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EAP373: Documenting, conserving and archiving the Tai Ahom manuscripts of Assam

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EAP373/1/1: Deo Buranji EAP373/1/2: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/1/3: Du Kai Seng EAP373/1/4: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/1/5: Folding Manuscript EAP373/1/6: Fragments
EAP373/1/7: Fragments EAP373/1/8: KhonMing
EAP373/1/9: KhonMing EAP373/1/10: Su Nuk Lit
EAP373/1/11: Po Ming EAP373/1/12: Manuscript1
EAP373/1/13: Manuscript2 EAP373/1/14: SaiKai
EAP373/2/1: Du Kai Seng EAP373/2/2: Fragment
EAP373/3/1: Pen Ka Ka EAP373/3/2: Aap Tang
EAP373/3/3: Nang Khai Puthi EAP373/3/4: Phelung Pheban
EAP373/4/1: Manuscript EAP373/4/2: Naam Ghukha
EAP373/4/3: Syamontokmoni Haran EAP373/4/4: Mahabharata Story
EAP373/4/5: Ban Seng EAP373/4/6: Ban Seng
EAP373/4/7: Ban Seng EAP373/4/8: Ban Seng
EAP373/4/9: Deo Buranji EAP373/4/10: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/4/11: Dam Phi Ram EAP373/4/12: Folding Manuscript
EAP373/4/13: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/4/14: Folding Manuscript
EAP373/4/15: Folding Manuscript EAP373/4/16: Folding Manuscript
EAP373/4/17: Folding Manuscript EAP373/4/18: Folding Manuscript
EAP373/4/19: Folding Manuscript EAP373/4/20: Folding Manuscript
EAP373/4/21: Khon Ming EAP373/4/22: Khon Ming
EAP373/4/23: Khon Ming Phi Kham EAP373/4/24: Khon Ming
EAP373/4/25: Khon Ming EAP373/4/26: Phat Mohang
EAP373/4/27: Lak Ni EAP373/4/28: Ma Likha Lit
EAP373/4/29: Mantra EAP373/4/30: Mantra
EAP373/4/31: Mantra EAP373/4/32: Mantra
EAP373/4/33: Mvng Ngi EAP373/4/34: Paper Manuscript
EAP373/4/35: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/4/36: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/4/37: Sai Pha Bidhi EAP373/4/38: Sang Han
EAP373/4/39: Sang Han EAP373/4/40: Sang Pin Kun (literally 'if be person')
EAP373/4/41: Sum Pha Rung Sing Mvng EAP373/4/42: Tham Tang
EAP373/5/1: AnNa Di Ban Kham EAP373/5/2: Aap Tang
EAP373/5/3: Du Kai Seng EAP373/5/4: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/5/5: Khon Ming EAP373/5/6: Lak Ni Rai Ju Dai
EAP373/5/7: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/6/1: Ban Seng
EAP373/6/2: Lik Ka Na EAP373/6/3: Sang Han
EAP373/7/1: Lon Moti EAP373/8/1: Lik Ka Na
EAP373/8/2: Cloth Manuscript EAP373/8/3: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/8/4: Du Kai Seng EAP373/8/5: Lik Khai Kham
EAP373/8/6: Leek Pung Lian EAP373/8/7: Lak Ni Kham
EAP373/8/8: Manuscript EAP373/8/9: Manuscript
EAP373/9/1: Ban Seng EAP373/9/2: Fragment
EAP373/9/3: Fragment EAP373/9/4: Fragment
EAP373/9/5: Fragment EAP373/9/6: Fragment
EAP373/9/7: Fragment EAP373/9/8: Pani Jora
EAP373/10/1: Nemi Mang EAP373/11/1: Ban Seng
EAP373/11/2: Deo Buranji EAP373/11/3: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/11/4: Khon Ming EAP373/12/1: Believed to be a type of creation manuscript.
