Endangered Archives

EAP541: Digitisation and preservation of historical archives in the Public Records and Archives Administration (PRAAD) in Tamale, Northern Ghana

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EAP541/1/1/1: Boundaries [1921-30] EAP541/1/1/2: Boundaries [1924-32]
EAP541/1/1/3: Land and Native Rights Ordinance [1926-39] EAP541/1/1/4: Franco British Boundary-Togoland [1927-29]
EAP541/1/1/5: Franco British Boundary-Togoland [1927-38] EAP541/1/1/6: Town Boundaries S.P [1929-28]
EAP541/1/1/7: Anglo-French Frontier Incident [1929-38] EAP541/1/1/8: Register of Land Tenure [1930-34]
EAP541/1/1/9: Acquisition of Land tenure [1930-34] EAP541/1/1/10: Land [1930-32]
EAP541/1/1/11: Land Dispute-Krachi District [1931] EAP541/1/1/12: Land [undated]
EAP541/1/1/13: A Digest of the Religion System of Land Tenure of the Kasena Tribe [1923-33] EAP541/1/1/14: Bazukwe Vrs. Naga and Sandema Claim to Village [1932-51]
EAP541/1/1/15: Land Matter [1933-50] EAP541/1/1/16: Town Boundaries-Northern Territories [1933-36]
EAP541/1/1/17: Dagomba-Gonja Boundaries [1934-40] EAP541/1/1/18: Mamprusi Dagomba Boundary [1936-50]
EAP541/1/1/19: Land Disputes [1936-40] EAP541/1/1/20: Plans Programme to Works and Description of Boundaries of Lincense Applied for by Mr. Mazwell Maceluness [1936]
EAP541/1/1/21: Tamale Water Supply-Fuel Wood Plant Acquisition [1938-50] EAP541/1/1/22: Mamprusi Gonja Boundary [1938-47]
EAP541/1/1/23: Right of Native Authorities to Lease Plots to Non-Native in Certain Circumstances [1939-48] EAP541/1/1/24: Certificate of Occupancy-Na District [1940-50]
EAP541/1/1/25: Certificate of Approbation [1940-49] EAP541/1/1/26: Saboba Assistant District Commissioner Bungalow-Lease Off by Assemblies of God Mission [1941-52]
EAP541/1/1/27: Prang-Atebubu Boundary [1944-45] EAP541/1/1/28: "Certificate of Occupancy, Dagomba District [1945-54]"
EAP541/1/1/29: "Certificate of Occupancy, Dagomba District [1945-50]" EAP541/1/1/30: Tamale residential Plots Near Agric Road [1945-51]
EAP541/1/1/31: Tamale Town Layout [1945-51] EAP541/1/1/32: Tamale Layout [1946-52]
EAP541/1/1/33: Damango Site for Government Station and Residential Area [1946-54] EAP541/1/1/34: "Acquisition of Land for Agric purposes at Yendi, Yendi Agric Station [1946-56]"
EAP541/1/1/35: "Tamale Ward ""I"" Extension Layout [1946-72]" EAP541/1/1/36: Survey of Land reserved for used by Native Administration [1946-49]
EAP541/1/1/37: Certificate of Occupancy-Gonja District-Non-Mission Planning [1947-53] EAP541/1/1/38: Acquisition of Land [1947-53]
EAP541/1/1/39: Rural Development and Land Acquisition [1947-51] EAP541/1/1/40: Rural Planning and Utility Policy [1947-50]
EAP541/1/1/41: Lease to Natives (Wari) [1947-58] EAP541/1/1/42: Land and Native Rights Ordinance [1947-53]
EAP541/1/1/43: Acquisition of Land-Wa District [1947] EAP541/1/1/44: Certificate of Occupancy-Navorongo Area [1947-69]
EAP541/1/1/45: Certificate of Occupation-Tamale District [1947-50] EAP541/1/1/46: Boundary between Northern and Southern Sections of Togoland Under British Trusteeship [1947-48]
EAP541/1/1/47: Dispute Re: Yendi Site for Junior Staff Quarters [1948-50] EAP541/1/1/48: Land Tenure in Ithe Protectorate and Its Developments Under the Land [1948-70]
EAP541/1/1/49: Native Rights Ordinace (G/Land/11) and Tamale Commercial Area (F/NO NTOO2) [1948-58] EAP541/1/1/50: Lease for Government Lands-Tamale [1948-52]
EAP541/1/1/51: Acquisition of Land at Yendi For Leper Settlement [1949-1962] EAP541/1/1/52: Certificate of Occupancy (CAP. 143) [1949-62]
EAP541/1/1/53: Pong-Tamale Land for Department of Animal Health [1950-62] EAP541/1/1/54: Land [1950-1958]
EAP541/1/1/55: Certificate of Accupancy (Salaga Mission) [1940-59] EAP541/1/1/56: Certificate of Accupancy Gambaga-Non Mission [1940-61]
EAP541/1/1/57: Certificate of Accupancy Yendi Mission [1950--61] EAP541/1/1/58: Land Planning and Utilisation Policy [1950-52]
EAP541/1/1/59: "Certificate of Occupancy, Tamale Mission [1950-61]" EAP541/1/1/60: Land Utilisation and Soil Conservation (Soil Erosion) [1950-53]
EAP541/1/1/61: Certificate of Accupancy (Non Missions) [1950-9153] EAP541/1/1/62: "Tamale Ward ""J"" New Layout [1950]"
EAP541/1/1/63: Damongo Yabom Layout [1940-56] EAP541/1/1/64: Acquisition of Land-Gonja District [1951-73]
EAP541/1/1/65: Tamale Site for Second Forestry Bunglows [1951-53] EAP541/1/1/66: Yendi Missions (Certificate of Occupancy) [1951-61]
EAP541/1/1/67: Tamale New Commercial Area Application for Plots and General Correspondences [1945-55] EAP541/1/1/68: Bole-Non Missions (Certificate of Occupancy) [1945-60]
EAP541/1/1/69: Damongo Agriculture and Forestry Station Buildings [1951-60] EAP541/1/1/70: Tamale-Sites for Police Building [1951-71]
EAP541/1/1/71: Gambaga-Site for the Medical Field Unit Buildings [1952-58] EAP541/1/1/72: Damongo-Site for Public Cemetery [1953]
EAP541/1/1/73: Allocation for Plots and Leasing of Land by Local Authorities [1952-58] EAP541/1/1/74: Tamale Site for Forestry Department Buildings [1952-1958]
EAP541/1/1/75: Land Tenure in the Protectortate and Its Development Under the Land and Native Rights Ordinance [1952-68] EAP541/1/1/76: Jeji-Site for Deforestattions and vaccination Station [1952-55]
EAP541/1/1/77: Tamale-Sites for Governance Secondary School Buildings [1952-60] EAP541/1/1/78: Site-Junior Staff Quarters for Education Department at Education Ridge [1952-56]
EAP541/1/1/79: Educations Ridge Land Layout [1952-58] EAP541/1/1/80: Bole-Site for Juniour Staff Quarters [1952-56]
EAP541/1/1/81: Field Ftring Range Daboya [1952-57] EAP541/1/1/82: Boundary Dispute Between Naga and Kpasenkpe [1952]
EAP541/1/1/83: Land Planning and Utilisation Policy [1952-53] EAP541/1/1/84: Site for Public Cemetary [1952-53]
EAP541/1/1/85: Pong-Tamale Site for Health Junior Staff Quarters [1952] EAP541/1/1/86: Yendi-Site for Rest House House. Dept. of Agriculture [1952-53]
EAP541/1/1/87: Finance-Land Planning and Utilisation [1952-53] EAP541/1/1/88: Salaga-Site for Naseptic Tank Laterines [1952-73]
EAP541/1/1/89: Yeji-Transport Garage [1953] EAP541/1/1/90: Wala-Gonja Boundary Disputes [1953-71]
EAP541/1/1/91: Walewale Site Quarters for vetenary Asst A Cattle Patrol [1953-55] EAP541/1/1/92: Site Borad-Pong Tamale [1953-67]
EAP541/1/1/93: Land Tenure in the Protectorate and Its Developments under the Land Rights [1955-58] EAP541/1/1/94: Acquisition of Land. Dagomba District [1950]
EAP541/1/1/95: Kumbungu Land Leased by A.G.M. Astaldi LTD [1953-54] EAP541/1/1/96: Occupation of Land by Messers Stirling-Astaldi LTD [1953-58]
EAP541/1/1/97: Site for Boys-Industrial School Tamale [1953-58] EAP541/1/1/98: Certificate of Occupancy-Walewale District [1953]
EAP541/1/1/99: Site for Tamale Water Works [1953-57] EAP541/1/1/100: Tamale Site for Womens Training College Building [1953-57]
EAP541/1/1/101: Bole Site for Rural Water Development [1953-55] EAP541/1/1/102: Land Planning and Soil Conservation [1953-60]
EAP541/1/1/103: "Site Board-Local Government Training School, Tamale [1953-54]" EAP541/1/1/104: Registration of Title of Land [1953-55]
EAP541/1/1/105: Bole Site for Garage and Power Magazin [1954] EAP541/1/1/106: Bole Site Health Service [1954]
EAP541/1/1/107: Site for N.T 400 Bungalows [1954-58] EAP541/1/1/108: Tamale Lands Advisory Committee [1954-57]
EAP541/1/1/109: Tamale-Site for Ministry of Agriculture Building [1954-74] EAP541/1/1/110: Bimbilla Site for regional organisational Building [1954-60]
EAP541/1/1/111: Tamale - Site for Apostolic Church [1954-1959] EAP541/1/1/112: Yendi Site for Petrol Filling Station [1954]
