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EAP454: Locating and surveying early religious and related records in Mizoram, India

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EAP454/1/1: Money lending and usury records [16 May 1927-25 Mar 1945] EAP454/2/1: Paper records of Pi Lalengliani [undated]
EAP454/2/2: "India Post Office Savings Bank Pass Book of Lalsikula, son of R. D. Leta [22 Jul 1917]" EAP454/2/3: R. D. Leta Poetry Bu & Chanchin. R.D. Leta's Poetry Book [1906-1909]
EAP454/2/4: R. D. Leta Diary 1906 [1906] EAP454/2/5: Mizo leh Vai Chanchin Bu [c 1925]
EAP454/2/6: "R. D. Leta Grammar and Composition. 1917 vel a mi, sap Mizotawng a zirtirna anih a rinawm [1917]" EAP454/2/7: RD Leta Lungphun Tanpuina List. List of donors to R. D. Leta's tomb [undated]
EAP454/2/8: L.S. Kulla Diary [1933] EAP454/2/9 Pt 1: Lalengliani - Photographs [1917-1956]
EAP454/2/9 Pt 2: Lalengliani - Photographs [1917-1956] EAP454/2/9 Pt 3: Lalengliani - Photographs [1917-1956]
EAP454/2/9 Pt 4: Lalengliani - Photographs [1917-1956] EAP454/2/9 Pt 5: Lalengliani - Photographs [1917-1956]
EAP454/3/1: Thalak Tinreng Photo Album [1942-1977] EAP454/3/2: Paper records of Dr. Zokhuma [1914-1945]
EAP454/3/3 Pt 1: Zokhuma - Photographs [c 1914-c 1953] EAP454/3/3 Pt 2: Zokhuma - Photographs [c 1914-c 1953]
EAP454/4/1: Pathian Robawm. God's Treasure Chest [undated] EAP454/5/1: Chhingchhip [1918]
EAP454/6/1: C. L . Hminga - Photographs [c 1922-c 1942] EAP454/6/2: Paper records of Reverend C. L. Hminga [1916-1942]
EAP454/6/3: Among the Lushais [1914] EAP454/6/4: Set on a Hill: the Record of Fifty Years in the Lushai Country [1944]
EAP454/6/5: Lorrain of the Lushais [1944] EAP454/6/6: Light on the Lushai Hills: the Story of a Dream that Came True [c 1928]
EAP454/7/1: "Doctors' in-patient case register, book 1 [1924-1936]" EAP454/7/2: "Doctors' in-patient case register, book 2 [1936-1950]"
EAP454/8/1: Useful Sentences: English – Lushai. Revised and Reprinted from “Grammar and Dictionary of the Lushai Language.” [1949] EAP454/8/2: "Hri Laka Inhumhim Dan i hria em; Hri a leng thin – natna chanchin leh inven dan leh enkawl dan. ""How to Protect Yourself from Infectious Diseases"" [undated]"
EAP454/8/3: Chaw Tha I Hria Em?. Do you Know About Nutritious Food? [1941] EAP454/8/4: C. S. Zawna – English in The New Indiskul Excercise Book. Manufactured by the ISSD Calcutta [1936]
EAP454/8/5: Instrumental Music in Lushai Life [late 1930s-1950s] EAP454/8/6: "First Aid I. Rrecorded in The New Indiskul Excercise Book, Saizawna, Student Teacher, First Aid, 3.2.1936 [1936]"
EAP454/8/7: First Aid II [1936] EAP454/8/8: Criticisms [1937]
EAP454/8/9: "Rai Laia Awm Dan Turte. ""How to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy"" [1940]" EAP454/8/10: F.Aizawna - Lushai Medicine [1946]
EAP454/8/11: Savidge Cup [1929-1940] EAP454/8/12: Chalhmingliana – Lushai Composition Book II. Contains C.S. Zawna's notes on vocal music in Lushai life [1937]
