Endangered Archives

EAP458: Constituting a digital archive of Tamil agrarian history during the colonial period

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EAP458/1/1/1: Request for the appointment of a poet EAP458/1/2/1: Request for the appointment of a Tamil poet
EAP458/1/3/1: Village donation EAP458/1/4/1: First rights
EAP458/1/5/1: First rights EAP458/1/6/1: First rights
EAP458/1/7/1: First rights EAP458/1/8/1: History of pazaiya kooTTai pattakaarar
EAP458/1/9/1: History of veetanalluur veLLaaLar EAP458/1/10/1: Land sale
EAP458/1/11/1: East India Company Land tax EAP458/1/12/1: East India Company Land tax
EAP458/1/13/1: East India Company Land tax [1828-1842] EAP458/1/14/1: East India Company Land tax
EAP458/1/15/1: East India Company Land tax EAP458/1/16/1: East India Company Land tax
EAP458/1/17/1: East India Company Land tax EAP458/1/18/1: East India Company Land tax
EAP458/1/19/1: Tree sale deed EAP458/1/20/1: Village name listing
EAP458/1/21/1: Carpenters work rights EAP458/2/1/1: Notification for a religious gathering [1824-]
EAP458/3/1/1: Water management [1820-1852] EAP458/3/1/2: Land details and payments
EAP458/3/2/1: Water management [1820-1866] EAP458/3/2/2: Land details and payments [1876]
EAP458/3/2/3: Land lease EAP458/3/2/4: Land sale
EAP458/3/2/5: Rice and miscellaneous accounts EAP458/3/3/1: Land details and payments
EAP458/3/3/2: Land lease [1838-] EAP458/3/3/3: Land sale
EAP458/3/3/4: Cash receipt EAP458/3/3/5: Water tank renovation accounts
EAP458/3/4/1: Adoption of child EAP458/3/4/2: Land sale
EAP458/3/4/3: Legal documents EAP458/3/4/4: Loan
EAP458/3/4/5: Servitude agreement EAP458/3/4/6: Vigilance agreement
EAP458/3/4/7: Village sale EAP458/3/5/1: Auction [1848]
EAP458/3/5/2: Village panchayat divorce judgement EAP458/3/5/3: Land sale [1821-]
EAP458/3/5/4: Land tax [1850-] EAP458/3/5/5: Loan [1818-]
EAP458/3/5/6: Receipt EAP458/3/5/7: Servitude (aTimai) agreement [1825-]
EAP458/3/6/1: Land details and payments [1863] EAP458/3/6/2: Land lease [1833-1837]
EAP458/3/6/3: Land sale EAP458/3/6/4: Paddy loan
EAP458/3/7/1: Land details and payments [1815] EAP458/3/8/1: Water tank management [1861]
EAP458/3/8/2: Land details and payments EAP458/3/8/3: Miscellaneous - Birth details
EAP458/3/8/4: Vigilance agreement [1814] EAP458/3/9/1: Zillah mortgage certificate [1809]
EAP458/4/1/1: Court details [1936-1939] EAP458/4/1/2: Court details [1936]
EAP458/4/1/3: Tamil grammar EAP458/4/1/4: Religious songs
EAP458/4/2/1: First Rights EAP458/4/2/2: Official stamp
EAP458/4/3/1: Account note EAP458/4/3/2: Temple and estate accounts and funeral gifts [1902-1929]
EAP458/4/3/3: Family accounts EAP458/4/3/4: Land details
EAP458/4/3/5: Murder case 1 [1935-1941] EAP458/4/3/6: Murder case 2 [1936]
EAP458/4/3/7: Murder case 3 [1941] EAP458/4/3/8: Temple accounts
EAP458/4/3/9: Temple ritual accounts EAP458/4/3/10: Temple accounts
EAP458/4/3/11: Temple ritual accounts EAP458/4/3/12: Temple ritual accounts
EAP458/4/3/13: Temple ritual accounts [1922-1923] EAP458/4/3/14: Temple attendance register