EAP541/1/1/113: Sawla Site for P.W.D. Employment Quarters [1954-55] EAP541/1/1/114: Site for Double Junior Staff Quarters. Dept. of Rural Development [1954]
EAP541/1/1/115: Sawl Site Bungalow and Rest House for P.W.D. Inspector of Works [1954] EAP541/1/1/116: Housing Loans Board Dagomba and Mamprusi District [1954-58]
EAP541/1/1/117: Stool Lands: Boundaries Settlements Commission [1954-75] EAP541/1/1/118: Lan Planning and Utilisation Policy [1947-1958]
EAP541/1/1/119: Tamale Site for Construction of Chalet Catering Rest House [1954-56] EAP541/1/1/120: Site Board for P.W.D. Station: Sawla [1954-56]
EAP541/1/1/121: Gambaga Site for Department of Tsetse Control New Office: Laboration Workshops and Stores [1954-1955] EAP541/1/1/122: "Acquisition of Land: Texas Petroleum Company, Yeji [1954]"
EAP541/1/1/123: Land Planning and Soil Conservation Draft By-Laws [1954-57] EAP541/1/1/124: Land Planning and Soil Conservation [1954-57]
EAP541/1/1/125: Tamale Commercial Area [1955-70] EAP541/1/1/126: Yendi Sites for the Department of Animal Health Buildings [1955-56]
EAP541/1/1/127: Nalerigu Site for Health Centre [1955-62] EAP541/1/1/128: Tamale Site for Cadet School Building [undated]
EAP541/1/1/129: Mimma Site: Proposed Agricultural Station South Mamprusi [1955-59] EAP541/1/1/130: Certificate of Occupancy: Bole Missions [1955-59]
EAP541/1/1/131: Certificate of Occupancy:Gambaga [1955-71] EAP541/1/1/132: Surveys [1955-71]
EAP541/1/1/133: Salaga Site for Junior Staff Quarters and Rest House Buildings [1955-74] EAP541/1/1/134: Tamale Site for Extension to the Regional Head Quarters [1955-77]
EAP541/1/1/135: Tamale Ward II Layout [1955] EAP541/1/1/136: Damongo Site for Adminstration Office and Rest House of the Agricultural Site [1955-58]
EAP541/1/1/137: Land Tenure in the Protectorate and Its Developments under the Land and Native Right [1955-58] EAP541/1/1/138: Damongo Site for Treasure Building [1955-59]
EAP541/1/1/139: Salaga Site Temporary Bangalow for Department of P.W.D [1956] EAP541/1/1/140: "Site For Government Building, Kpandai [1956-57]"
EAP541/1/1/141: Yeji Site for a Post Office [1956-1957] EAP541/1/1/142: Damongo Site for Future Road and Building [1956-58]
EAP541/1/1/143: Yendi Site for Agricultural Division Building [1956-62] EAP541/1/1/144: "Gambaga Site for Section Officers Quarters: P.W.D. Department Miles 63, N.T. 2 [1956-58]"
EAP541/1/1/145: "Gambaga: Site Section Officer: P.W.D. Department, Mle 38, N.T.T.2 [1956-57]" EAP541/1/1/146: Langbinsi Site for Agricultural Development Building [1956-58]
EAP541/1/1/147: "For Laprosium: Walewale, Langbinsi Road (Near Mimima) [1956-57]" EAP541/1/1/148: "Maluwi Site for P.W.D. Road Camp Mile 42 Read N.T. 23: Bamboi, Sawla [1956-60]"
EAP541/1/1/149: "Salaga: Yeji Site for Road Camp Mile 42 Read, N.Y. 23, Bamboi-Sawla [1956]" EAP541/1/1/150: Bamboi Site for Future Road Depot [1956]
EAP541/1/1/151: Certificate of Occupancy: Tamale and Non-Missions [1956-65] EAP541/1/1/152: Certificate of Occupancy: Tamale and Non-Missions [1956-65]
EAP541/1/1/153: Town Planning: Gonja Volta District [1956-73] EAP541/1/1/154: Certificate of Occupancy: Tamale and Non-Missions [1956-59]
EAP541/1/1/155: Yeji Site for a New Slip way South Rank [1957] EAP541/1/1/156: Tamale Site for Regional Library Building [1957-70]
EAP541/1/1/157: Site: Crash Rescue Fire Service Station Department of Aviation [1957-74] EAP541/1/1/158: "Site for P.W.D: Damanogo Road and Sawla Road Camp Road, N.T. 25 [1957-58]"
EAP541/1/1/159: "Tamale Site for Six Bungalows at the Airport Area for Personsel, Tamale [1957-69]" EAP541/1/1/160: Yendi Site Bungalows [1957-70]
EAP541/1/1/161: "Site: Tamale Junction Linking Kumasi, Tamale and Yendi Roads [1957-60]" EAP541/1/1/162: "Site for Tamale Buipe Roads, N.T.S. [1957-60]"
EAP541/1/1/163: Yendi Site for P.W.D Camp Roads N.T. 3 [1957-60] EAP541/1/1/164: Tamale Site for I.C.A Building [1957-58]
EAP541/1/1/165: "Yendi Site for Construction of Rest Houses, Bimbilla-Karaga-Gushegu [1957-60]" EAP541/1/1/166: Mamprusi Dagomba Land Dispute [1957-58]
EAP541/1/1/167: Land and Native Rights Ordinance [1957-58] EAP541/1/1/168: Site for Ministry of Health Building-Yendi [1957-71]
EAP541/1/1/169: "Tamale Ward ""K"" [1957-65]" EAP541/1/1/170: Land Planning and Utilisation Policy [1957-60]
EAP541/1/1/171: Saboba: Site for a Rest House [1958-61] EAP541/1/1/172: "Site for P.W.D. Road Camp at Sanpala, Miles 15 Tamale-Yapei Road [1957-65]"
EAP541/1/1/173: Bole Site for Treasury Building [1958-60] EAP541/1/1/174: Damongo (Road N.T. 23-Bamboi-Sawla) Site for Road Camps at Mile 42 (Maluwe) [1958-61]
EAP541/1/1/175: "Tamale Site for regional Office, Survey Department [1958-59]" EAP541/1/1/176: Bimbilla Site for Ministry of Health Buildings [1958-66]
EAP541/1/1/177: Cheriponi Site for Ministry of Health Buildings [1958-60] EAP541/1/1/178: Savulugu Site for a Rest House [1958-60]
EAP541/1/1/179: Tamale Site for the Department of Animal Health Buildings [1958-74] EAP541/1/1/180: Bole Site for Metrological Buildings [1958-59]
EAP541/1/1/181: Yendi Site for I.C.A Buildings [unknown] EAP541/1/1/182: Site for Police Station Buildings [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/183: Prang Site for Police Station [unknown] EAP541/1/1/184: Damongo Site for I.C.A Building [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/185: Pong-Tamale Site for I.C.A. Building [unknown] EAP541/1/1/186: Mamprusi-Dagomba Boundary Dispute [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/187: Banaima Zagbeli Land Dispute Appeal [unknown] EAP541/1/1/188: Land Planning Utilisation Policy [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/189: Land Planning Utilisation Policy Including I.C.A.s [unknown] EAP541/1/1/190: Salaga Site for the Department of Animal Building [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/191: Kpandai Site for Police Station [unknown] EAP541/1/1/192: Salaga Site for I.C.A Building [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/193: Buipe Site for a Rest House [unknown] EAP541/1/1/194: Northern Region Planning Coordinating Minutes (Land Planning and Soil Conservation) [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/195: Certificate of Occupancy: Gonja District Mission [unknown] EAP541/1/1/196: Staff Land Planning and Utilisation Policy Including I.C.A's [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/197: Ground Rents Under the Land and Native Rights Ordinance Details [unknown] EAP541/1/1/198: Saboba Site for a Bungalow to the Regional Organizer [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/199: Northern and Brong Ahafo Region Boundaries [unknown] EAP541/1/1/200: Walewale Site for Health Centre (Including the Ministry Health [unknown]
EAP541/1/1/201: Zuo Site for Rest House [unknown] EAP541/1/1/202: Site for Granaries in the Northern region [1959-65]
EAP541/1/1/203: Site for Rural Training Centre: Northern Region [1959-60] EAP541/1/1/204: "Site Preventive Service Buildings, Northern Region [1959-65]"
EAP541/1/1/205: Gambaga Site for Rest House [1959-60] EAP541/1/1/206: Nakpanduri Site for Treasury Office [1959-61]
EAP541/1/1/207: Gambaga Site for Treasury Office [1959-70] EAP541/1/1/208: Damongo Site for Hotel Buildings in the Mole Game Reserve at Larabanga [1960-65]
EAP541/1/1/209: Certificate of Occupancy: Non-Missions Upper Region Lands [1960] EAP541/1/1/210: Tamale Site for Leprosy Service Building [1960-65]