EAP454/8/13: "Naupang te thu inchhang. ""Questions and Answers for Kids"" [undated]" EAP454/8/14: Kohhran Thurin- Buatsaihtu Pastor Chuautera. Principles of the Church [1948]
EAP454/8/15: "Oxford Grammars for Junior Classes of Schools in India, Burma and Ceyon, Book 1. [1949]" EAP454/8/16: "Robawm. Treasure Chest, newspaper of South Lushai Hills [Jan 1946-Nov 1946]"
EAP454/8/17: "Mizo Hla Bu, Bu Ina, The Lushai National Songs; Part 1. [1941]" EAP454/8/18: Chanchin Tha Luka Ziak. The Gospel of Luke [1935]
EAP454/8/19: "Scout Thlirna. Boy Scout Newsletters, South Lushai Hills [1945-1952]" EAP454/8/20: "The Boy Scouts Association in India (Assam Branch): Policy, Organisation and Rules. [1939]"
EAP454/8/21: Selected Lushai Poems and Phrases. [1951] EAP454/8/22: Child Psychology: a study of the motives and behaviour of young children up to 7. Teachers' conference [1939]
EAP454/8/23: Note Book [5 Aug 1942] EAP454/8/24: Zawlnei Amosa Lekhabu [1938]
EAP454/8/25: Record of the Rainfall of Serkawn Station from 1912 to 1946 [12 Jul 1940] EAP454/8/26: Paper records of C. S. Zawna [1938-1953]
EAP454/9/1: Assam District Gazetteers: Supplement to Volume III [1914] EAP454/9/2: "Assam District Gazetteers: Supplement to Volume X, The Khasi and Jaintia Hills, the Garo Hills and the Lushai Hills. [1915]"
EAP454/9/3: Assam Police Manual: Prepared by the Inspector General of Police under the orders of the Government of Assam. Part VI: Railway and River police. [1931] EAP454/9/4: Eastern Bengal District Gazetteers: Chittagong. [1908]
EAP454/10/1 Pt 1: "Sakawlh-Lal Manna Vanthar Bu . ""How to Destroy the Beast"" - Book 1 to Book 27 [c 1913]" EAP454/10/1 Pt 2: "Sakawlh-Lal Manna Vanthar Bu . ""How to Destroy the Beast"" - Book 1 to Book 27 [c 1913]"
EAP454/10/1 Pt 3: "Sakawlh-Lal Manna Vanthar Bu . ""How to Destroy the Beast"" - Book 1 to Book 27 [c 1913]" EAP454/10/1 Pt 4: "Sakawlh-Lal Manna Vanthar Bu . ""How to Destroy the Beast"" - Book 1 to Book 27 [c 1913]"
EAP454/10/1 Pt 5: "Sakawlh-Lal Manna Vanthar Bu . ""How to Destroy the Beast"" - Book 1 to Book 27 [c 1913]" EAP454/11/1: L. Sawithanga - Photographs [1928-1980]
EAP454/12/1 Pt 1: M Suaka - Photographs [1907-1950] EAP454/12/1 Pt 2: M Suaka - Photographs [1907-1950]
EAP454/12/2: "Paper records of Pu M. Suaka, Durtlang Chief [1917-1930]" EAP454/13/1: My Sermons [May 1921]
EAP454/13/2: Kristian nun dan thur. Christian Character [1932] EAP454/13/3: "Grammatical Primer: Hrilfiahna, tawng dan zirna. A primer of English grammar in Lushai, explanatory of the Grammatical Primer of the of the Christian Literature Society. [1949]"
EAP454/13/4: "Geography of India: India Ram Thu, Pasena Ziak [1941]" EAP454/13/5: Diary of Rev. Liangkhaia [1942]
EAP454/13/6: Liangkhaia Diary [1940] EAP454/13/7: Notes on Lushai Grammar: the Lushai Verb. [1918]
EAP454/13/8: "Maubuang Lal Khawvelthanga Diary. The Diary of Khawvelthanga, Chief of Maubuang [1911-1912]" EAP454/13/9: Mizo Kristian Hla Thar Bu [1936]
EAP454/13/10: Isaia: Zawlnei Isaia Lekhabu [1932] EAP454/13/11: "Mizo Chanchin – Bu 1. Mizo History, Book 1 [1938]"
