Endangered Archives

EAP264: Preservation through digitisation of rare photographic negatives from Mongolia

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EAP264/1/1/1: Actors and actresses [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/1/2: Theatre [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/1/3: Circus [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/1/4: Museum [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/1/5: Movies [1930s-1940s] EAP264/1/1/6: Fine arts and writers [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/1/7: Printed materials [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/1/8: Folk musical instruments [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/2/1: "Box 118, Images of PM Choibalsan taken between 1940 and 1948 [1940s]" EAP264/1/2/2: "Box 124, Portrait photographs of PM Choibalsan [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/2/3: "Box 128, PM Choibalsan’s family images [1940s-1950s]" EAP264/1/2/4: "Box 131, Images of PM Choibalsan [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/2/5: "Box 133, Images of PM Choibalsan while in his office, at meetings and ceremonies [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/2/6: "Box 135, Images of PM Choibalsan taken while in his office, at meetings, and ceremonies [1940s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/2/7: "Box 138, Images of PM Choibalsan taken while in his office, at meetings and attending ceremonies [1940s-1950s]" EAP264/1/2/8: "Box 142, Images of PM Choibalsan taken while in office, at meetings and ceremonies [1940s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/2/9: "Box 145, Images of PM Choibalsan in his young ages [1910s-1930s]" EAP264/1/2/10: "Box 149, Images of PM Choibalsan taken on different occasions [1940s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/2/11: "Box 151, Images of PM Choibalsan’s funeral taken in Ulaanbaatar [1952]" EAP264/1/3/1: Festivities - Images of October revolution anniversary celebration and of Naadam festivities taken in Ulanbaatar [1930s]
EAP264/1/3/2: Festivities - Celebration of the 29th anniversary of the People’s revolution in Ulaanbaatar [1948] EAP264/1/3/3: Festivities - Celebration of 1 May and October revolution anniversary in Ulaanbaatar [1940s]
EAP264/1/3/4: Festivities - Celebration of People’s revolution anniversaries and of Naadam festivities in Ulaanbaatar [1940s-1950s] EAP264/1/3/5: Festivities - Celebration of national Naadam festivities at Yarmag near Ulaanbaatar [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/4/1: Foreign Relations [1910s-1950s] EAP264/1/5/1: "Box 22 Images of Ulaanbaatar’s power plant operation, auto mechanical shop as well as metal work [1930s]"
EAP264/1/5/2: "Box 25 Images related to such factories operating Ulaanbaatar as skin processing, wool and shoe making, timber processing as well as hand factories [1930s-1940s]" EAP264/1/5/3: Box 28 Images related to early manufacturing activities [1930s-1940s]
EAP264/1/5/4: Box 33 Images related to trade and agricultural activities [1930s-1940s] EAP264/1/5/5: "Box 36 Images related to early industrial, trade, and agricultural activities [1930s-1940s]"
EAP264/1/5/6: Box 38 Images related to early coal mining activities [1930s-1940s] EAP264/1/5/7: "Box 40 Images of posters related to nation’s economic, cultural and social achievements between 1930s-1950s [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/6/1: Box 82 Men in uniform [1920s-1930s] EAP264/1/6/2: Box 85 Images related to 1939 Khalkha Gol battle in Eastern Mongolia [1930s]
EAP264/1/6/3: Box 88 Images of a variety of military training activities [1920s-1940s] EAP264/1/6/4: "Box 93 Military training activities, celebrations, and peace time army activities [1940s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/6/5: Box 96 Images related to Mongolia’s aid to Red Army [1940s] EAP264/1/6/6: "Box 99 A collection of images related to military training, 1939 Khalkha Gol battle, and military celebrations [1930s-1940s]"
EAP264/1/6/7: Box 103 Images about military training and about the life in the Mongolian Army [1930s-1940s] EAP264/1/6/8: "Box 106 Images about military trainings, celebrations and everyday life in the Army [1930s-1940s]"
EAP264/1/6/9: Box 112 Fighter pilots [1930s-1940s] EAP264/1/7/1: "Box 8 Images of mountains, Gobi desert, and rivers [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/7/2: "Box 11 Images of mountains, Gobi desert, and rivers [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/7/3: "Box 14 Images of mountains, Gobi desert, and rivers [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/7/4: "Box 19 Images of mountains, rivers, forests, plains as well as Gobi desert [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/7/5: "Box 25 Images of plains, mountains, and Gobi desert [1930s-1940s]"
EAP264/1/7/6: "Box 32 Images of a forest, Gobi desert, and plains [1930s-1940s]" EAP264/1/7/7: "Box 36 Images of mountains, plains, rivers and forests [1930s-1940s]"
