu Sanh Thanh, No.38"
EAP698/20/39: "Rituals of carrying the dead, ceremony of taking care of the house in Bahrahnism cremation" EAP698/20/40: "Rituals of observing good - bad hours/dates, consulting the moment to worship Yang and build house"
EAP698/20/41: Rituals of kut creating and leaving; qualifications and title confering EAP698/20/42: Rituals of conducting Deity of Fire Ceremony; instructions for observing date and time
EAP698/20/43: "Rituals of funerals, of weekly worship of the 3rd day, 7th day and 10th day" EAP698/20/44: Vietnamese medicinal herbs
EAP698/20/45: How to practice physiognomy on sick people according to the dates EAP698/20/46: Rituals of Gru urang
EAP698/20/47: "Rituals of considering the house ground before being built, direction of the house" EAP698/20/48: Rituals purification and exorcism
EAP698/20/49: Rituals of exorcism EAP698/20/50: "Rituals of handwriting judgement, fortune-telling, physiognomy practicing"
EAP698/20/51: "Fortune-telling, star astrology, prophecy" EAP698/20/52: Poetry used in Yang worshipping rituals
EAP698/20/53: Rituals of passing holy water onto the dead EAP698/20/54: Vietnamese traditional medicine
EAP698/20/55: Rituals of purifying the dead; legend of Po Nagar EAP698/20/56: Rituals of kut creating and leaving
EAP698/20/57: "Literature, poetic story, poetry" EAP698/20/58: "Rituals of purification, exorcism, dissolution of evil spirits"
EAP698/20/59: Legend about Po Kuk (sakarai Po Kuk) EAP698/20/60: Rituals of purification
EAP698/21/1: Agricultural rituals EAP698/21/2: "Watching good dates and months, fortune-telling."
EAP698/22/1: "Explanations of 12 Chinese zodiac animals, instructions on how to calculate dates of Cham calendar, and anecdotes about Atmangh誡t" EAP698/22/2: "Legends of Po Klaong Girai, Akayet Ummarup, and explanations of natural phenomena"
EAP698/22/3: "Incantations in cremation ceremony of Ong Pasaih, Gru Heng, and Ong Daoh" EAP698/22/4: Exorcism rituals
EAP698/22/5: Pasaih's rituals EAP698/22/6: "Magic tricks to exorcise evil spirits, soil analysis"
EAP698/22/7: "Legends of Po Kut, instructions on how to check Cham calendar, rites conducted by Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists), etc." EAP698/22/8: "Rituals for worship of the god of preservation and the god of destruction, analysis of good and bad dates"
EAP698/22/9: "Legend of taking shape universal, instruction using Cham calendar" EAP698/22/10: Rituals of carrying dead people in Brahmanism funeral
EAP698/22/11: "Watching date month year for patients, rituals of worship termite mound, extracts of ariya klan anak, rituals of cleaning, treatment sickness" EAP698/22/12: Method of fortune-telling for patients
EAP698/22/13: Rituals of devil expulsion EAP698/22/14: Rituals for purification of people who were haunted by ghosts and amulets
EAP698/22/15: Method of fortune-telling for patients EAP698/22/16: "Letters for greeting relatives, rituals of ghost expelling, rituals of keeping oneself"
EAP698/22/17: Ariya of government arresting Cham Awal - Ahier youngsters for serving EAP698/22/18: Rituals of worship of dead people who died accidentally
EAP698/22/19: Rituals for carrying the dead EAP698/22/20: "Rituals, ceremonies of Pasaih"
EAP698/22/21: "Rituals of Po Acar eating the tray of five - kind of fruist, praying when Acar worship the tray of five - kind of fruits" EAP698/22/22: Rituals of devil expulsion
EAP698/22/23: Akayet Dewmano EAP698/22/24: Rituals of devil expulsion
EAP698/22/25: "Rituals of casting souls to new houses, rituals of choosing the land to build houses on, magical spells used when a new kitchen is built" EAP698/22/26: "Rituals of worshipping the Fire, rituals of washing burned clothes, rituals of worshipping the dead without salvation or spirits returning to cause harm to family and relatives"
EAP698/22/27: "Conceptions on natural phenomenon, explanations about heaven and earth, people and creatures in the whole universe" EAP698/22/28: Rituals of Pasaih