EAP458/4/3/15: Wedding accounts [1920-] EAP458/4/3/16: Zamindar History [1802]
EAP458/4/4/1: Accounts EAP458/4/4/2: Almshouse agreement
EAP458/4/4/3: Ceremonies (naming and marriage) [1830] EAP458/4/4/4: Civil Bond
EAP458/4/4/5: First rights EAP458/4/4/6: House donation
EAP458/4/4/7: Water management EAP458/4/4/8: Judgments
EAP458/4/4/9: kampaLaar (village heads) agreement EAP458/4/4/10: Land details
EAP458/4/4/11: Land donation EAP458/4/4/12: Land lease
EAP458/4/4/13: Land loan EAP458/4/4/14: Land sale
EAP458/4/4/15: Loan EAP458/4/4/16: Marriage agreement
EAP458/4/4/17: Property agreement EAP458/4/4/18: Receipts
EAP458/4/4/19: Renewal agreement EAP458/4/4/20: Servitude agreement
EAP458/4/4/21: Servitude agreement EAP458/4/4/22: Tax collection [1858-]
EAP458/4/4/23: Vigilance rights EAP458/4/4/24: Vigilance sale
EAP458/4/4/25: Village donation EAP458/4/4/26: Village expansion
EAP458/4/4/27: Village lease EAP458/4/4/28: Separation of village
EAP458/4/4/29: Work agreement EAP458/4/4/30: Zamin lease
EAP458/4/5/1: Temple accounts [1919-1935] EAP458/4/6/1: Agreement [1866-1950]
EAP458/4/7/1: Witness depositions [1803-1951] EAP458/4/8/1 Pt 1: Dispute petitions [1855-1949]
EAP458/4/8/1 Pt 2: Dispute petitions [1855-1949] EAP458/4/8/1 Pt 3: Dispute petitions [1855-1949]
EAP458/4/8/1 Pt 4: Dispute petitions [1855-1949] EAP458/4/9/1: Police enquiry [1921]
EAP458/4/10/1: Temple festival invitation [1923-1958] EAP458/4/11/1: Court judgements [1935-1942]
EAP458/4/12/1: Land Auction [1906-1941] EAP458/4/12/2: Land Details [1886-1946]
EAP458/4/12/3: Land Lease [1813-1942] EAP458/4/12/4: Land Sale [1884-1947]
EAP458/4/12/5 Pt 1: Land Tax [1900-1951] EAP458/4/12/5 Pt 2: Land Tax [1900-1951]
EAP458/4/12/6: Village mortgages [1889-1931] EAP458/4/13/1 Pt 1: Legal documents [1842-1958]
EAP458/4/13/1 Pt 2: Legal documents [1842-1958] EAP458/4/13/1 Pt 3: Legal documents [1842-1958]
EAP458/4/13/1 Pt 4: Legal documents [1842-1958] EAP458/4/13/1 Pt 5: Legal documents [1842-1958]
EAP458/4/14/1: Loans [1869-1934] EAP458/4/15/1: Miscellaneous Documents [1937-1949]
EAP458/4/16/1: Panchayat disputes [1913-] EAP458/4/17/1: Postal receipts [1937-1949]
EAP458/4/18/1 Pt 1: Receipts [1846-1955] EAP458/4/18/1 Pt 2: Receipts [1846-1955]
EAP458/4/19/1: Court summon [1913-1954] EAP458/4/20/1 Pt 1: Temple notices [1834-1957]
EAP458/4/20/1 Pt 2: Temple notices [1834-1957] EAP458/4/21/1: Witness [1915-1935]
EAP458/4/22/1: History of the Zamin [1802-1901] EAP458/4/23/1 Pt 1: Zamindar correspondences [1876-1951]
EAP458/4/23/1 Pt 2: Zamindar correspondences [1876-1951] EAP458/4/23/1 Pt 3: Zamindar correspondences [1876-1951]
EAP458/4/23/1 Pt 4: Zamindar correspondences [1876-1951] EAP458/5/1/1: Succession dispute [1925]
EAP458/6/1/1: Land Lease [1894-1948] EAP458/6/1/2: Land Loan [1906-1915]
EAP458/6/1/3: Land Sale [1923] EAP458/6/2/1: Account [1905]
EAP458/6/2/2: Land Lease [1887-1924] EAP458/6/2/3: Land Loan [1910]
EAP458/6/2/4: Loan [1896-1909] EAP458/7/1/1: Ritual tax collection [1899-1900]
EAP458/7/1/2: Ritual tax collection [1908-1909] EAP458/7/1/3: Ritual tax collection [1899-1900]