EAP541/1/1/211: Salaga Site for P.W.D. Road Camp [1960] EAP541/1/1/212: Gambaga Site for Ghana Police Service Building [1961-74]
EAP541/1/1/213: Site for Osagefo's Helicopter Landing Ground [1961] EAP541/1/1/214: Site for Building of the Proposed State Hotels in Ghana [1961-71]
EAP541/1/1/215: Site for Government Secretarial School Buildings [1960-62] EAP541/1/1/216: Stool Lands [1961-69]
EAP541/1/1/217: Tamale Town and Country Planning [1961-64] EAP541/1/1/218: Stool Lands Revenue [1961-71]
EAP541/1/1/219: Boundary Dispute-General [1965-76] EAP541/1/1/220: Tamale Site for Technical Advise Building [1961]
EAP541/1/1/221: Tamale Site for Urban Health Centre Building [1961-65] EAP541/1/1/222: Tolon Site for Bungalow Building (Regional organisation) [1962]
EAP541/1/1/223: Kusaga Site for Junior Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1962-63] EAP541/1/1/224: Gonja Site for Division of Agriculture Building [1962-72]
EAP541/1/1/225: Nanton Site for Junior Staff Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1962-66] EAP541/1/1/226: Nanton Site for Districh Commissioners' Office Building (Regional organisation) [1962-75]
EAP541/1/1/227: Yendi Site for Prison Farm [1962-73] EAP541/1/1/228: Kusangu Site for Gungalow Buildings (Regional organisation) [1962]
EAP541/1/1/229: Sites Prefabricated House for U.S.S.R Geologist Bole [1962-64] EAP541/1/1/230: Bunkrugu Site for District Commissioner's Office Building [1962-65]
EAP541/1/1/231: Gambaga Site for G.N.C.C Sub-District Office and Yard Buildings [1962] EAP541/1/1/232: Kpasenkpe Site for Bungalow Building (Regional organisation) [1962-65]
EAP541/1/1/233: Site for Prison Camps- Wamale [1962-65] EAP541/1/1/234: Walewale Site for District Commissioners' Office Building (Regional organisation) [1962-65]
EAP541/1/1/235: Bunkprusi Site for Junior Staff Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1962-69] EAP541/1/1/236: Walewale Site for Divisions of Agriculture Buildings [1962-69]
EAP541/1/1/237: Certificate of Occupancy Bimbilla Mission [1962] EAP541/1/1/238: Tamale Site for Rural Reconstruction Guest House Department of S.W.C & C.D [1962-65]
EAP541/1/1/239: Zabzugu Site for Junior Staff Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1962-65] EAP541/1/1/240: Nakpanduri Site for Agriculuture Station [1962]
EAP541/1/1/241: Tamale Site for Government Training College Building [1962-70] EAP541/1/1/242: Tamale Site for Workers College Institute of Public Education [1962]
EAP541/1/1/243: Tamale Site for Cinema Building [1962] EAP541/1/1/244: Chereponi Site for Junior Staff Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1962-66]
EAP541/1/1/245: Tamale Site for Cold Store [1962-74] EAP541/1/1/246: Land and water Surveys: Northern and Upper Regions (F.A.O-U.N Special Fund Project) [1962-67]
EAP541/1/1/247: Gushegu Site for Bungalow Buildings (Regional organisation) [1962-66] EAP541/1/1/248: Nanbiri Land Dispute [1962-65]
EAP541/1/1/249: Kpandai Site for Junior Staff Quarters Buildings (Regional organisation) [1962-63] EAP541/1/1/250: Gambaga Site for Prison Farms [1962-76]
EAP541/1/1/251: Land Acquistion-Demarcation of Security Zones: Local Government Boundaries [1963] EAP541/1/1/252: Cerificate of Occupancy: Chereponi Mission [1963]
EAP541/1/1/253: Salaga and Katinga Site for Establishing State Farms and Building [Unknown] EAP541/1/1/254: Tamale Town Planning [1963-65]
EAP541/1/1/255: Tamale Site for Ghana Institute and Agriculture Building [1963-74] EAP541/1/1/256: Bimbilla Site for Junoir Staff Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1963-75]
EAP541/1/1/257: Saboba Staff for Junior Staff Quarters Buildings (Regional organisation) [1963-67] EAP541/1/1/258: Walewale Site for Junior Staff Quarters Buildingd (Regional organisation) [1963-65]
EAP541/1/1/259: Site for Bimbilla Stock Farm Extension [1963-73] EAP541/1/1/260: Saboba Site for District Commissioners Office Buildings (Regional organisation) [1963-65]
EAP541/1/1/261: Tamale Site for S.C.M.B Buildings [1963-74] EAP541/1/1/262: Tamale Site for New Cemetery [1963-74]
EAP541/1/1/263: Administration of Lands Regulations 1962 [1963] EAP541/1/1/264: Tolon Site for Junior Staff Quarters Building (Regional organisation) [1963]
EAP541/1/1/265: Salaga Site for Water Supply Buildings [1963] EAP541/1/1/266: Site for Toll House Staff Quarters Buildings: Buipe-Mono-Yapei [1964]
EAP541/1/1/267: Tamale Site for Borders Guide Department Buildings Northern Region [1964-69] EAP541/1/1/268: Walewale Site for Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Reclamations Division [1964-73]
EAP541/1/1/269: Tamale Site for Information Service Buildings [1964-73] EAP541/1/1/270: Lamashegu Layout [1962-72]
EAP541/1/1/271: Site for Proposed Livestock Farm: Aminal Health and Husbandry Division [1964-68] EAP541/1/1/272: Salaga Site for New District Treasury [1965]
EAP541/1/1/273: "Tamale Site for Office of the U.N. Special Fund Project, Personnel Building [1965]" EAP541/1/1/274: Bole Site for Bungalow Building (Regional organisation) [1965]
EAP541/1/1/275: Tamale Site for Ghana Food Marketting Tamale Board Bungalows [1965-76] EAP541/1/1/276: Tamale Site for Irrigation Reclamation and Drainage Divisions Building [1965-66]
EAP541/1/1/277: Nasia Site for Development of the Lower White Colta Basin-Pilot Farm [1965-66] EAP541/1/1/278: Damango Site for Offices for Division of Wild Life Buildings [1965-68]
EAP541/1/1/279: "Tamale Site for Guest House: Regional organisation, Northern Region [1966-72]" EAP541/1/1/280: "Site for G.N.T.C Store Buildings, Tamale [1966-77]"
EAP541/1/1/281: Tamale Site for New Butchers Shop [1966-69] EAP541/1/1/282: Tamale Site Ministry of Health Building [1966-73]
EAP541/1/1/283: "Site for New Cemetry, Yendi [1966-70]" EAP541/1/1/284: "Site for Cotton Guinery: Ghana State Farms Corporation, Tamale [1966-68]"
EAP541/1/1/285: "Site for Baptist Primary Schools, Tamale [1967]" EAP541/1/1/286: "Site for Water Supply Quarter and H.L.T, Walewale [1967-68]"
EAP541/1/1/287: "Site for Tamale Yapei Road Filling Station, G.B. Olivant [1967]" EAP541/1/1/288: "Site for Package Water Treatment Plant and High Level Tank, Damongo [1967-68]"
EAP541/1/1/289: Site for Pilot Housing Scheme for Workers [1968-69] EAP541/1/1/290: "Site for Ministry of Education Building, Yendi [1968]"
EAP541/1/1/291: "Site for Air Firing Range, Nabongo [1968]" EAP541/1/1/292: Site for Cotton Development Board Buildings [1968-75]
EAP541/1/1/293: "Site for Ministry of Education Buildings, Gambaga [1968]" EAP541/1/1/294: "Site for Ministry of Health Buildings, Bunkprugu [1968-71]"
EAP541/1/1/295: Tamale Site for P.W.D Road Camps [1968-73] EAP541/1/1/296: Site for Animal Health Centre-Kumbungu [1968]
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EAP541/1/1/299: Stool and Skin Land [1969-81] EAP541/1/1/300: "Site for Commercial Secondary School, Tamale [1969-70]"
EAP541/1/1/301: "Site for Water Supply High Level Tank, Gambaga [1969-71]" EAP541/1/1/302: Site for Ministry of Communication Coriving and Examination Division [1969-71]
EAP541/1/1/303: "Site for Junior Staff Quarter G.W.S.C, Nalerigu [1969-71]" EAP541/1/1/304: Acquisition of Land Mamprusi Department [1971-88]
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EAP541/1/1/307: "Site for Firing Range, Gambaga [1971-72]" EAP541/1/1/308: "Site for Soil Research Institute, Tamale [1973-74]"
EAP541/1/1/309: Site for Cooperative Housing Scheme [1974-76] EAP541/1/1/310: "Acquisition of Land, Gumait Residential Area ""Rice City"" [1975-77]"