EAP373/12/2: Unknown EAP373/12/3: Ap Tang
EAP373/12/4: KhonMing EAP373/12/5: Lik-Ka-Na
EAP373/12/6: Lit Kham Tai EAP373/12/7: Pat NamLai
EAP373/12/8: Pen Ka Ka EAP373/12/9: PheLung PheBan
EAP373/13/1: Bilahi Bejini EAP373/13/2: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/13/3: Khon Ming EAP373/13/4: Nidan Puthi
EAP373/13/5: Sarpa Mantra EAP373/14/1: Bar Amra
EAP373/14/2: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/14/3: Fragment
EAP373/14/4: Fragment EAP373/14/5: Khau La Men
EAP373/14/6: Khon Ming EAP373/14/7: Khon Ming
EAP373/14/8: Lon Moti EAP373/14/9: Nang Khai
EAP373/14/10: Story EAP373/15/1: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/15/2: Fragments EAP373/15/3: Mantra
EAP373/16/1: Du Kai Seng EAP373/17/1: Nemi Mang
EAP373/17/2: Pen Ka Ka EAP373/18/1: Deo Buranji
EAP373/18/2: Folding Manuscript EAP373/18/3: Fragments
EAP373/18/4: Fragments EAP373/18/5: Fragments
EAP373/18/6: Lit Ban Puthi EAP373/18/7: Khon Ming
EAP373/18/8: Khon Ming Lung Phai EAP373/18/9: Mantra
EAP373/18/10: Mantra EAP373/18/11: Manuscript
EAP373/19/1: Fragments EAP373/19/2: Fragments
EAP373/19/3: Nang Khai Puthi EAP373/19/4: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/19/5: Sai Pha Bidhi EAP373/19/6: Story
EAP373/20/1: [Tai Ahom History] EAP373/20/2: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/20/3: Manuscript EAP373/20/4: Ming Mvng
EAP373/20/5: Nemi Mang EAP373/21/1: Bar Amra
EAP373/21/2: Buranji EAP373/21/3: Chau Sai Nit
EAP373/21/4: Family Tree EAP373/21/5: Fragments
EAP373/21/6: Fragments EAP373/21/7: Fragments
EAP373/21/8: Fragments EAP373/21/9: Story
EAP373/21/10: Lai Tu EAP373/21/11: Lai Tu
EAP373/21/12: Lik Chau Ngi EAP373/21/13: Loti Amra
EAP373/21/14: Ma Likha Lit EAP373/21/15: Mantra
EAP373/21/16: Me Nang Khai Bidha EAP373/21/17: Ngau Seng
EAP373/21/18: Oriya Manuscript EAP373/21/19: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/21/20: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/21/21: Sai Pha Bidhi
EAP373/22/1: Nidan Puthi EAP373/22/2: Khetor Mantra
EAP373/22/3: Mantra EAP373/22/4: Mantra
EAP373/23/1: Lit Khon Ming EAP373/23/2: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/24/1: Deo Buranji EAP373/24/2: Fragments
EAP373/24/3: Lit Lengdon EAP373/24/4: Lit Ming Mvng Lung Fai
EAP373/24/5: Writing Practice manuscript EAP373/24/6: Lit San Kham Tai
EAP373/24/7: Lit Khuan Ming EAP373/24/8: Lon Moti
EAP373/24/9: Brahma Korati Puthi EAP373/24/10: Khek Dam Phi
EAP373/24/11: Lit Lengdon EAP373/24/12: Lit Khek Lai Pha Nu Ru Lengdon
EAP373/24/13: Lit Lon Moti EAP373/24/14: Lit Tham Tang
EAP373/24/15: Lit Sai Kai EAP373/24/16: Lit Lon Moti
EAP373/24/17: Lit Sai Kai EAP373/24/18: Kham Mou
EAP373/24/19: Unknown EAP373/24/20: Lik-An-Ban
EAP373/24/21: Unknown EAP373/24/22: Khon Ming
EAP373/24/23: Lit- Ka- Na EAP373/24/24: Lit Du-Tin Kai
EAP373/24/25: Lit Sai Kai EAP373/24/26: Unknown
EAP373/24/27: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/24/28: Sai Kai
EAP373/25/1: Assamese Manuscript EAP373/25/2: Ban Seng
EAP373/25/3: Ban Seng EAP373/25/4: Ban Seng
EAP373/25/5: Buranji EAP373/25/6: Buranji
EAP373/25/7: Deo Buranji EAP373/25/8: Deo Buranji
EAP373/25/9: Deo Buranji EAP373/25/10: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/25/11: Du Kai Seng EAP373/25/12: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/25/13: Family Tree EAP373/25/14: Fragments