EAP458/7/1/4: Ritual tax collection [1890-1891] EAP458/7/1/5: Ritual tax collection
EAP458/7/1/6: Ritual tax collection [1897-1898] EAP458/7/1/7: Ritual tax collection
EAP458/7/1/8: Ritual tax collection [1897-1898] EAP458/7/1/9: Ritual tax collection [1888-1889]
EAP458/7/1/10: Ritual tax collection [1878-1879] EAP458/7/1/11: Ritual tax collection [1886-1887]
EAP458/7/1/12: Ritual tax collection [1889-1890] EAP458/7/1/13: Ritual tax collection [1893-1894]
EAP458/7/1/14: Ritual tax collection [1885-1886] EAP458/7/1/15: Ritual tax collection [1886-1899]
EAP458/7/1/16: Ritual tax collection [1868-1872] EAP458/7/1/17: Ritual tax collection
EAP458/7/2/1: Land lease EAP458/7/2/2: Loan
EAP458/7/2/3: Receipt EAP458/7/3/1: Devotional chants of god [1942]
EAP458/7/3/2: Devotional chants of god EAP458/7/4/1: Temple festival invitation [1942]
EAP458/7/5/1: Religious festival notice [1942] EAP458/7/6/1: Letters [1941]
EAP458/7/7/1: Miscellaneous [1937-1942] EAP458/7/8/1: Petitions of religious matters [1937]
EAP458/7/9/1: Religious narrative [1936] EAP458/7/10/1: Rice auction accounts [1944]
EAP458/7/11/1: Ritual tax collection [1935-1941] EAP458/8/1/1: Fishing and paddy conflict [1947-1949]
EAP458/8/2/1: Kallar youth Ciub [1939-1940] EAP458/8/3/1: Land Lease [1911-1923]
EAP458/8/3/2: Property partition [1906-1913] EAP458/8/3/3: Land Sale
EAP458/8/4/1: Official notices [1945-1947] EAP458/8/5/1: Paddy receipts [1945-1946]
EAP458/8/6/1: Panchayat documents [1939-1947] EAP458/8/7/1: Land petitions [1905-1942]
EAP458/9/1/1: First rights copper plate [1777] EAP458/9/2/1: Territorial structure and conflict resolution
EAP458/10/1/1: First Rights copper plate EAP458/11/1/1: Land Lease
EAP458/11/1/2: Land Loan [1859-] EAP458/11/1/3: Land Sale
EAP458/11/1/4: Village headman correspondence [1884-] EAP458/11/1/5: Zamindar accounts
EAP458/11/2/1: Court [1916] EAP458/11/2/2: Land survey [1892]
EAP458/11/2/3: Memoir [1890] EAP458/11/3/1: Account notebook
EAP458/11/3/2: Account notebook [1920-1941] EAP458/11/3/3: Account notebook [1919]
EAP458/11/3/4: Tax delay petition notebook [1890] EAP458/11/4/1: Accounts [1806-1941]
EAP458/11/5/1: Land and rent agreements [1893-1906] EAP458/11/6/1: Alimony [1914]
EAP458/11/7/1: Authority [1891-1919] EAP458/11/8/1: Enquiry land and village dispute [1881-1894]
EAP458/11/9/1: Family ceremony invitations [1912-1943] EAP458/11/10/1: Depositions for land and village disputes [1868-1915]
EAP458/11/11/1: Land Details [1877-1905] EAP458/11/11/2: Land Donation [1897-1902]
EAP458/11/11/3: Land Lease [1838-1947] EAP458/11/11/4: Land Loan [1898-1909]
EAP458/11/11/5: Land Partition [1915] EAP458/11/11/6: Land Sale [1869-1912]
EAP458/11/11/7: Land Tax [1883-1927] EAP458/11/12/1: Land management notices [1846-1916]
EAP458/11/13/1: Land and village disputes [1893-1902] EAP458/11/14/1: Loan [1875-1947]
EAP458/11/15/1: Miscellaneous [1886-1963] EAP458/11/16/1: Panchayat [1903-]
EAP458/11/17/1: Postal covers [1898-1916] EAP458/11/18/1: Receipts [1806-1941]
EAP458/11/19/1: Land and village disputes court summons [1893-1902] EAP458/11/20/1: Land and village disputes [1879-1916]