EAP698/22/29: "Conceptions on nature, heaven and earth, people; worshipping writings used in rituals of Gru urang, Ariya Tai Paran's poetry" EAP698/22/30: Instructions for observing and calculating the Cham calendar
EAP698/22/31: Akayet D趡 Mano EAP698/22/32: "Rituals of worshipping deities, magic, recognition of Furnace Deity, Kitchen God. Instruction for Maduen for conducting Rija ceremony"
EAP698/22/33: Akayet D趡 Mano EAP698/22/34: "Instructions for identifying the sun, the moon and all creatures on the Earth"
EAP698/22/35: Rituals and ceremonials of Pasaih EAP698/22/36: 10 litarary works of Ariya
EAP698/22/37: Fortune-telling and calendar EAP698/22/38: House building rituals
EAP698/22/39: Rituals of carrying the dead EAP698/23/1: "Examining good and bad dates, healing rituals"
EAP698/23/2: "History of the deities of soil, purification rituals, Kut building rituals, Pasaih's rituals" EAP698/23/3: Bad omens and agricultural rituals
EAP698/23/4: "Rituals of purifying boats, exorcism rituals, rites conducted by Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists), etc." EAP698/23/5: "Rituals of purification, exorcism, breaking a spell, how to make other people ill, rites conducted by Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists)"
EAP698/23/6: "Rituals of purification and exorcism, rituals to become Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists)" EAP698/23/7: "Purification rituals, tales of termite mounds, rituals to become Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists)"
EAP698/23/8: Japanese poetry EAP698/23/9: "Expelling rituals, worship rituals of Po Riyak (God of Tide)"
EAP698/23/10: Song lyrics of Cei Palim EAP698/23/11: Rituals of exorcism and purification
EAP698/23/12: Exorcism for stomachache EAP698/23/13: "Explanation for funeral rituals, agricultural rituals, measurement for building houses, checking soil to build house, watching lunar eclipse, stories of termites"
EAP698/23/14: "Rituals of Rija, rituals of exorcism" EAP698/23/15: "Agricultural rituals, worship rituals, rituals of burying belly of baby, rituals of purification, rituals of kak mrak for avoiding illness, rituals of exorcism, rituals of sending clothes and utensils for dead people, rituals of expulsion"
EAP698/23/16: "Rituals of cleaning boats, rituals of carrying the dead, rituals of Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists)" EAP698/23/17: Legend of Po N߈aong
EAP698/23/18: "Rituals to become Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists)" EAP698/23/19: Biography of kings
EAP698/23/20: Poetry of Ariya EAP698/23/21: "Rituals of Rija, rituals of worship Po Yang Gods"
EAP698/23/22: "Maduen's rituals, Maduan's betel song's lyrics" EAP698/23/23: Prediction and legend about Po N߈aong
EAP698/23/24: Maduen's rituals and song lyrics EAP698/23/25: Exorcism rituals
EAP698/23/26: Pasaih's rituals EAP698/23/27: "Buffalo cart making rituals, finding auspicious days"
EAP698/23/28: Anthem of Maduen EAP698/23/29: Ariya poetry
EAP698/23/30: "Legend of Po Hanim Par, Po Yang deities worshipping rituals" EAP698/23/31: Anthems of Maduen
EAP698/23/32: "Magical spells and rituals in Gru Urang ritual (priests, shamans, exorcists)" EAP698/23/33: "Carrying rituals of the dead, exorcism, Gru urang's rituals (priests, shamans, exorcists)"
EAP698/23/34: Rituals in Ahie?r's funeral EAP698/23/35: "Rituals of Gru urand (priests, shamans, exorcists), legend of Earth formation, Po Hawa Adam legend, Po Yang legend"
EAP698/23/36: "Rituals and custom of Ahie?r's wedding, worship rituals, house building rituals, cleansing rituals, rituals in Gru urang (priests, shamans, exorcists)" EAP698/24/1: "Quran Bible, instructions for practicing Brahminical rituals"
EAP698/25/1: "Watching dates, hours, months, years for building houses, the origin of rivers and oceans taking shape" EAP698/25/2: Rituals of promotion of dignitaries joining Brahminism; promotion of authorities
EAP698/25/3: About Po Kuk and Po Awluah EAP698/25/4: "Legends of earth taking shape, origin of the human life and creatures, promotion ceremony of dignitaries Pasaih, Tapah"