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EAP432: Documenting the written heritage of East Goğğam: a rich culture in jeopardy

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EAP432/1/1: Dersane Medhane Alem. [17th Century] EAP432/1/2: Wuddase Amlak, Lalibela. [15th Century]
EAP432/1/3: Dersane Mikael. [17th Century] EAP432/1/4: Te'ammere Maryam. [17th Century]
EAP432/1/5: Dersane Menaziz. [17th Century] EAP432/1/6: Dersane Rufael. [18th Century]
EAP432/1/7: Dersane Mikael. [17th Century] EAP432/1/8: Yohannes Afeworq. [17th Century]
EAP432/1/9: Paulos. [18th century] EAP432/1/10: Deggua. [17th Century]
EAP432/1/11: Wongel. [18th century] EAP432/1/12: Seqoqawe Dengel. [17th Century]
EAP432/1/13: Te'ammere Maryam. [17th Century] EAP432/1/14: Qerlos. [17th Century]
EAP432/1/15: Fetha Negest. [17th Century] EAP432/1/16: Terguame Ebrawuyan ze Yohannes Afework. [15th Century]
EAP432/1/17: Deggua. [17th Century] EAP432/1/19: Kidan. [18th century]
EAP432/1/20: Fetha Negest. [17th Century] EAP432/1/21: Dawit. [17th century]
EAP432/1/22: Wongele Yohannes. [15th century] EAP432/1/23: Zemmare. [17th century]
EAP432/1/24: Meeraf. [17th century] EAP432/1/25: Dawit. [16th century]
EAP432/1/26: Haymanote Abew. [17th century] EAP432/1/28: Tsome Deggua. [17th century]
EAP432/1/29: Arbaetu Wongel. [17th century] EAP432/1/30: Te'ammere Iyesus. [17th century]
EAP432/1/31: Aregawi Menfesawi. [15th century] EAP432/1/32: Fetha Negest. [15th century]
EAP432/1/33: Negest. [17th century] EAP432/1/34: Semeon Ze'amd. [15th century]
EAP432/1/35: Se'atat Gibts. [15th century] EAP432/1/36: Negere Maryam. [17th century]
EAP432/1/37: Te'ammere Maryam. [15th century] EAP432/1/38: Haymanote Abew. [15th century]
EAP432/1/39: EAP432. EAP432_QM039. [18th century] EAP432/1/40: Gebre Himam. [15th century]
EAP432/1/41: Degua. [17th century] EAP432/1/42: Mengel Tsion. [17th century]
EAP432/1/43: Wongel. [17th century] EAP432/1/44: Senkesar. [17th century]
EAP432/1/45: Senkesar. [17th century] EAP432/1/46: Senkesar. [17th century]
EAP432/1/47: Haymanote Abew. [17th century] EAP432/1/48: Dersane Hawaryat. [17th century]
EAP432/1/49: Metshafe Genzet. [17th century] EAP432/1/50: Metshafe Qeddasse. [17th century]
EAP432/1/51: Dawit. [15th century] EAP432/1/52: Negest. [17th century]
EAP432/1/53: Dersane Mikael. [17th century] EAP432/1/54: Kibre Negest. [17th century]
EAP432/1/56: Senkesar. [15th century] EAP432/1/57: Dersane Meskel. [17th century]
EAP432/1/58: Filiksisiyus. [17th century] EAP432/1/59: Melke'a Gubae. [17th century]
EAP432/1/60: Mesaleyate Solomon. [17th century] EAP432/1/61: Gubae Melke'e. [17th century]