EAP458/11/21/1: Land and village disputes witness statements [1881-1915] EAP458/11/22/1 Pt 1: Land and village management petitions [1873-1941]
EAP458/11/22/1 Pt 2: Land and village management petitions [1873-1941] EAP458/11/22/1 Pt 3: Land and village management petitions [1873-1941]
EAP458/12/1/1: Land Lease [1938] EAP458/12/1/2: Land Loan [1937]
EAP458/12/1/3: Land Sale [1940] EAP458/12/2/1: Land Tax Receipt [1932-1943]
EAP458/13/1/1: Accounts [1897-1909] EAP458/13/2/1: Land dispute petition [1904-1915]
EAP458/13/3/1: Land Lease [1896-1920] EAP458/13/3/2: Land Loan [1920?]
EAP458/13/3/3: Partition of Land [1888] EAP458/13/4/1: Loan [1898]
EAP458/13/5/1: Receipts [1900-1903] EAP458/14/1/1: History of Mullai Periyar Dam project [1899]
EAP458/15/1/1: Ledger Notebook [1945] EAP458/15/2/1: Accounts
EAP458/15/2/2: Land lease EAP458/15/2/3: Loan
EAP458/15/2/4: Miscellaneous [1894-] EAP458/15/2/5: Property Partition
EAP458/15/3/1: Accounts [1910-1945] EAP458/15/4/1: Applications and letters [1904-1930]
EAP458/15/5/1: Horoscope [1920-1945] EAP458/15/6/1: Land disputes [1892-1939]
EAP458/15/7/1: Land details [1889-1942] EAP458/15/7/2: Land lease [1910]
EAP458/15/7/3: Land loan [1877-1920] EAP458/15/7/4: Land sale [1824-1941]
EAP458/15/7/5: Land tax [1903-1940] EAP458/15/8/1: Loan documents [1911-1948]
EAP458/15/9/1: Marriage invitation [1946] EAP458/15/9/2: Table of carriages and animals
EAP458/15/9/3: Village development society [1943] EAP458/15/10/1: Partition [1940-1942]
EAP458/15/11/1: Petition [1902-1932] EAP458/15/12/1: Receipts [1913-1947]
EAP458/16/1/1: Land Lease [1872-1923] EAP458/16/1/2: Partition of Land [1942]
EAP458/16/1/3: Land Sale [1871-1934] EAP458/16/2/1: Loans [1881-1892]
EAP458/17/1/1: Biography [1923-1946] EAP458/17/1/2: Book
EAP458/17/1/3: History [1965] EAP458/17/1/4: Monthly Journal [1927]
EAP458/17/1/5: Monthly Journal [1931] EAP458/17/1/6: Memorandum of Association [1965]
EAP458/17/1/7: Annual Report [1911-1912] EAP458/17/1/8: Report [1910]
EAP458/17/1/9: Reprint EAP458/17/2/1: Personal Diary [1889-1889]
EAP458/17/2/2: Personal Diary [1890] EAP458/17/2/3: Personal Diary [1892]
EAP458/17/2/4: Personal Diary [1893] EAP458/17/2/5: Personal Diary [1894]
EAP458/17/2/6: Personal Diary [1899] EAP458/17/2/7: Personal Diary [1900]
EAP458/17/2/8: Personal Diary [1901] EAP458/17/2/9: Personal Diary [1902]
EAP458/17/2/10: Personal Diary [1903] EAP458/17/2/11: Personal Diary [1905]
EAP458/17/2/12: Personal Diary [1906] EAP458/17/2/13: Personal Diary [1907]
EAP458/17/2/14: Personal Diary [1908] EAP458/17/2/15: Personal Diary [1910]
EAP458/17/2/16: Personal Diary [1911] EAP458/17/2/17: Personal Diary [1913]
EAP458/17/2/18: Personal Diary [1914] EAP458/17/2/19: Personal Diary [1917]
EAP458/17/2/20: Personal Diary [1918] EAP458/17/2/21: Personal Diary [1920]
EAP458/17/2/22: Personal Diary [1924] EAP458/17/2/23: Personal Diary [1926]
EAP458/17/2/24: Personal Diary [1929] EAP458/17/2/25: Personal Diary [1954]
EAP458/17/2/26: Personal Diary [1954-1955] EAP458/17/3/1: Account note [1947-1948]
EAP458/17/3/2: Account note [1955-1957] EAP458/17/3/3: Address note [1950]