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EAP541/1/1/315: "Site for Junior Staff Housing for State Housing Co-operation, Tamale [1977-84]" EAP541/1/1/316: "Acquisition of Land, Nanumba District Council, Bimbilla [1976-89]"
EAP541/1/1/317: Site for Prices and Income Board Bungalows [1977-84] EAP541/1/1/318: Site for Prices and Income Board Bungalows [1977-80]
EAP541/1/1/319: "Site, Tamale Brewery Limited [1977]" EAP541/1/1/320: Operation Land Cleaning [1977]
EAP541/1/1/321: "Site for Meat Marketting Board, Tamale [1979-85]" EAP541/1/1/322: Acquisition of Lands Gonja District [1988]
EAP541/1/1/323: Memo on the Alienation of Land in Krachi District [1988] EAP541/1/1/324: Indenture: Yeji Ferry Government to Messrs F.A. Swanzy Limited [1925]
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EAP541/1/3/53: Annual Report: Mandated Area of Togoland [1936-37] EAP541/1/3/54: Annual Report on the Northern Territories for the Year [1936-37]
EAP541/1/3/55: Annual Report: Mamprusi District [1936-37] EAP541/1/3/56: Report [1937-38]
EAP541/1/3/57: Annual Report: Kete-Krachi District [1937-38] EAP541/1/3/58: Annual Report [1937-38]
EAP541/1/3/59: Annual Report [1937-38] EAP541/1/3/60: Annual Report: Kusasi [1937-38]
EAP541/1/3/61: Annual Report from the Dagomba District for the Year 1937-38 [1937-38] EAP541/1/3/62: Annual Report from the Gonja District [1937-38]
EAP541/1/3/63: Annual Report on Navrongo Sub-District for the Year 1937-38 [1937-38] EAP541/1/3/64: Annual Report: Animal Health [1937-38]
EAP541/1/3/65: Annual Report: Sanitary [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/66: Annual Report: Medical [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/67: Annual Report: Education [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/68: Annual Report: Forestry [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/69: Annual Report: Police [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/70: Annual Report: Agriculture [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/71: Annual Report: Mamprusi Division [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/72: Annual Report: Navrongo [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/73: Annual Report [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/74: Annual Report on Lawra-Tumu District [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/75: Annual Report on the Dagomba District for the Year 1938-39 [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/76: Annual Report: Kusasi [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/77: Annual Report [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/78: Annual Report on the Northern Territories of the Year 1938-39 [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/79: Annual Report on the Gonja District for the Year 1938-39 [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/80: Annual Report: Mandated Area Togoland [1938-39]
EAP541/1/3/81: Report on Agricultural Investigations North Mamprusi [1938-39] EAP541/1/3/82: Annual Report: Animal Health [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/83: Annual Report: Medical [1939-49] EAP541/1/3/84: Annual Report: Police [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/85: Annual Report: Northern Territories [1939-40] EAP541/1/3/86: Annual Report: Sanitary [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/87: Tamale Annual report 1939 Health Department [1939] EAP541/1/3/88: Annual Report: Education [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/89: Annual Report: Agriculture [1939-40] EAP541/1/3/90: Navrongo Annual Report [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/91: Annual Report on the Krachi District [1939-40] EAP541/1/3/92: Annual Report [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/93: Annual Report on the Lawra-Tumu District for the Year 1939-40 [1939-40] EAP541/1/3/94: Annual Report on the Gonja District [1939-40]
EAP541/1/3/95: Report on Dagomba-Namumba Native Treasury [1940-41] EAP541/1/3/96: Annual Report for Northern Territories [1940-41]
EAP541/1/3/97: Annual Report: Statistics of the Dagomba District [1940-41] EAP541/1/3/98: Annual Report on Navrongo [1940-41]
EAP541/1/3/99: Annual Report on Navrongo District [1940-41] EAP541/1/3/100: Annual Report on Krachi District [1940-41]
EAP541/1/3/101: Annual Report on Lawra-Tumu District [1941-42] EAP541/1/3/102: Annual Report: Northern Territories [1941-42]
EAP541/1/3/103: Gonja District Annual Report [1941-42] EAP541/1/3/104: Annual Report: Sanitary [1941-42]
EAP541/1/3/105: Annual Report: Education [1941-42] EAP541/1/3/106: Annual Report: Forestry [1941-42]
EAP541/1/3/107: Annual Report: Mamprusi District [1941] EAP541/1/3/108: Annual Report: Animal Health [1941-42]
EAP541/1/3/109: Annual Report on Animal Health Department [1941-42] EAP541/1/3/110: Annual Report: Foresty [1941-43]
EAP541/1/3/111: Annual Report: Education [1941] EAP541/1/3/112: Annual Report on Togoloand under British Mandate [1941]
EAP541/1/3/113: Annual Report: Sanitary [1941-42] EAP541/1/3/114: Krachi District Annual Report [1942]
EAP541/1/3/115: Annual Report [1942-43] EAP541/1/3/116: Report on Condemned Prisoner [1944-49]
EAP541/1/3/117 pt1: Report on Condition of Labour [1944-47] EAP541/1/3/117 pt2: Report on Condition of Labour [1944-47]
EAP541/1/3/118: Gonja District Annual report [1944-45] EAP541/1/3/119: Annual Report [1944]
EAP541/1/3/120: District Annual Report [1945] EAP541/1/3/121: "Quarterly Report: Mamprusi, Dagomba, Navrongo, Wa, Districts [1945-47]"
EAP541/1/3/122: Annual Report: Health Department [1945] EAP541/1/3/123: Report on the Commission of Enquiry into the Expenses of Litigation [1945]
EAP541/1/3/124: Annual Report: Department of Animal Health [1945-46] EAP541/1/3/125: "Annual Report: Tryansomiasis Campaign, 1944 [1945-47]"
EAP541/1/3/126: Memo and Report on Animal Health and Husbandaries [1945] EAP541/1/3/127: Quarterly Report: Forestry division [1945]
EAP541/1/3/128: "District Annual Report: Krachi, Navrongo [1946]" EAP541/1/3/129: Annual Report [1946-49]
EAP541/1/3/130: Annual Report: Forestry Department [1946] EAP541/1/3/131: Wa District: Quarterly Report [1946-47]
EAP541/1/3/132: Development: Annual Report [1946-47] EAP541/1/3/133: Annual Report: Dagomba District [1946-46]
EAP541/1/3/134: Gonja district Quarterly Report [1946-47] EAP541/1/3/135: Annual Report: Northern Territories [1946-47]
EAP541/1/3/136: "Annual Report: Northern Territories: Education, N.T [1946]" EAP541/1/3/137: Gonja District Annual Report [1946-47]
EAP541/1/3/138: "Krachi District, Annual Report [1946-47]" EAP541/1/3/139: Annual District Quarterly: N.Ts [1946-47]
EAP541/1/3/140: Annual Report: Agriculture Department [1946-47] EAP541/1/3/141: Monthly Progress Report [1946-56]
EAP541/1/3/142: Dagomba District: Quarterly [1946-47] EAP541/1/3/143: Navrongo District Quarterly Report [1946]
EAP541/1/3/144: Extraction from Preliminary Report on Archives Development in the Gold Coast [1946-47] EAP541/1/3/145: Mamprusi District: Annual Report [1947]
EAP541/1/3/146: Annual Report: Dagomba District [1947-48] EAP541/1/3/147: Annual Report: Northern Territories Division [1947-57]
EAP541/1/3/148: "Annual Report: Water Supply, Northern Territories [1948-54]" EAP541/1/3/149 pt1: Annual Report: Forestry Department [1948]
EAP541/1/3/149 pt2: Annual Report: Forestry Department [1948] EAP541/1/3/150: Annual Report: Mamprusi District [1948-54]
EAP541/1/3/151: Report on the Gold Coast [1949] EAP541/1/3/152: Annual report: Wa District of the Northern Territories [1949-50]