EAP373/25/15: Fragments EAP373/25/16: Kathi Ban Seng
EAP373/25/17: Kathi Ban Seng EAP373/25/18: Khek Phi
EAP373/25/19: Khon Ming Lung Phai EAP373/25/20: LaiLit
EAP373/25/21: Lik Ka Na EAP373/25/22: Mantra
EAP373/25/23: Mantra EAP373/25/24: Nang Khai
EAP373/25/25: Paper Manuscript EAP373/25/26: Phe Du Ban
EAP373/25/27: Phe Du Ban EAP373/25/28: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/25/29: Rai Ju Dai EAP373/25/30: Raj Buranji
EAP373/25/31: Buranji EAP373/25/32: Tula Paat
EAP373/25/33: Tula Paat EAP373/26/1: BanSeng
EAP373/26/2: Bar Amra EAP373/26/3: Chaklong Bidhi
EAP373/26/4: Dates EAP373/26/5: Loti Amra
EAP373/26/6: Buranji EAP373/26/7: Manuscript
EAP373/26/8: Manuscript EAP373/26/9: Manuscript
EAP373/26/10: Nang Hum Pha EAP373/26/11: Pen Ka Ka
EAP373/26/12: Tham Tang EAP373/26/13: Pvn Ko Mvng
EAP373/26/14: Single Folio EAP373/27/1: Ban Seng
EAP373/27/2: Fragment EAP373/27/3: Khon Ming
EAP373/27/4: Mora Hanti Pani Jora EAP373/27/5: Paper Manucript
EAP373/28/1: Ban Seng EAP373/28/2: Buddhist Story
EAP373/28/3: Du Kai Seng EAP373/28/4: Fragments
EAP373/28/5: Fragments EAP373/28/6: Fragments
EAP373/28/7: Fragments EAP373/28/8: Lai Tu
EAP373/28/9: Mantra EAP373/28/10: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/28/11: Pvn Ko Mvng EAP373/29/1: Lit Lai Ku Ban
EAP373/29/2: Du Kai Seng EAP373/29/3: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/29/4: Du Kai Seng EAP373/29/5: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/29/6: Du Kai Seng EAP373/29/7: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/29/8: Du Kai Seng EAP373/29/9: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/29/10: Du Kai Seng EAP373/29/11: Kai Tham
EAP373/29/12: Ma Likha Lit EAP373/29/13: Lit Lai Pin Kun
EAP373/29/14: Sai Kai EAP373/29/15: Sai Kai
EAP373/29/16: Sang Han EAP373/29/17: Tham Tang
EAP373/30/1: Du Kai Seng EAP373/30/2: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/30/3: Lik-An-Na EAP373/30/4: Phura Long
EAP373/30/5: Tham Tang EAP373/30/6: Tham Tang
EAP373/32/1: Bar Amra EAP373/32/1: Assamese Manuscript
EAP373/33/1: Assamese Manuscript Folio EAP373/33/2: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/33/3: Ma Likha Puthi EAP373/34/1: AnNa Di Ban Kham
EAP373/34/2: Loose Pages EAP373/34/3: One Loose Page
EAP373/34/4: Song EAP373/35/1: Phe Lung Phe Ban
EAP373/36/1: Phai Lung EAP373/36/2: Phake Book
EAP373/37/1: Bikhali Mantra EAP373/37/2: Cloth Manuscript
EAP373/37/3: Deo Ban EAP373/37/4: Deo Buranji
EAP373/37/5: Fragment EAP373/37/6: Fragment
EAP373/37/7: Ghukha Mantra EAP373/37/8: Kai Seng Mvng
EAP373/37/9: Kai Tham Tang EAP373/37/10: Khon Ming
EAP373/37/11: Khon Ming EAP373/37/12: Khon Ming
EAP373/37/13: Lai Ko Mvng EAP373/37/14: Lak Ni Kham
EAP373/37/15: Loti Amra EAP373/37/16: Mo Rang
EAP373/37/17: Paper Manuscript EAP373/37/18: Phat Mo Rang
EAP373/37/19: San Kham Tai EAP373/37/20: San Kham Tai
EAP383/38/1: Fragment EAP383/38/2: Pvn Ko Mvng
EAP373/39/1: Lik Seng Pha Kum [copied in 1987] EAP373/40/1: Sai Kai
EAP373/40/2: Khonming EAP373/41/1: Assamese Tai Manuscript
EAP373/42/1: Du Kai Seng EAP373/42/2: Single Folio
EAP373/43/1: Assamese Tai Manuscript EAP373/43/2: Ban Seng
EAP373/43/3: Do Kai Seng EAP373/43/4: Do Kai Seng
EAP373/43/5: Fragments EAP373/43/6: Fragments
EAP373/43/7: Lik An Na EAP373/43/8: Lit Mut
EAP373/43/9: Om Pha EAP373/43/10: Paat Naam Lai
EAP373/44/1: Deo Buranji EAP373/44/2: KhonMing Kang Phai