EAP458/17/3/4: Agreement [1970] EAP458/17/3/5: Land tax receipt notebook [1950]
EAP458/17/3/6: Licence book [1955-1957] EAP458/17/3/7: Licence book [1953-1954]
EAP458/17/3/8: Licence book [1951-1954] EAP458/17/3/9: Receipt notebok [1959]
EAP458/17/3/10: School report [1942] EAP458/18/1/1: Mutt history [1944]
EAP458/18/2/1: Ritual tax account [1943] EAP458/18/3/1: Salary accounts [1943]
EAP458/18/4/1: Letters [1942-1947] EAP458/18/5/1: Loan [1948]
EAP458/19/1/1: Mutt history [1937] EAP458/19/2/1: Ritual tax collection notebook [1960-1966]
EAP458/19/2/2: Ritual tax collection notebook [1964-1967] EAP458/19/2/3: Ritual tax collection notebook [1970-1979]
EAP458/19/2/4: Ritual tax collection notebook [1966-1967] EAP458/19/2/5: Ritual tax collection notebook [1968-1983]
EAP458/19/2/6: Ritual tax collection notebook [1969] EAP458/19/2/7: Loan accounts notebook [1923]
EAP458/19/2/8: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/19/2/9: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/19/2/10: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/19/2/11: Ritual tax collection notebook [1960]
EAP458/19/2/12: Ritual tax collection notebook [1960] EAP458/19/2/13: Ritual tax collection notebook [1965]
EAP458/20/1/1: Account notebook EAP458/20/1/2: Account notebook
EAP458/20/1/3: Account notebook EAP458/20/1/4: Account notebook
EAP458/20/1/5: Account notebook EAP458/20/1/6: Account notebook [1933]
EAP458/20/1/7: Account notebook EAP458/20/1/8: Account notebook
EAP458/20/1/9: Account notebook EAP458/20/1/10: Account notebook
EAP458/20/1/11: Account notebook [1934-1937] EAP458/20/1/12: Account notebook
EAP458/20/1/13: Account Note Book [1943-1951] EAP458/20/1/14: Account notebook [1957-]
EAP458/20/1/15: Agricultural account notebook [1933] EAP458/20/1/16: Agricultural account notebook
EAP458/20/1/17: Agricultural account notebook EAP458/20/1/18: Agricultural account notebook
EAP458/20/1/19: Bull racing account notebook EAP458/20/1/20: Cash transactions notebook
EAP458/20/1/21: Cash transactions notebook EAP458/20/1/22: Correspondence notebook [1875]
EAP458/20/1/23: Cultivation account notebook EAP458/20/1/24: Funeral account notebook
EAP458/20/1/25: Land account notebook EAP458/20/1/26: Land purchase notebook [1893-1934]
EAP458/20/1/27: Land sale deeds notebook [1893] EAP458/20/1/28: Land tax receipt notebook [1951-1957]
EAP458/20/1/29: Land tax receipt notebook [1905] EAP458/20/1/30: Land tax receipt notebook [1916]
EAP458/20/1/31: Land tax receipt notebook [1921] EAP458/20/1/32: Land tax receipt notebook [1916-1931]
EAP458/20/1/33: Land tax receipt notebook [1932] EAP458/20/1/34: Land tax receipt notebook [1944-1965]
EAP458/20/1/35: Land tax notebook [1947] EAP458/20/1/36: Land tax notebook [1949-1952]
EAP458/20/1/37: Land tax account notebook [1949-1950] EAP458/20/1/38: Land tax account notebook [1947-1949]
EAP458/20/1/39: Land tax account notebook [1951-1952] EAP458/20/1/40: Land tax account notebook [1950-1951]
EAP458/20/1/41: Land tax account notebook [1939] EAP458/20/1/42: Land tax account notebook [1950]