EAP264/1/7/8: "Box 41 Images of mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, valleys, plains and Gobi desert [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/7/9: "Box 46 Images of mountains, plains and vegetation in western Mongolia [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/7/10: "Box 53 A collection of images showing mountains, vegetation, plains, forests, rivers and lakes as well as part of Gobi desert [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/7/11: "Box 67 A collection of images about mountains, plains, rivers, forests and Gobi desert [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/7/12: "Box 74 A collection of images mostly about plains, rivers, and mountains in central Mongolia [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/8/1: "Images of couples of different ages, families, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/8/2: Images of noblemen and noblewomen of early 20th century [1910s-1920s] EAP264/1/8/3: Images of children [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/8/4: "Images of friends, teams and collectives [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/8/5: "Images of high monks, lamas, religious figures and religious noblemen and noble women [1920s-1930s]"
EAP264/1/8/6: Images of nomad herdsmen and their lifestyles [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/8/7: "Images of meetings, conferences, conventions, and forums of national and local characters [1920s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/8/8: Portraits of women and images of women of different ages and different backgrounds [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/8/9: Portraits of people taken in a photographic studio [1920s-1950s]
EAP264/1/8/10: "Images of state and government heads, high ranking officials and public activists [1920s-1950s]" EAP264/1/8/11: Images of military persons [1920s-1950s]
EAP264/1/8/12: "Images of people caught during national celebrations and of writers, artists and sculptors [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/8/13: "Images of foreigners living, working, travelling and doing research in Mongolia [1910s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/8/14: "A collection of images about working people, auto vehicle drivers, herdsmen, service people as well as law enforcement personnel [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/8/15: "Copies of printed materials, posters, propaganda leaflets, graduation photos, sculpture and book covers talking about people and their deeds [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/8/16: Images of funerals as well as of punishment methods used in olden days [1920s-1940s] EAP264/1/8/17: "Images of researchers, explorers, scientists and related servicemen [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/8/18: Images of different clothes worn by ethnic Mongolians and of some existing ethnic people in Mongolia [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/9/1: Images of monasteries (most of them destroyed in 1930s) named A through D [1930s]
EAP264/1/9/2: Images of monasteries named E through J [1930s] EAP264/1/9/3: Images of Buddha figures found in monasteries as well as of paintings and applique works depicting Buddha [1930s]
EAP264/1/9/4: Images of Manzushir monastery located in Tuv province close to Ulaanbaatar [1930s] EAP264/1/9/5: Images of monasteries named M through Z [1930s]
EAP264/1/9/6: Images of monasteries once standing in Ulaanbaatar and religious rituals taking place in Ulaanbaatar and its proximity [1930s] EAP264/1/9/7: Images of religious TSAM dance performed in monasteries in Ulaanbaatar and in Manzushir monastery in Tuv province [1930s]
EAP264/1/10/1: "Images of scientific staff of the Mongolian Academy of sciences, their research and study activities and field study trips [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/10/2: Images of sports activities taking place in Ulaanbaatar [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/10/3: "Images related to public health service, hospitals, patients as well as emergency service. Pictures are taken in Ulaanbaatar [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/10/4: "Images related to elementary and secondary school activities and their students, Enlightenment Ministry staff and public alphabet learning activities. Most of the pictures were taken in Ulaanbaatar. [1930s-1950s]"
EAP264/1/10/5: Agricultural and animal husbandry field research and study as well as poultry farming activities [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/10/6: Paleontological study and field trips. Historical monuments. Staff members from the Paleontology and archeology sectors at the Academy of Sciences [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/10/7: "Activities and students of higher educational institutions such as the Mongolian National University, Pedagogical Institute, Party Institute and some specialized technical training schools in Ulaanbaatar [1930s-1950s]" EAP264/1/10/8: Kindergarten activities. Children at day care centres in Ulaanbaatar [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/10/9: Animal veterinary services and study [1930s-1950s] EAP264/1/10/10: Meteorology study and services [1930s-1950s]
EAP264/1/11/1: Images of transport in Mongolia EAP264/1/12/1: Images of Ulaanbaatar [1930s]
EAP264/1/12/2: Images of Ulaanbaatar [1940s] EAP264/1/12/3: Images of Ulaanbaatar [1950s]