EAP454/13/12: "Mizo Chanchin, Bu II – A History of Lushai Hills, Part II [1947]" EAP454/13/13: Sakaw Khaikhinna: Isua Krista leh Khawvel Suaka. Jesus Christ and the World's Religions [1941]
EAP454/13/14: Mizo Chanchin – Revise na. Notebook [undated] EAP454/13/15: Chanchin Tha Marka Ziak. The Gospel of Mark [1905]
EAP454/13/16: Pastor Liangkhaia Chanchin. Autobiography of Pastor Liangkhaia [undated] EAP454/13/17: Zorama mi leh thil hmingthang deuh te. Some Famous People of Mizoram [undated]
EAP454/13/18: Ziakloh Bu - Liangkhaia Chanchin Ama Ziak. A Notebook written by Liangkhaia [undated] EAP454/13/19: Baible Ram Thu: Tirhkoh zir biakliana hriat rengna tura chhuah (by Pu Pasena) & Palestina rama mite awm dan (by Pi Samueli). The Story of the Land of the Bible (by Pasena) and People's Culture in Palestine (by Pi Samueli) [1943]
EAP454/13/20 Pt 1: Hawilopari. Mizo novel hmasa ber. First Mizo novel [1939] EAP454/13/20 Pt 2: Hawilopari. Mizo novel hmasa ber. First Mizo novel [1939]
EAP454/13/21: Paper records of Rev. Liangkhaia [1911-1966] EAP454/13/22: Prof. Laltluangliana - Photographs [Dec 1872-1927]
EAP454/14/1: The Wonderful Story of the Lakher Pioneer Mission: Further India. Evangelical and Inter-denominational. Founded 1905. [1913] EAP454/14/2: Private register book of R. A. Lorrain [1908-1950]
EAP454/14/3: The Family Tree of the Lorrain's [Sept 18 1930] EAP454/14/4: Missionary Second Year Examination [1931]
EAP454/14/5: Abeipa za pati ni: akaona eima tahpa [1938] EAP454/14/6: The Chart of the Past. Diary of R. A. Lorrain [after 1922]
EAP454/14/7: Paper records of Rev. R. A. Lorrain [1924-1940] EAP454/15/1: "Serkawn Middle School Results, with effect from 1904. [1904-1952]"
EAP454/15/2: "Results of Primary Examinations, South Lushai Hills [1946]" EAP454/16/1: Challiana (C. S. Murray) with missionary F. W. Savidge and friends in the UK [undated]
EAP454/17/1: Mizo [Oct 1949-Jun 1953] EAP454/18/1: Hmabu. The Front Book [undated]
EAP454/18/2: Zirtanbu thar: a New Lushai Primer [1932] EAP454/18/3: Sipai Tlangau. Official organ of the Salvation Army in Lushai Hills [May 1936-Nov 1940 ]
EAP454/19/1: Pu Dara's personal journal [1912] EAP454/19/2: "Letters from Pu Dara to his wife, Pi Thangi [1913]"
EAP454/19/3: Among the Head-Hunters of Lushai [1899] EAP454/19/4: Pu Lalhruaitluanga - Photographs [25 Dec 1912-1951]
EAP454/20/1: Sheksepiar zai Bu. Book of Shakespeare's Poetry [undated] EAP454/20/2: The Making of Aijal/Aizawl [1939]
EAP454/20/3: Educational and ecclesiastical paper records [1901-1913] EAP454/20/4: Group of Mizo men photograph [undated]
EAP454/21/1: Building Register [1899] EAP454/21/2: Inspection Register of Demagiri PS [1943-1971]
EAP454/22/1: "Saihnuna, popularly known as Lenglal [1949]" EAP454/23/1: "India Post Office Savings Bank Pass Book. Vanhuaithanga, son of Khamliana Lal [1936-1965]"
EAP454/23/2: "The Feudatory and Zemindari: Published in the Interests of Ruling Princes, Zemindars [Apr 1924]" EAP454/23/3: Paper records of Khamliana Sailo Lal [1897-1944]