EAP458/20/1/43: Land tax account notebook [1948] EAP458/20/1/44: Land tax notebook [1951-1958]
EAP458/20/1/45: Loan account notebook EAP458/20/1/46: Laon account notebook [1936]
EAP458/20/1/47: Loan account details EAP458/20/1/48: Palmistry notebook [1902]
EAP458/20/1/49: Police beat notebook [1937-1938] EAP458/20/1/50: Reception account notebook
EAP458/20/1/51: Revenue collection notebook [1941] EAP458/20/1/52: Revenue collection notebook [1911]
EAP458/20/1/53: Revenue collection notebook EAP458/20/1/54: Cultivation revenue collection notebook
EAP458/20/1/55: Cultivation revenue collection notebook EAP458/20/1/56: Cultivation revenue collection notebook
EAP458/20/1/57: Cultivation revenue collection notebook EAP458/20/1/58: Cultivation revenue collection notebook
EAP458/20/1/59: Cultivation revenue collection notebook EAP458/20/1/60: Cultivation revenue collection notebook
EAP458/20/1/61: School notebook [1948] EAP458/20/1/62: Temple expenses notebook
EAP458/20/1/63: Temple tax accounts EAP458/20/1/64: Tobacco revenue notebook [1939]
EAP458/20/1/65: Child vaccination register notebook [1905] EAP458/20/1/66: Village tax accounts [1929]
EAP458/20/1/67: Village tax account notebook [1940] EAP458/20/1/68: Village work account notebook [1936]
EAP458/20/1/69: Water account notebook EAP458/20/1/70: Water account notebook
EAP458/20/1/71: Water account notebook [1933] EAP458/20/1/72: Water account notebook [1928-1935]
EAP458/20/1/73: Water account notebook EAP458/20/1/74: Water account notebook
EAP458/20/1/75: Water tax notebook EAP458/20/1/76: Wedding account notebook
EAP458/20/1/77: Wedding gift account notebook EAP458/20/1/78: Well account notebook
EAP458/20/2/1: Land lease EAP458/20/2/2: Land tax receipt [1886-1906]
EAP458/20/2/3: Land tax receipt [1883-1903] EAP458/20/3/1: Accounts documents [1905-1957]
EAP458/20/4/1: Agreements [1871-1950] EAP458/20/5/1: Land dispute and murder case [1919-1937]
EAP458/20/6/1: Donation of a statue [1924] EAP458/20/7/1: Health and Census Notice [1939-1941]
EAP458/20/8/1: Irrigation dispute judgement [1913-1938] EAP458/20/9/1: Land Details [1818-1952]
EAP458/20/9/2: Land Donation [1940] EAP458/20/9/3 Pt 1: Land Lease [1806-1963]
EAP458/20/9/3 Pt 2: Land Lease [1806-1963] EAP458/20/9/4: Land Loan [1874-1955]
EAP458/20/9/5: Land Partition [1921-1932] EAP458/20/9/6 Pt 1: Land Sale [1866-1954]
EAP458/20/9/6 Pt 2: Land Sale [1866-1954] EAP458/20/9/7 Pt 1: Land Tax [1891-1951]
EAP458/20/9/7 Pt 2: Land Tax [1891-1951] EAP458/20/10/1: Cash loan deeds [1864-1954]
EAP458/20/11/1: Miscellaneous Documents [1913-1932] EAP458/20/12/1 Pt 1: Notice/Order Land and village management documents [1875-1962]
EAP458/20/12/1 Pt 2: Notice/Order Land and village management documents [1875-1962] EAP458/20/13/1 Pt 1: Petition [1820-1951]
EAP458/20/13/1 Pt 2: Petition [1820-1951] EAP458/20/14/1: Postal Documents [1921-1937]
EAP458/20/15/1: Receipts [1888-1960] EAP458/20/16/1: Court and other summons [1916-1957]
EAP458/20/17/1: Village Panchayat [1863-1939] EAP458/20/18/1 Pt 1: Water management dispute [1901-1964]