EAP541/1/3/153: "Annual Report, 1948 [1949-50]" EAP541/1/3/154: Annual report for the Krachi District [1949-50]
EAP541/1/3/155: Annual Report: Mamprusi District [1949-50] EAP541/1/3/156: Public Works department: Annual report [1949-50]
EAP541/1/3/157: "Annual Report, Dagomba and Nanumba District [1949-50]" EAP541/1/3/158: Report from the Joint Provincial Council [1949]
EAP541/1/3/159: Gonja District Annual Report [1949-50] EAP541/1/3/160: Togoland Report [1949-50]
EAP541/1/3/161: Annual Report: Northern Territories [1949-54] EAP541/1/3/162: Annual Report District [1949-50]
EAP541/1/3/163: Annual Report on the Dagomba District for [1940-51] EAP541/1/3/164: Togoland Report: Northern Territories [1940-51]
EAP541/1/3/165: Annual Report: Forestry Department [1950-68] EAP541/1/3/166: Quarterly Report: Department of Agriculture [1951-54]
EAP541/1/3/167: Togoland Report: Northern Territories [1951-52] EAP541/1/3/168: Annual Reports [1931]
EAP541/1/3/169: Library Report [1951-53] EAP541/1/3/170: Report on the Work Carried in the Bukpurungu Land Planning Area [1952-53]
EAP541/1/3/171: Development Project Report [1952-53] EAP541/1/3/172: Report of the Gold Coast Commision in the United Kingdom [1952-54]
EAP541/1/3/173: Progress Report [1952-55] EAP541/1/3/174: Togoland Report [1953-58]
EAP541/1/3/175: Development Report on Local Authority Work [1952-55] EAP541/1/3/176: Quarterly Report Fisheries Department [1952-54]
EAP541/1/3/177: The Gonja Development Company Limited Managing Director Report [1952-53] EAP541/1/3/178: Northern Territories Division: Annual Report [1953-54]
EAP541/1/3/179: Report on the Advisory Committee on the Gonja Development Company [1953] EAP541/1/3/180: Advisory Committee to Report on Progress of Chief District Commissioner [1953-56]
EAP541/1/3/181: Annual Report: Department of Social Welware [1953-54] EAP541/1/3/182: Development Project Report [1953-55]
EAP541/1/3/183: Togoland Report [1954-57] EAP541/1/3/184: "Annual Report: Wa-Tumu District, Northern Territories [1954-55]"
EAP541/1/3/185: Selection Report Proposed by Ministry of Education [1954-55] EAP541/1/3/186: Togoland Report [1954]
EAP541/1/3/187: Annual Report: Districts [1955-57] EAP541/1/3/188: Quarterly report [1955-57]
EAP541/1/3/189: Progress Report on Feeder Roads [1955-56] EAP541/1/3/190: Annual Report: Dagomba District [1955-58]
EAP541/1/3/191: Annual Report: Districts [1955-58] EAP541/1/3/192: Economic Survey and Reports [1955-60]
EAP541/1/3/193: Local Develoment Committee Reports [1955-57] EAP541/1/3/194: Report on Development of Grants into Rural Local Authorities [1955-56]
EAP541/1/3/195: Local Authority: Annual Report [1955-56] EAP541/1/3/196: Report on Development at Regional Level [1955-57]
EAP541/1/3/197: Development Project Report [1955-59] EAP541/1/3/198: Nanumba District Council: Annual Report [1955]
EAP541/1/3/199: Progress Report: Department of Rural Water Development [1955-58] EAP541/1/3/200: Report: Northern Territories [1955]
EAP541/1/3/201: Local Authority: Annual Report [1955] EAP541/1/3/202: Land Planning [1955]
EAP541/1/3/203: Annual Report: Districts [1956-57] EAP541/1/3/204: Annual Report: District Monthly Progress [1956-57]
EAP541/1/3/205: Development Report on Local Authority [1956-61] EAP541/1/3/206: N.T. Annual Report: Department under Ministry of Health [1956-58]
EAP541/1/3/207: Public Works Quarterly Progress Report [1956] EAP541/1/3/208: Quarterly Reports: Forestry Division [1956-58]
EAP541/1/3/209: Northern Territories: Annual Report [1956-65] EAP541/1/3/210: Quarterly Reports [1956]
EAP541/1/3/211: Report on Development in Aid to Rural Local Authorities [1957-58] EAP541/1/3/212: FIM/61/S.F.6 [1957-59]
EAP541/1/3/213: "Senior Executive Officer Inspection Report, Western Dagomba Local Council [1961-62]" EAP541/1/3/214: Progress Report on Regional Development Project [1961-64]
EAP541/1/3/215: Northern Ghana Report [1961-7] EAP541/1/3/216: Report on Forestry Reserve [1961-64]
EAP541/1/3/217: Local Development Projects Progress Report [1961-62] EAP541/1/3/218: Monthly Progress Report [1962]
EAP541/1/3/219: Economic Surveys & Reports [1962-68] EAP541/1/3/220: Progress Report: Northern Region [1962]
EAP541/1/3/221: Progress Report: Nanumba District Info [1962] EAP541/1/3/222: Progress Report: Central Region [1962]
EAP541/1/3/223: Progress Report: Eastern Region [1962] EAP541/1/3/224: Soviet Geological Survey Team Progress Reports [1962]
EAP541/1/3/225: Progress Report: Volta Region [1962-74] EAP541/1/3/226: Electricity Department Quarterly Progress Report [1962-74]
EAP541/1/3/227: Inspectorate Reports on Eastern Gonja Local Council [1962] EAP541/1/3/228: Workers Brigade Progress Reports [1963-66]
EAP541/1/3/229: Quarterly Progress Report Rehabilitation of the Destitute & Physically Handicapped [1963-66] EAP541/1/3/230: Progress Report: Ashanti Region [1963]
EAP541/1/3/231: Monthly Report Ghana Agricultural Produce Marketting Board: Food Staff Division [1963-65] EAP541/1/3/232: Inspectorate Reports: Yendi Local Council [1963-73]
EAP541/1/3/233: Inspectorate Reports: Chiriponi Local Council [1963-73] EAP541/1/3/234: Inspectorate Reports: Chiriponi Local Council [1963-66]
EAP541/1/3/235: Inspectorate Reports: Gushegu/Chiriponi Local Council [1963-74] EAP541/1/3/236: Inspectorate Reports: Salaga Local Council [1963-68]
EAP541/1/3/237: Inspectorate Reports: Bimbilla Council [1963-66] EAP541/1/3/238: Inspectorate Reports: Bunkpurugu Local Council [1963-66]
EAP541/1/3/239: Inspectorate Reports: Kpasenkpe Local Council [1963-66] EAP541/1/3/240: Inspectorate Reports: Walewale Local Council [1963-66]
EAP541/1/3/241: U.G.F. Co-operatives Monthly Progress Report [1965-67] EAP541/1/3/242: Report [1966]
EAP541/1/3/243: District Intelligent Report: Tamale [1966-72] EAP541/1/3/244: District Intelligent Report: Yendi [1966-67]
EAP541/1/3/245: Regional Intelligent Report [1966-71] EAP541/1/3/246: Quarterly Progress Reports: Ghana State Farm Corporation [1967-69]
EAP541/1/3/247: Co-operatives Monthly Progress Report (Inspectorate Report) [1967] EAP541/1/3/248: On the House of Chiefs [1967]
EAP541/1/3/249: Monthly Intelligence Report: Army & Police [1967-69] EAP541/1/3/250: Situation Report (SITREP) [1967]
EAP541/1/3/251: District Monthly Reports [1968-70] EAP541/1/3/252: Annual Report on Mamprusi Division: Mamprusi District [1969]
EAP541/1/3/253: Sitaution Report (SITREP) [1969-70] EAP541/1/3/254: Department Report [1970]
EAP541/1/3/255: District Monthly Diary report [1972-74] EAP541/1/3/256: Monthly Reports [1972-73]
EAP541/1/3/257: Reports [1973-76] EAP541/1/3/258: Progress Report on Development in the Northern Region [1973-75]
EAP541/1/3/259: Monthly Reports: District Council [1974-75] EAP541/1/3/260: Nanumba District Council: Proceedings & Reports (General) [1975-80]
EAP541/1/3/261: Public Reaction Report: Home & Overseas [1975-78] EAP541/1/3/262: Quarterly Report Ministry of Agric [1980-83]
EAP541/1/3/263: Fuel Situation Report [1980-83] EAP541/1/3/264: Report [1982]
EAP541/1/3/265 pt1: Report on Operation of Department Boards & Corporations in the Nothern Region [1982] EAP541/1/3/265 pt2: Report on Operation of Department Boards & Corporations in the Nothern Region [1982]
EAP541/1/3/266: Memorandum on the Possibility of Introducing Indirect Native Adminstration in Ashanti [1931] EAP541/1/3/267: Census Report: Lawra-Tumu [1936-37]
EAP541/1/3/268: Report on Bole Affairs [1936-37] EAP541/1/3/269: R.A.Qs Report [1936-37]
