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EAP607: Identify, relocate and digitise Native Administration records (1891-1964) - major project

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EAP607/1/1: Legislation Nyau Tribal Dance Rules [1955-1957] EAP607/1/2: Local Government Native Authorities Establishments [1956-1963]
EAP607/1/3: Miscellaneous Councils Nyau Tribal Dances [1957-1959] EAP607/1/4: NA Orders Policy General [1953-1963]
EAP607/1/5: Native Administration NA Kasakula And Staff [1953-1963] EAP607/1/6: Native Administration Policy And General [1942-1953]
EAP607/1/7: Native Authorities Karonga District [1951-1963] EAP607/1/8: Native Authority Jere And Staff [1953-1964]
EAP607/1/9: Native Authority Kyungu Local Government Chiefs and Village Counsels [1953-1961] EAP607/1/10: Native Administration General Business Boundaries [1943-1947]
EAP607/2/1: Provincial African Chiefs Councils [1945] EAP607/2/2: General Administration Matters [1964]
EAP607/2/3: Native Authorities Visits Meetings [1957-1964] EAP607/2/4: Native Authority Makanjira General [1952-1963]
EAP607/2/5: Native Authority Makanjira Judicial [1945] EAP607/2/6: Authority Membership Warrants [1955-1959]
EAP607/2/7: Native Authority Nyambi General [1944-1961] EAP607/2/8: State of Emergency [1959-1960]
EAP607/3/1: Administration British Council [1951-1960] EAP607/3/2: Administration Establishment of Bomas [1950-1955]
EAP607/3/3: Agricultural Cases [1953-1959] EAP607/3/4: Agriculture Loans Development Policy [1949-1961]
EAP607/3/5: Angoni Village Headman [1940-1948] EAP607/3/6: Chiefs Administration Sub T.A Mponela [1960-1962]
EAP607/3/7: Chieftainships [1964] EAP607/3/8: District Administration N.A Tambala [1957-1964]
EAP607/3/9: Game Destruction of Carnivora [1935-1962] EAP607/3/10: Lilongwe Native Authorities Grants and loans [1960-1961]
EAP607/3/11: Native Administration Financial [1961-1964] EAP607/3/12: Native Administration Policy and General Instructions [1957-1964]
EAP607/3/13: Native Administration Undi and Kalolo [1941-1948] EAP607/3/14: NA Marriages [1944-1959]
EAP607/3/15: Native Authorities Tax Clerks General [1961] EAP607/3/16: NA Forests Guards and Village Forest Area [1945-1961]
EAP607/3/17: Native Authority Orders [1948-1964] EAP607/3/18: NA African Beer and Intoxicants [1948-1963]
EAP607/3/19: Nyasaland Protectorate Ordinance 31 December 1953 [1953] EAP607/3/20: Traditional Authorities Tax Clerks General [1961-1964]
EAP607/3/21: Visit of Her Majesty Queen Mother [1957] EAP607/3/22: Visits by Chiefs outside Malawi [1950-1960]
EAP607/3/23: War Medals [1951-1959] EAP607/4/1: African Provincial and Protectorate Councils General Corresspondences [1955-1958]
EAP607/4/2: African Provincial Council [1957-1958] EAP607/4/3: Census Village and section [1937-1959]
EAP607/4/4: Coronations [1952-1953] EAP607/4/5: Courses [1953-1962]
EAP607/4/6: Daniel Kasisi Boundary [1952-1958] EAP607/4/7: Deceased Estate Africans [1962-1964]
EAP607/4/8: Deceased Estates [1960-1961] EAP607/4/9: District Administration Riots Riot Damages [1953-1957]
EAP607/4/10: District Council Constitutions and Membership [1957-1958] EAP607/4/11: District Council Roads Bridges and Ferrys [1955-1962]
EAP607/4/12: First Rhodesian Permanent Building Society [1955] EAP607/4/13: Forestly Palm Trees and Palm Tapping [1950-1956]
EAP607/4/14: General Elections [1961-1963] EAP607/4/15: Katunga Messah Boundary [1952-1955]
EAP607/4/16: Makande Court [1959-1963] EAP607/4/17: Masenjere Court SNA Thomas [1960-1963]
EAP607/4/18: Mbewe Court SNA Lundu [1960-1963] EAP607/4/19: Mkombezi Court [1960-1963]
EAP607/4/20: Monthly Meeting of Chiefs [1954-1961] EAP607/4/21: Mwanza Court NA Chapananga [1957-1963]
EAP607/4/22: NA Ngabu Makande Court [1959-1963] EAP607/4/23: Namalindi Court NA Katunga [1959-1963]
EAP607/4/24: Native Administration Orders and Rules [1945-1948] EAP607/4/25: Native Authority Courts [1960-1963]
EAP607/4/26: Native Authorities Blantyre [1942-1963] EAP607/4/27: Native Authorities Tax Offices [1950-1964]
EAP607/4/28: Native authority buildings [1956-1961] EAP607/4/29: Native Authority General Notes [1950-1961]
EAP607/4/30: Native Authority Makuwira Ngwengwe Court [1960-1963] EAP607/4/31: Native Authority Policy [1949-1962]
EAP607/4/32: Native Authority Staff Chiradzulu [1953-1956] EAP607/4/33: Native Authority Staff Cholo [1950-1956]
EAP607/4/34: Native Authority Summons [1957-1961] EAP607/4/35: Native Authorities Office Instructions [1959-1961]
EAP607/4/36: Native Courts General [1955-1959] EAP607/4/37: Native Courts General Instructions [1951-1961]
EAP607/4/38: Native Hut Taxes [1960-1962] EAP607/4/39: Native Hut Taxes Instructions And Policy [1952-1962]
EAP607/4/40: Native Authority Kasisi [1960-1963] EAP607/4/41: Ndunde Court NA Kadewere [1957-1964]
EAP607/4/42: Pay and Allowances [1956-1960] EAP607/4/43: Pension and Gratuities [1960-1964]
EAP607/4/44: Policy [1952-1964] EAP607/4/45: Remuneration of Councillors and Village Headmen [1949-1962]
EAP607/4/46: Taxation Policy General [1952-1964] EAP607/4/47: Tuchila Court [1957-1962]
EAP607/4/48: Ulendo Notes [1949-1959] EAP607/4/49: Welfare General [1954-1963]