EAP458/20/18/1 Pt 2: Water management dispute [1901-1964] EAP458/20/18/1 Pt 3: Water management dispute [1901-1964]
EAP458/20/19/1: Will [1928-1935] EAP458/20/20/1: Alimony [1918-1930]
EAP458/21/1/1: Accounts and local medecine notebook [1905-1909] EAP458/21/2/1: Accounts [1868-]
EAP458/21/2/2: Land details [1875-] EAP458/21/2/3: Land lease
EAP458/21/2/4: Land sale EAP458/21/2/5: Land tax [1866]
EAP458/21/2/6: Letter [1891] EAP458/21/2/7: Loan
EAP458/21/2/8: Miscellaneous documents EAP458/21/2/9: Village panchayat disputes
EAP458/21/2/10: Receipts [1861-1874] EAP458/21/3/1: Charge sheet [1889]
EAP458/21/4/1: Complaint [1941-1955] EAP458/21/5/1: Inheritance [1940]
EAP458/21/6/1: Judgement [1906] EAP458/21/7/1: Land dispute petitions [1869-1971]
EAP458/21/8/1: Land Lease [1870-1958] EAP458/21/8/2: Land Loan [1879-1925]
EAP458/21/8/3: Land Sale [1881-1946] EAP458/21/8/4: Land Tax [1891-1946]
EAP458/21/9/1: Legal orders land management [1908-1945] EAP458/21/10/1: Panchayat correspondence [1922-1949]
EAP458/21/11/1: Cash loan [1877-1951] EAP458/21/12/1: Miscellaneous Documents [1905-1931]
EAP458/21/13/1: Panchayat disputes [1886-1952] EAP458/21/14/1: Physical Confilict [1955]
EAP458/21/15/1: Receipts [1937-1946] EAP458/21/16/1: Court summon [1901]
EAP458/21/17/1: Will [1935] EAP458/22/1/1: Alimony [1932]
EAP458/22/2/1: Land lease [1940-1946] EAP458/22/2/2: Land loan [1944]
EAP458/22/2/3: Land sale [1934-1948] EAP458/22/3/1: Loan receipt [1947]
EAP458/23/1/1: Distal partition agreement [1967] EAP458/23/2/1: Land sale [1912]
EAP458/23/3/1: Letter [1954] EAP458/23/4/1: Receipt [1957-1960]
EAP458/23/5/1: Ritual Tax collection [1940] EAP458/23/6/1: Ritual tax collection notebook [1933]
EAP458/23/6/2: Ritual tax collection notebook [1944] EAP458/23/6/3: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/4: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/5: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/6: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/7: Ritual tax collection notebook [1945]
EAP458/23/6/8: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/9: Ritual tax collection notebook [1953]
EAP458/23/6/10: Ritual tax collection notebook [1940] EAP458/23/6/11: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/12: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/13: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/14: Ritual tax collection notebook [1935] EAP458/23/6/15: Ritual tax collection notebook [1954]
EAP458/23/6/16: Ritual tax collection notebook [1946] EAP458/23/6/17: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/18: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/19: Ritual tax collection notebook [1942]
EAP458/23/6/20: Ritual tax collection notebook [1948] EAP458/23/6/21: Ritual tax collection notebook [1941]
EAP458/23/6/22: Ritual tax collection notebook [1948] EAP458/23/6/23: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/24: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/25: Ritual tax collection notebook [1951]