EAP541/1/3/270: Quarterly Report [1945-50] EAP541/1/3/271: Report & Essay Upon Northern Territories [1946-58]
EAP541/1/3/272: Monthly Food Production Report [1948-56] EAP541/1/3/273: Report on the Local Government Elections [1952-58]
EAP541/1/3/274 pt1: "Report to the Government of Ghana on Prospects of the Forestry Industry, by Y.N.N Gallant [1962-73]" EAP541/1/3/274 pt2: "Report to the Government of Ghana on Prospects of the Forestry Industry, by Y.N.N Gallant [1962-73]"
EAP541/1/3/275: Progress Report: Water Supplies Department [1963] EAP541/1/3/276: Quarterly Report: Limited Ghana Farmers Council Co-operatives [1974]
EAP541/1/3/277: Report on an Open Forum [Date not known] EAP541/1/4/1: Traveling Diary & Notes [1916]
EAP541/1/4/2: Bole: Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1919] EAP541/1/4/3: Navrango-Zuarungu Informal Diary: (B4/1919) [1919]
EAP541/1/4/4: Salaga-Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1919-29] EAP541/1/4/5: Tumu-Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1919]
EAP541/1/4/6: Gambaga Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1919-20] EAP541/1/4/7: Tamale Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1920]
EAP541/1/4/8: Salaga-Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1920] EAP541/1/4/9: Tumu-Informal Diary: 34/1919 [1920]
EAP541/1/4/10: Zuarungu Informal Diary 13/1920 [1920] EAP541/1/4/11: Gambaga Informal Diary: 34/1920 [1920]
EAP541/1/4/12: Wa-Informal Diary [1920] EAP541/1/4/13: Bawka-Informal Diary: 13/1920 [1920]
EAP541/1/4/14: Bole: Informal Diary: 13/1920 [1920] EAP541/1/4/15: Lawra-Informal Diary: 13/1920 [1920]
EAP541/1/4/16: Yeji-Informal Diary: 13/1920 [1920] EAP541/1/4/17: Diary. November [1926]
EAP541/1/4/18: Informal Diary-Northern Region: 60/1961 [1926] EAP541/1/4/19 pt1: Informal Diaries: Southern Province [1927-30]
EAP541/1/4/19 pt2: Informal Diaries: Southern Province [1927-30] EAP541/1/4/20: Informal Diaries: Krachi (21/1927) [1927-31]
EAP541/1/4/21: Informal Diaries: (21/1927) [1927-32] EAP541/1/4/22: Informal Diaries: Northern Province: 50/1927 [1927]
EAP541/1/4/23: Informal Diaries: Western Dagomba (21/1927) [1927-32] EAP541/1/4/24: Informal Diaries: Eastern Gonja (21/1927) [1927-31]
EAP541/1/4/25 pt1: Diary [1927-31] EAP541/1/4/25 pt2: Diary [1927-31]
EAP541/1/4/26: Informal Diary: Zuarungu District [1927-28] EAP541/1/4/27: Chief Navrongo District Diary [1927-31]
EAP541/1/4/28: Diary: Northern Province [1927] EAP541/1/4/29: Informal Diary [1928]
EAP541/1/4/30 pt1: Diary [1928-28] EAP541/1/4/30 pt2: Diary [1928-28]
EAP541/1/4/31: Diaries: 8/1928 [1928-28] EAP541/1/4/32: Informal Diaries [1929]
EAP541/1/4/33: Chief Commissioner: Informal Diaries [1929] EAP541/1/4/34: Diary [1930]
EAP541/1/4/35: Diary [1930] EAP541/1/4/36: Diary [1930]
EAP541/1/4/37: Informal Diary: S.P. [1930] EAP541/1/4/38: Informal Diary for February [1930]
EAP541/1/4/39: Informal Diary: Commissioner Southern Province [1930] EAP541/1/4/40: Informal Diary [1930-32]
EAP541/1/4/41: Informal Diary of the Commissioner of the Southern Province [1930] EAP541/1/4/42: Informal Diary of the Commissioner of the Southern Province [1930]
EAP541/1/4/43: Commissioner of the Southern Province Informal Diaries [1930] EAP541/1/4/44: Informal Diary: Committee [1930]
EAP541/1/4/45: Informal Diary: Commissioner Southern Province [1930] EAP541/1/4/46: Extracts from D.C Diaries: Southern Province [1930-31]
EAP541/1/4/47: Diary for December [1930] EAP541/1/4/48: Diary in October [1930]
EAP541/1/4/49 pt1: Diary for November [1930] EAP541/1/4/49 pt2: Diary for November [1930]
EAP541/1/4/50: Extract from Navrongo Diary for May [1930] EAP541/1/4/51: Informal Diary [1930]
EAP541/1/4/52: Informal Diary [1930-31] EAP541/1/4/53: Chief Commissioner [1930]
EAP541/1/4/54: Confidential Report (Diaries) by the Chief Commissioners & Provincial [1930] EAP541/1/4/55: Informal Diaries: The Acting Commissioner of the Southern Province for March [1934]
EAP541/1/4/56: Informal Diaries [1931] EAP541/1/4/57: Informal Diaries [1931]
EAP541/1/4/58: Informal Diary: Northern Province [1931-32] EAP541/1/4/59 pt1: Informal Diary of the Commissioner of the Southern Province [1931]
EAP541/1/4/59 pt2: Informal Diary of the Commissioner of the Southern Province [1931] EAP541/1/4/60: Informal Diary: Lawra-Tumu Province [1932]
EAP541/1/4/61: Informal Diary: Yendi District [1932] EAP541/1/4/62: Informal Diary: Tamala District [1932]
EAP541/1/4/63: Informal Diary: Tamale District [1932-35] EAP541/1/4/64: Informal Diary of Commissioner of the Southern Province for the Month of February [1932]
EAP541/1/4/65: Informal Chief of Navrongo District [1931-43] EAP541/1/4/66: Informal Diary Bawku District [1932-34]
EAP541/1/4/67: Extracts from Informal Diaries of the Commissioner of the Southern Province [1932] EAP541/1/4/68: Informal Diary: Gamba District [1932-43]
EAP541/1/4/69: Informal Diary: Wa District (61/1932) [1933] EAP541/1/4/70: Informal Diary: Gamba [1934-35]
EAP541/1/4/71: Informal Diary: Salaga (9/19/35) [1935-38] EAP541/1/4/72: Informal Diary: Wa 8/1935 [1935-37]
EAP541/1/4/73: Informal Diary: Navrongo 13/1935 [1935-37] EAP541/1/4/74: Informal Diary: Lawra 10/1935 [1935-37]
EAP541/1/4/75: Informal Diary: Yendi 5/1935 [1935-38] EAP541/1/4/76: Informal Diary: Bawku 14/1935 [1935]
EAP541/1/4/77: Informal Diary: 14/1935 [1935-38] EAP541/1/4/78: Informal Diary 11/1935 [1935-37]
EAP541/1/4/79: Informal Diary of the District Commissioner: Dagomba for the Month of December 1939 [1938-40] EAP541/1/4/80: Informal Diary: Navrongo 11/1938 [1938-39]
EAP541/1/4/81: Informal Diary (Krachi) [1938-39] EAP541/1/4/82: Kusasi Informal Diary 1939 [1938-40]
EAP541/1/4/83: Informal Diary: Salaga 6/1938 [1938-40] EAP541/1/4/84: Informal Diary: Tamale 12/1938 [1938-40]
EAP541/1/4/85: Informal Diary: Zuarungu 13/1938 [1938-39] EAP541/1/4/86: Informal Diary [1938-39]
EAP541/1/4/87: Informal Diary: Gambaga [1938-39] EAP541/1/4/88: Informal Diary: Northern Province [1939]
EAP541/1/4/89: "Informal Diary of Navrongo for the Month of January, 1939 [1939]" EAP541/1/4/90: Informal Diary: Bole 24/940 [1939-48]
EAP541/1/4/91: Informal Diary Yendi : 16/1940 [1940-47] EAP541/1/4/92: Informal Diary: Salaga 16/1940 [1940-47]
EAP541/1/4/93: Informal Diary: Wa 18/1940 [1940-47] EAP541/1/4/94: Informal Diary: Gambaga [1940-47]
EAP541/1/4/95: Informal Diary: Navrongo 21/1940 [1940-47] EAP541/1/4/96: Informal Diary: Lawra 22/1940 [1940-45]
EAP541/1/4/97: Informal Diary: Tumu 17/1940 [1942-46] EAP541/1/4/98: Informal Diary: Zuarungu [1943-47]
EAP541/1/4/99: Informal Diary: Saboba District (File NO. 14/1940) [1947] EAP541/1/4/100: District Diaries and Newsletters (General) C/ARC/7 [1947]
EAP541/1/4/101: Trekking Notes by Asst. C.R.O (N.T. 026/S.F.2) [1947] EAP541/1/4/102: District Diaries: Gonja District (0346) [1947]
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EAP541/1/5/10: Minutes of the Political Conference Held at Tamale [1936] EAP541/1/5/11: Minutes of the Political Conference Held at Tamale [1936]
EAP541/1/5/12: Political Conference [1936] EAP541/1/5/13: Annual Conference of Officer: Northern Territories [1937]
EAP541/1/5/14: Minutes of the Annual Conference of Officers on the Northern Territories Held at Tamale [1937] EAP541/1/5/15: "Minutes of the 68th Meeting of the Northern Territories Held at Tamale on Saturday 18th October, 1941 [1941]"
EAP541/1/5/16: Minutes & Meetings [1940] EAP541/1/5/17: Minutes of Conference Lawra Conference [1940-43]
