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EAP298: Preserving endangered ethnographic audiovisual materials of expressive culture in Peru

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EAP298/1/1: Festival of Santiago EAP298/1/2: Traditional textiles of Taquile
EAP298/1/3: Traditional festivals of Puno EAP298/1/4: Festival of the Virgin Candelaria
EAP298/1/5: Traditional festivals of Puno EAP298/1/6: Traditional dances of Puno
EAP298/2/1: Dances of the Puno region [1978 - 2006] EAP298/2/2: Dances of the region Puno [1998]
EAP298/3/1: Beauty contest indigenous. Anniversary of Puno [1950-1971] EAP298/3/2: Dances of the Candelaria Virgin festival [1950s-1960s]
EAP298/3/3: Dances of the Virgin Candelaria festival [1960-1964] EAP298/3/4: Indigenous beauty contest [1959]
EAP298/3/5: "Characters in drama and dance, as well as typical dress of the region of Puno [1950-1962]" EAP298/4/1: Dances of the Virgin Candelaria festival [1950]
EAP298/4/2: Carnival festival with dances of the Puno region [2000] EAP298/4/3: Traditional dances of Puno
EAP298/5/1: Diverse dances in local festivals of Juli EAP298/6/1: Authentic groups of the carnival of Ichu [1989-2009]
EAP298/6/2: "Ceremony of Author:ities ""varas""" EAP298/7/1: Traditional folk dances of the dancing group APAFIT [1960-2005]
EAP298/8/1: Dances and ceremonies of festivals of the region Puno EAP298/8/2: "Market of Cajabamba, in the region Cajamarca"
EAP298/8/3: "Dances, rituals and custom of different areas of Puno" EAP298/8/4: Rite offering to the land in Capachica. Region Puno [1993]
EAP298/8/5: Festivals and ceremonies in the Puno region EAP298/8/6: Rite Capachica to land. Puno Region [1993]
EAP298/8/7: Dances at various festivals in the Puno Region EAP298/9/1: "Images of the daily life, typical clothes, Manco Capac folk drama and dances of the region Puno "
EAP298/9/2: Dances in the Virgin Candelaria festival EAP298/10/1: Images of the daily life and Puno's dances
EAP298/11/1: Diverse cultural events of Puno EAP298/12/1: Women in typical clothes and Puno's festive dances
EAP298/13/1: Indigenous beauty contest EAP298/13/2: Folk dancing group APAFIT
EAP298/13/3: Ancient scenes of the Lake Titicaca [1930-1990s] EAP298/14/1: Folk dances in the school
EAP298/14/2: Folk dancing group APAFIT EAP298/14/3: Dancing at the Virgin Candelaria festival
EAP298/14/4: Dances and folk drama of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo in Puno EAP298/14/5: Festival of the Virgin Candelaria in Torres Belon Stadiumn
EAP298/15/1: Cleaning of irrigation ditches and other festivals EAP298/15/2: The ritual of marking cattle
EAP298/15/3: Celebration of the Holy Week in the Colca valley [1984] EAP298/15/4: Celebration of the Holy Week in the Colca valley [1984]
EAP298/16/1: The Virgin Candelaria festival in the Puno region EAP298/16/2: "Typical clothes and carnivals of the Colca Valley, Arequipa"
EAP298/16/3: The Virgin Candelaria festival in the region Puno EAP298/17/1: Different images of the photographic contest in Arequipa Region [1917-1991]
EAP298/18/1: The Virgin Candelaria festival in the city of Puno [1991] EAP298/18/2: The Virgin Immaculate Conception festival in the city of Puno [1980]
EAP298/18/3: The Virgin Candelaria festival in the city of Puno [1991] EAP298/19/1: Social and institutional festivals in the region Ayacucho
EAP298/20/1: Rites and festivals in the Ayacucho region [1980-1996] EAP298/20/2: The Virgin of the Carmen in Quispillacta festival [1980-1996]
EAP298/20/3: Peasants' custom in the Ayacucho region EAP298/20/4: The ritual of marking cattle [Early 1980s]
EAP298/20/5: Preparation of bridge of rope [Early 1980s] EAP298/20/6: Custom of Ayacucho and Cusco
EAP298/21/1: Festivals of the Ayacucho region EAP298/22/1: Carnival in Ayacucho
EAP298/22/2: Craftsmen and local people of the Ayacucho region EAP298/22/3: Virgin of the Nieves festival
EAP298/22/4: Carnivals in the Ayacucho region EAP298/22/5: Tres Reyes festival in Cangallo
EAP298/22/6: Tijeras dance of Andamarca EAP298/22/7: Festivals and custom in the region of Ayacucho and Huancavelica
EAP298/23/1: Festivals in Huamanga - Ayacucho EAP298/24/1: Festival of the Virgin in Huamanga
EAP298/25/1: Various ceremonies and activities in the Colca EAP298/25/2: Carnival in the town Ranran
EAP298/25/3: Festival and rituals EAP298/25/4: National Day
EAP298/25/5: Festival of the Immaculate Conception EAP298/25/6: Water festival [1986]
EAP298/25/7: Families Huaracha and Casaperalta EAP298/25/8: Preparation of metal bars [1986]
EAP298/25/9: Carnival EAP298/25/10: Cleaning ditches
EAP298/25/11: Festival in Apacheta [1987] EAP298/25/12: Holy Week in Yanque
EAP298/25/13: "Festivals, rituals and various activities in the Colca Valley" EAP298/25/14: Holy Week in Maca and Madrigal [1988]
EAP298/25/15: Witite dance [1988] EAP298/25/16: Cleaning ditches [Aug 1990]
EAP298/25/17: San Isidro festival [1994] EAP298/25/18: Holy Week in Maca and Yanque [Apr 1985]
EAP298/25/19: Carnival in Yanque EAP298/25/20: Holy Week
EAP298/25/21: Festival of the Virgin of Chapi EAP298/25/22: Marking cattle in carnival [1984]
EAP298/26/1: Contest carnival music and dance EAP298/26/2: Authorities change Ceremony
EAP298/26/3: Rite of carnival EAP298/26/4: Pumpin Contest
EAP298/27/1: Various agricultural activities EAP298/27/2: Santa Ana of Tusi festival
EAP298/27/3: Dances Festivals and Jauja and Luricocha EAP298/27/4: Celebrations of the Mantaro Valley and Carhuamayo
EAP298/28/1: Various activities and festive ceremonies of Huanta EAP298/29/1: Social life in the Ayacucho Region