EAP458/23/6/26: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/27: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/28: Ritual tax collection notebook [1945] EAP458/23/6/29: Ritual tax collection notebook [1954]
EAP458/23/6/30: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/31: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/6/32: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/33: Ritual tax collection notebook [1957]
EAP458/23/6/34: Ritual tax collection notebook EAP458/23/6/35: Ritual tax collection notebook
EAP458/23/7/1: village panchayat EAP458/24/1/1: History document (of kalpuura ceTTikaL)
EAP458/24/2/1: Atonement for disputes [1950-1959] EAP458/24/3/1: Miscelleneous document
EAP458/24/4/1: Notice [1951] EAP458/24/5/1: Ritual Tax collection
EAP458/25/1/1: Letters EAP458/25/2/1: Ritual tax collection and other accounts [1951-1954]
EAP458/25/3/1: Ritual Tax collection notebook EAP458/26/1/1: Ritual Tax copper plate
EAP458/26/2/1: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1930-1935] EAP458/26/2/2: Ritual Tax collection notebook
EAP458/26/2/3: Ritual Tax collection notebook EAP458/26/2/4: Ritual Tax collection notebook
EAP458/26/2/5: Ritual Tax collection notebook EAP458/26/2/6: Ritual Tax collection notebook
EAP458/26/2/7: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1944-1945] EAP458/26/2/8: Ritual Tax collection notebook
EAP458/26/2/9: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1984] EAP458/26/2/10: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1984-1985]
EAP458/26/2/11: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1984-1985] EAP458/26/2/12: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1985]
EAP458/26/2/13: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1984] EAP458/26/2/14: Ritual Tax collection notebook [1985]
EAP458/26/3/1: Accounts [1934-1944] EAP458/26/4/1: Land lease [1918]
EAP458/26/5/1: Ritual camp correspondences [1916-1945] EAP458/26/6/1: Loan
EAP458/26/7/1: Panchayat EAP458/26/8/1: Ritual tax collection
EAP458/26/9/1: List of villages for ritual tax collection [1937] EAP458/27/1/1: Kula guru succession notice [1929]
EAP458/28/1/1: Dictionary EAP458/28/1/2: Prayer and yantra notebook [1946]
EAP458/28/1/3: Ritual Tax collection EAP458/28/1/4: Ritual Tax collection
EAP458/28/1/5: Ritual Tax collection EAP458/28/1/6: Ritual Tax collection
EAP458/28/1/7: Ritual Tax collection EAP458/28/2/1: Ritual Tax collection palm-leaf manuscripts
EAP458/28/3/1: Expenses accounts EAP458/28/4/1: Temple agreement [1898-1959]
EAP458/28/5/1: Property auction [1916] EAP458/28/6/1: Land disputes court documents [1916-1933]
EAP458/28/7/1: Land Details [1862-1959] EAP458/28/7/2: Land Lease [1894-1953]
EAP458/28/7/3: Land Loan [1894-1913] EAP458/28/7/4: Land Partition [1890]
EAP458/28/7/5: Land Sale [1905-1959] EAP458/28/7/6: Land Tax [1872-1959]
EAP458/28/8/1: Temple correspondence [1898-1966] EAP458/28/9/1: Loan deeds [1886-1952]
EAP458/28/10/1: Miscellaneous documents [1898-1927] EAP458/28/11/1: Notice [1889-1963]
EAP458/28/12/1: Court petitions [1864-1944] EAP458/28/13/1: Receipt [1899-1961]
EAP458/28/14/1: Ritual tax collection [1935] EAP458/28/15/1: Court summon [1944-1960]