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EAP541/1/5/22: Minutes of a Conference of Officers in Northern Territories Held at Tamale [1945] EAP541/1/5/23: Minutes [1946]
EAP541/1/5/24: International West Africa Conference (Road Communication) [1946-47] EAP541/1/5/25: Gambaga Prison Visiting Commission [1946-47]
EAP541/1/5/26: Salaga Prison Visiting Committee [1946-48] EAP541/1/5/27: Scale of Emulement of Teachers in Non-Governmentl Institution Enquiry into a Commission [1947]
EAP541/1/5/28: Committee for Constitutional Reform [1948-50] EAP541/1/5/29: Land Planning: Mamprusi Non-Governmental L/P Committee Minutes [1948-49]
EAP541/1/5/30: Agriculture Advisory Committee [1948-50] EAP541/1/5/31: District Council Meetings [1948-50]
EAP541/1/5/32: Minutes of the 7th Session of the North-Western District Council at Wa on 9th to 19th Sept. 1949 [1949] EAP541/1/5/33: Tamale Agricultural & North Cultural Committee [1948-62]
EAP541/1/5/34: Standing Consultative Commission for Togoland [1948-50] EAP541/1/5/35: M.A. Salaries & Condition of Services Committee Appointed to Consider (DOES REPORT) [1949]
EAP541/1/5/36: North-Western Land Planning Committtee [1949-54] EAP541/1/5/37: Standing Consultatative Commission for Togoland [1949]
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EAP541/1/5/42: Mamprusi district: Central Committee Minutes [1952-57] EAP541/1/5/43: Ashanti Territorial Roads Advisory Committee FW/WDRF/22/S.F.9 [1952-53]
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EAP541/1/5/46: Savulugu Local Council Minutes [1952-58] EAP541/1/5/47: Tamale Urban Council Minutes [1952-53]
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EAP541/1/5/66: Prison Visiting Committee: Navrongo [Not Dated] EAP541/1/5/67: Independence Celebration Minutes of District Committee [Not Dated]
EAP541/1/5/68: Northern Territories Council Agenda and Minutes [Not Dated] EAP541/1/5/69: Minutes of the Standing Committee of the Northern Territories Council [Not Dated]
EAP541/1/5/70: Minutes of the 10th Meeting of the Mamprusi Council Held at Nalerigu [1957] EAP541/1/5/71: Agenda & Minutes of the N.T.s Council [1957-58]
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EAP541/1/5/74: Tamale Prison Visiting Committee [1957-59] EAP541/1/5/75: Minutes of Town & Country Planning Board [1957]
EAP541/1/5/76: Join Meeting:N.T.s Standing [1957] EAP541/1/5/77: Committee & Government Agents [1957]
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EAP541/1/5/84: "Minutes of the 15th Meeting of the Mamprusi State Council Held at Nalerigu on the 31st March, 1958 [1958]" EAP541/1/5/85: Finance & Staff Committee Minutes: South-Mamprusi [1958]
EAP541/1/5/86: Minutes of Meetings: South Mamprusi District Council [1958] EAP541/1/5/87: Committee of Organized Celebration of the Prime Ministrs Birth-Day (National Founders Day Celebration) []
EAP541/1/5/88: Northern Region Local Government Committee Minutes [1958-61] EAP541/1/5/89: Damongo Agricultural Committee Minutes [1958-64]
EAP541/1/5/90: Western Dagomba Local Council Finance & Staff Committtee Minutes [1958] EAP541/1/5/91: "Scholarship Cocoa Marketing Board Funds, Minutes of Meeting of selecting Boards of FIN/93 S.F. 3 [1958-61]"
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EAP541/1/5/102: Eastern Gonja Local Council: Finance and Staff Committee (BUS/70/S.F.6) [1961-62] EAP541/1/5/103: South Mamprusi West Area Committee (BUS/38) [1961]
EAP541/1/5/104: Management Committee Damango-Kusango Local Council (L/61/30) [1961] EAP541/1/5/105: Flood Disaster: Essebtial Service and Supplies Committee (1/52) [1961-70]
EAP541/1/5/106: Kpasenkpe Local Council Meetings and Minutes of Meeting (L/54/5) [1962-66] EAP541/1/5/107: National Local Council Finance and Staff Committees Minutes (L/54/14) [1962-65]
EAP541/1/5/108: Bimbilla Local Council Meeting and Minutes (L/54/14) [1962-66] EAP541/1/5/109: Bunkpurungu Local Council Meeting and Minutes of Meeting (L/54/13) [1962-64]
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EAP541/1/5/114: Yendi Local Council Minutes and Meeting (L/54/9) [1962-67] EAP541/1/5/115: Minutes of the Tamale Public Employment center Advisory Committee (G/97/29) [1962-64]
EAP541/1/5/116: Zabzugu Local Council Meeting & Minutes of Meeting (L/54/13) [1962-64] EAP541/1/5/117: Ministers Conference with Chairman of Local Authority (L/61/9) [1962-69]
EAP541/1/5/118: Savelugu Local Council Meetig & Minutes of Meeting (L/54/6) [1962-67] EAP541/1/5/119: Kusawugu Local Council Meeting and Minutes of Meeting (L/54/6)6:45 PM Kusawugu [1962-67]
EAP541/1/5/120: Local Council Meeting & Minutes (L/54/19): Tamale Area [1962] EAP541/1/5/121: Kpasenkpe Local Council Finance & Staff Committee Minutes (L55/5) [1962-66]
EAP541/1/5/122: Minutes of Meetings Finance & Staff Committee: Savelugu Local Council (SLC/Sf1) [1962] EAP541/1/5/123: Bole Local Council Meeting & Minutes of Meeting (L/55/7) [1962-65]
EAP541/1/5/124: Tolon Local Council Finance & Staff Community Minutes (L/55/7) [1962-66] EAP541/1/5/125: Chireponi Local Council Meeting & Minutes of Meeting (L54/11) [1962-66]
EAP541/1/5/126: Pkandai Local Council Meeting & Minutes of Meetings (L/54/16) [1962-66] EAP541/1/5/127: Bimbilla Local Council Finance & Staff Committee Minutes (L55/14) [1962-66]
EAP541/1/5/128: Town & Village Area Committee Gushegu Local Council (L/56/10) [1962-72] EAP541/1/5/129: Town & Village Area Committee Walewale Local Council (L/56/14) [1962-14)]
EAP541/1/5/130: Town & Village Area Committee Damongo Local Council (L56/17) [1962-68] EAP541/1/5/131: Town & Village Area Committee Bunkprugu Local Council (L/56/3) [1962]
EAP541/1/5/132: Town & Village Area Committee Bimbilla Local Council [1962-63] EAP541/1/5/133: Town & Village Area Committee Pkasenkpe Local Council (L56/5) [1962-63]
EAP541/1/5/134: Town & Village Area Committee: Nalerigu Local Council (L/56/2) [1962-68] EAP541/1/5/135: Town & Village Area Committee Pkandai Local Council (L/56/16) [1962-63]
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EAP541/1/5/142: Town & Village Area Committee: Saboba Local Council [1962-70] EAP541/1/5/143: House of Chiefs Agenda and Minutes of Meeting (L/74/3) [1962-63]
EAP541/1/5/144: Nalerigu Local Council Finance & Staff Committee Minutes (L/55/2) [1963-72] EAP541/1/5/145: Minutes of Meetings with manager of Firms and Corporations (G/97/68) [1963-68]
EAP541/1/5/146: Tolon Local Council Meetings & Minutes of Meetings [1963-66] EAP541/1/5/147: Walewale Local Council Finance & Staff Committee Minutes (L/55/4) [1963-66]
EAP541/1/5/148: Kpandai Local Council Finance Committtee Minutes (L/55/16) [1963-65] EAP541/1/5/149: Local Governemnt [1963-64]
EAP541/1/5/150: "Minutes of Conference Held, Masters Principal ETC (TAM/TI/43/S.F.) [1963-74]" EAP541/1/5/151: Town & Village Committee Social Welfare & Commiitee Devlopment Tolon (D.C.D/T.30) [1963-66]
EAP541/1/5/152: Education Committee Kusawgu Local Council (L/57/19) [1963] EAP541/1/5/153: Bunkpurungu Local Council Finance Committee Meeting Minutes (L/55/33) [1963-64]
EAP541/1/5/154: Monthly Meetings: regional Administration Committee & Head of Department (N/R/G/82/6) [1964-69] EAP541/1/5/155: National Assembly Meetings and Questions (G/83/) District [1964-70]
EAP541/1/5/156: Agricultural Development Committee (G/92/83) [1964] EAP541/1/5/157: Regional Agric Development Committee (G/92/85) [1964]
EAP541/1/5/158: Minutes: Working Committee of the Party Ghana Young Pioneers Movement [1960-41] EAP541/1/5/159: Civil Defence Movement [1964-70]
EAP541/1/5/160: Local Government Quarterly Conference (61/14) [1964] EAP541/1/5/161: Minutes of Meetings Central Advisory Committee (CAC/03) [1964-70]
