Endangered Archives

EAP626: Tracking the past - the preservation of the railway archives of Sierra Leone

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EAP626/1/1/1/1: Use of Railway air services by officers proceeding on leave [1934] EAP626/1/1/1/2: Revision of Salaries and Conditions of Service of European Officers - Notice to Officers on agreement in non-pensionable posts [1935]
EAP626/1/1/2/1: Railway: Court Messengers travelling by Goods Train - irregularity of [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/2: Railway: Construction of a certain type of coach offering improved accommodation [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/3: Closing of Mountain Railway [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/4: Motor Bus Service: Returns of Revenue [1929-1931]
EAP626/1/1/2/5: Railway Additional Office Accommodation in Freetown [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/6: Rest House at Makeni for Train crews [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/7: "Railway Approximate Earnings - 1929, 1930" EAP626/1/1/2/8: Railway - Commodities Return [1929-1931]
EAP626/1/1/2/9: Railway Department - return of promotions and appointments [1929-1932] EAP626/1/1/2/10: Railway Motor Van - 1926-1928
EAP626/1/1/2/11: Motor Omnibus Service Appointment of Depot Masters [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/12: Removal of offices of General Manager and Traffic Manager [1929-1931]
EAP626/1/1/2/13: Railway Coal (Applications from former members of the Sierra Leone Volunteer Naval Force) [between 1929-1950] EAP626/1/1/2/14: Railway Instructor Guard (European) [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/15: "Petition from West Indian fitters, Railway department for increased scale of salary [1929]" EAP626/1/1/2/16: House formerly used as quarters for station masters at Wilberforce [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/17: Allocation of Expenditure in connection with the Railway Motor Bus Service and general motor repairs shop [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/18: New quarters for locomotive shed foreman at Bo [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/19: Housing accommodation for Railway staff at Cline Town [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/20: Confirmation of members of the Railway Staff [1929-1930]
EAP626/1/1/2/21: "Railway: Finance, 1927-1928" EAP626/1/1/2/22: Railway: Comparative Return of Revenue and Expenditure [1929-1936]
EAP626/1/1/2/23: Railway: Return of free passes [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/24: "Railway: Carriage and Waggon, Special Coach for Government officials, 1928"
EAP626/1/1/2/25: Railway: Return of articles written off [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/26: "Railway: Double increment, 1927"
EAP626/1/1/2/27: "Railway: General Motor Repair Shop, 1928" EAP626/1/1/2/28: "Appointment of Assistant Clerk in charge of Water Street Goods Station, Railway Dept. [1929]"
EAP626/1/1/2/29: Request for permission to use garages near Railway Station at Hill Station [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/30: Railway Bridge: Question of adapting for foot passengers [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/31: Amalgamation of appointment of Station and Telegraph clerks and increase in minimum of salary of Telegraph clerks [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/32: Railway Telephone Service: Installation in Government Buildings [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/33: Derailment of goods train between Bauya and Rotifunk 25/5/1929 EAP626/1/1/2/34: Disposal of obsolete stores: Railway Department [1929-1930]
EAP626/1/1/2/35: Motor Bus Service: Defect in Morris Commercial Vehicles [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/36: Railway Department Estimates for 1930
EAP626/1/1/2/37: Motor Bus Service Duty allowance for officer in charge of [1929-1930] EAP626/1/1/2/38: Lease of land for Railway Quarters at Pendembu [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/39: "Railway paying officers guarantee bonds 1927, 1928" EAP626/1/1/2/40: Railway Statistics and systems of railway-accounting in the colonies - question of [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/41: "General Motor Repair Shop (Railway) Estimates, 1930" EAP626/1/1/2/42: Motor Bus Service (Railway) Capital Expenditure [1928-1930]
EAP626/1/1/2/43: Railway European Staff Acting appointment 1928 EAP626/1/1/2/44: Motor Bus Service (Railway) General Scheme 1928
EAP626/1/1/2/45: Motor Bus Service (Railway) Petrol Supply 1928 EAP626/1/1/2/46: Motor Bus Service (Railway) Garage accommodation 1928
EAP626/1/1/2/47: Railway (Govt) Accidents [1927-1932] EAP626/1/1/2/48: Railway Extraordinary Works - Estimates 1928
EAP626/1/1/2/49: Railway: Relaying of Main Line Track [1927-1934] EAP626/1/1/2/50: "Railway rates on Beer, Wine and Spirits [1929]"
EAP626/1/1/2/51: "Railway Goods Rates - 1924, 1925 and 1928" EAP626/1/1/2/52: Church for Hill Station: Proposal to purchase the Foreman Platelayer's House [1929-1930]
EAP626/1/1/2/53: Sierra Leone Railway: Rules and Regulations [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/54: Railway Bridges for Roadways [1928-1932]
EAP626/1/1/2/55: Sierra Leone Railway Telephone Directory [1929-1934] EAP626/1/1/2/56: Offer for sale of surplus railway rolling stock by Manager - Nigerian Railways [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/57: Request for additional European Assistant Accountant (2nd Grade) Railway Department with experience of stock-verification [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/58: Question of Staff - Appointment in Railway Department [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/59: Question of Sick-Leave with pay to Artisans in Railway Dept. [1929] EAP626/1/1/2/60: Question for institution of Provident fund for Railway Artisans [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/61: "Tour of Inspection of General Manager, Railway Department, 1927, 1928" EAP626/1/1/2/62: Disposal of Railway Rails and Sleepers [1929]
EAP626/1/1/2/63: Photographs of the railway [Early 20th century] EAP626/1/2/1: Code words to be used in telegrams on railway business [16 Sep 1946]
EAP626/1/2/2/1: Gate Pass Book [6 Jun 1970 - 26 Jul 1980] EAP626/1/2/2/2: Gate Pass Book [30 Nov 1979 - 26 Jul 1980]
EAP626/1/2/3: Tally Cards [between 1965-1973] EAP626/1/2/4: Locomotive Department Stores Requests [1968-1974]
EAP626/1/2/5: Tickets [1964] EAP626/1/2/6: Photographs of the railway [Late 19th century-Late 20th century]
EAP626/1/2/7: Postcards [Early 20th century-Late 20th century]