EAP373/44/3: KhonMing Lung Phai EAP373/44/4: KhonMing Phai Noi
EAP373/44/5: Sai Kai EAP373/44/6: Pen Ka Ka
EAP373/44/7: Phura Long EAP373/45/1: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/46/1: Lik Ka Na EAP373/47/1: Sai Kai
EAP373/48/1: Sarpa Mantra EAP373/48/2: Agni Ban Mantra
EAP373/48/3: Nara Singha Mantra EAP373/48/4: Mantra
EAP373/48/5: Mantra EAP373/48/6: Mantra
EAP373/48/7: Mantra EAP373/48/8: Medicine
EAP373/48/9: Medicine EAP373/49/1: Lu Di Se Khun Mvng
EAP373/49/2: Paper Copy EAP373/50/1: Fragments
EAP373/50/2: Lai Lit EAP373/50/3: Mon Hung Phra
EAP373/51/1: AnNa Di Ban Kham EAP373/51/2: Ban Seng
EAP373/51/3: Buranji EAP373/51/4: Buranji
EAP373/51/5: Deo Buranji EAP373/51/6: Du Kai Seng
EAP373/51/7: Du Kai Seng EAP373/51/8: Gupit Buranji
EAP373/51/9: Lik Ko Mvng EAP373/51/10: Aap Naam
EAP373/51/11: MvngMungLungPhai EAP373/51/12: Pen Ka Ka
EAP373/51/13: Phe Lung Phe Ban EAP373/51/14: Pvn Ko Mvng
EAP373/51/15: Sai Kai EAP373/51/16: Sai Kai
EAP373/51/17: Unknown History EAP373/52/1: Bar Amra
EAP373/52/2: Fragment EAP373/52/3: Fragments
EAP373/52/4: Mantra EAP373/52/5: Aap Naam
EAP373/52/6: Mantra EAP373/52/7: Mantra
EAP373/52/8: Ngi Kham EAP373/52/9: Baag Dam Puthi
EAP373/52/10: Sai Pha Bidhi EAP373/52/11: Um Pha Bidha
EAP373/52/12: Unknown Story EAP373/53/1: 2 Folios
EAP373/53/2: Lak Ni Rai Ju Dai EAP373/53/3: Nang Khai
EAP373/53/4: Sang Han EAP373/53/5: Tham Tang
EAP373/54/1: Tham Tang EAP373/54/2: Fragments
EAP373/54/3: Tham Tang EAP373/54/4: Fragments
EAP373/54/5: Fragments EAP373/54/6: Fragments
EAP373/54/7: Nang Khai EAP373/54/8: Tham Tang
EAP373/54/9: Fragments EAP373/54/10: Fragments
EAP373/54/11: Fragments EAP373/54/12: Fragments
EAP373/54/13: Fragments EAP373/54/14: Fragments
EAP373/54/15: Fragments EAP373/54/16: Fragments
EAP373/54/17: Fragments EAP373/54/18: Aap Naam
EAP373/54/19: Fragments EAP373/54/20: Fragments
EAP373/54/21: Aap Tang EAP373/54/22: Lak Ni Kham
EAP373/54/23: Lit Leng Don EAP373/54/24: Lit Sang Han
EAP373/54/25: Unknown Story EAP373/54/26: Unknown Story
EAP373/55/1: BarAmra EAP373/55/2: Buranji
EAP373/55/3: Buranji EAP373/55/4: Deo Buranji
EAP373/55/5: Deo Buranji Chapter 1 EAP373/55/6: Deo Buranji
EAP373/55/7: Du Kai Seng EAP373/55/8: Phat Mo Rang
EAP373/55/9: Fragment EAP373/55/10: Fragments
EAP373/55/11: Fragments EAP373/55/12: Anna Di Ban Kham
EAP373/55/13: Fragments EAP373/55/14: Fragments
EAP373/55/15: Fragments EAP373/55/16: Fragments
EAP373/55/17: Fragments EAP373/55/18: Fragments
EAP373/55/19: Fragments EAP373/55/20: Fragments
EAP373/55/21: Fragments EAP373/55/22: Khek Lai
EAP373/55/23: Khon Ming Ayo Tula Puthi EAP373/55/24: Khon Ming Lung Phai
EAP373/55/25: Khun Lung Khun Lai (Lai Jung Kham) EAP373/55/26: Lak Ni Kham
EAP373/55/27: Lak Ni Kham EAP373/55/28: Lit Lai
EAP373/55/29: Lit Lengdon EAP373/55/30: Lit Lengdon
EAP373/55/31: Lon Moti EAP373/55/32: Mantra
EAP373/55/33: Mantra EAP373/55/34: Pat Naam Lai
EAP373/55/35: Mantra EAP373/55/36: Phhra Lit
EAP373/55/37: Phu Kon Lung EAP373/55/38: Po Ming
EAP373/55/39: Pung Leng Don EAP373/55/40: Pvn Ko Mvng
EAP373/55/41: Pvn Ko Mvng EAP373/55/42: Sang Han
EAP373/55/43: Sang Han EAP373/55/44: Sang Han
EAP373/55/45: Son Kham Tai EAP373/55/46: Lai Ram Son Kao
EAP373/55/47: Son Kham Tai EAP373/55/48: Tham Tang
EAP373/55/49: Tham Tang EAP373/55/50: Tham Tang
EAP373/55/51: Tham Tang EAP373/55/52: Tham Tang