EAP541/1/5/162: Meetings: Senior Staff Ministry of Local Government [1965-66] EAP541/1/5/163: Labour Advisory Committee (G/97/45) [1965-67]
EAP541/1/5/164: Regional Committee for Social education Progress Campaign Understandable Social Practices (99/4) [1965-66] EAP541/1/5/165: "Management Committee, Bole Local Council (L/61/22) [1966-74]"
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EAP541/1/5/170: Management Committee: Tamale Municipal Council (L/61/21) [1966-67] EAP541/1/5/171: Minutes of Management Committee: Savelugu-Nanton Local Council [1966-69]
EAP541/1/5/172: Management Committee: Nalerigu-Bunkprugu Local Council (L/61/28) [1966-67] EAP541/1/5/173: Administrative Committee of the National Liberation Council (G/89/15) [1966-67]
EAP541/1/5/174: District Committees of Administration (G/89/17) [1966-70] EAP541/1/5/175: Management Committee: Walewale-Kpasenkpe Local Council (L/61/29) [1966]
EAP541/1/5/176: Management Committee: Bimbilla Local Council (L/61/27) [1966-71] EAP541/1/5/177: Constitution of Council Management Committtee (SCLG/63/) [1967]
EAP541/1/5/178: Principal Secretaries & Heads of Department Meetings (SCT/18) [1967-74] EAP541/1/5/179: Regsec Meeting [1967-68]
EAP541/1/5/180: Yendi District Committee of Administration Meeting Minutes (SCT/9C) [1967-72] EAP541/1/5/181: Management Committtee: Tamale Municipal Council (L/61/20) [1967-71]
EAP541/1/5/182: Meeting of Principal Secretaries & Head of Departments (G/82/8) [1967-72] EAP541/1/5/183: Joint Meetings Between the P.M. (N.I.C.) and the Regional Chairman of Northern Regional Committee of Administration (SCT/21) [1967-69]
EAP541/1/5/184: Northern Regional Planning Committtee [1968] EAP541/1/5/185: Regsec Meeting (L.S./70) [1968-69]
EAP541/1/5/186: Constitution of Management Commiitttee (S.C.L.G/63) [1968-70] EAP541/1/5/187: Gonja Traditional Council Constitution and Proceedings (L/75/3) [1968-73]
EAP541/1/5/188: Minutes of Conference of Head masters of Assistee Secondary Schools (G/93/75) [1968-73] EAP541/1/5/189: Regional Health Planning Committtee (G/94/44) [1968-75]
EAP541/1/5/190: Tamale District Committee of Administration Meeting ETC (SCT/19A) [1968-70] EAP541/1/5/191: Regional Committee of Administration (SCT/22) [1968-69]
EAP541/1/5/192: Regional Planning Committee (C.44) [1969] EAP541/1/5/193: Management Committee: Nalerigu-Bunkprungu Local Council (L'61/25) [1969-70]
EAP541/1/5/194: Management Committee Yendi Local Council (L/61/25) [1969-73] EAP541/1/5/195: Regional Management Committee (N.R) (G/103/33) [1969-71]
EAP541/1/5/196: Local Councils Management Committee: General (L/61/35) [1969-73] EAP541/1/5/197: Damongo District Committee of Adminsitration Meeting & Minutes (SCT/19C) [1969-73]
EAP541/1/5/198: Regsec Meeting (LS/70) [1969-70] EAP541/1/5/199: Minutes of Regional Management Committees Meeting [1969]
EAP541/1/5/200: Minutes of Meeting of the Volta Reg. Management Committee HO (G/103/41) [1969-71] EAP541/1/5/201: Minutes of Meetings of the Ashanti Reg. Management Committee (G/103/42) [1969-72]
EAP541/1/5/202: Salaga District Committee of Administration Meeting: Minutes (SCT/190) [1969-72] EAP541/1/5/203: Establishment & Dissolution of Local Government Management Committee (L/61/34) [1969-70]
EAP541/1/5/204: Regional Advisory Committee: Local Governemnt (L/61/22A) [1969-70] EAP541/1/5/205: Management Committee: Savelugu-Nanton Local Council ( LI/61/24) [1969-74]
EAP541/1/5/206: District Management Committtee: Northern Region (G/103/34) [1969-71] EAP541/1/5/207: Minutes of Meetings of B/A Regional Management Committtee: Sunyani [1969-71]
EAP541/1/5/208: Minutes of Meeting of the Greater Accra Management Commission (G/103/37) [1969-71] EAP541/1/5/209: Copies: Regsec Meeting Minutes [1969]
EAP541/1/5/210: Northern Region Sub-Committee of the Lands Committee (RCE/46/70) [1970] EAP541/1/5/211: Minutes to the Regional Adminstration Officer (RCE/11/69) [1970-72]
EAP541/1/5/212: Regional Advisory Committee [1970-72] EAP541/1/5/213: Minutes to the Regional Administraive Officer (SCG/82) [1970]
EAP541/1/5/214: OGM Inter-Departmental Consultative Committee (SGC/82) [1970] EAP541/1/5/215: OGM Inter-Departmental Consultative Committee (SGC/82) [1970]
EAP541/1/5/216: Regsc Meeting (SI/70) [1970] EAP541/1/5/217: Minutes of Adhoc Meeting (R.C.E/44/70) [1970-73]
EAP541/1/5/218: Extract of Meeting Cabinet Meetings [1970] EAP541/1/5/219: Gambaga District Committee of Administrative Meeting Minutes (SCG/19B) [1970-73]
EAP541/1/5/220: Minutes of Meetings of the Central Reg. Management Committee (G/103/39) [1970-72] EAP541/1/5/221: Minutes of the Upper Regional Management Committee (G/103/43) [1970-72]
EAP541/1/5/222: Extracts: Cabinet Meetings (SCF/35) [1970] EAP541/1/5/223: Gonja: Lobi Committee of Inquiry (L/76/7) [1970-74]
EAP541/1/5/224: Management Committee: Walewale-Kpasenkpe Local Council (L/61/26) [1970-71] EAP541/1/5/225: District Advisory Tender Committee (SCG/79) [1970-71]
EAP541/1/5/226: Minutes of Meetings of the Western Reg. Management Committee (G/92/96A) [1971] EAP541/1/5/227: Regional Committee of Agricultural Development (N/R/G/92/96A) [1971]
EAP541/1/5/228: Minutes of Regsec Meeting (IS/70A) [1971-72] EAP541/1/5/229: Regsec Meeting N/R/IS/Vo.V.V) [1971]
EAP541/1/5/230: Minutes of R.P.C. Meeting (C48) [1971] EAP541/1/5/231: Minutes of Regional Chief Executive (RCE/63/71) [1971]
EAP541/1/5/232: Sawaba Abrumase Feeder Roads Committee Enquiry (SCG/58A) [1971-72] EAP541/1/5/233: Regsec Meetings Minutes ETC (IS/70A) [1971-74]
EAP541/1/5/234: Meetings of the Executive Council Minutes [1972-73] EAP541/1/5/235: Minutes of Regsec Meeting N/R (R.C/17/72) [1972]
EAP541/1/5/236: Executive Council Meeting (Regional Commission (SCG/103) [1972-77] EAP541/1/5/237: Management Committees of Local Council (SCLG/73) [1972-74]
EAP541/1/5/238: Management Committee: Bimbilla Local Council (L/61/72) [1972] EAP541/1/5/239: Lands Commission (Sub Committee) N.R (RC/4/72) [1972-75]
EAP541/1/5/240: Regional Advisory Food Committee [1973-75] EAP541/1/5/241: Regional Advisory Food Tender Committee (S.C.F/30) [1973-74]
EAP541/1/5/242: NRC Crater of the Revolution Minutes [1973-75] EAP541/1/5/243: N/R Agricultural Committee Minutes [1973]
EAP541/1/5/244: Ghana Highway Operation Keep Right Road Safety Committee (RC/71/13) [1974-75] EAP541/1/5/245: Meeting of regional Commissioner Held in Sekondi [1974]
EAP541/1/5/246: "Minutes of Commissioners and Regional Commissioner, Sekondi (RC/12/74/S.F2) [1974]" EAP541/1/5/247: Regsec Meeting: Minutes (IS/70A) [1974-75]
EAP541/1/5/248: Eastern Dagomba Council Constitution & Proceedings (L/74/1A) [1974-75] EAP541/1/5/249: Conference Meetings & Minutes (RC/31) [1974]
EAP541/1/5/250: Fourth Quarterly Conference of regional Commissioner at HO [1974] EAP541/1/5/251: District Council Meetings (L/54B) [1974-77]
EAP541/1/5/252: Regional Loans Committee (NR/L) [1974-80] EAP541/1/5/253: Minutes: R.C. Meetings [1974]
EAP541/1/5/254: Meetings of regional Commissioner Held atSekondi [1974] EAP541/1/5/255: Minutes of Metings of Reg. Commissioner Held at Sunyani [1974]
EAP541/1/5/256: Recsec Meetings: Minutes ETC (IS/70A) [1975-76] EAP541/1/5/257: Northern Reg. Commissioner & 5th Quarterly Conference of Regional Commissioner [1975]
EAP541/1/5/258: Bimbilla Town Development Committee (L/68/15) [1975] EAP541/1/5/259: Meeting of the National Redemption Council [1975]
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