Endangered Archives

EAP256: Preservation of endangered historical records in the Public Records and Archives Administration (PRAAD) in Tamale, Northern Ghana

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EAP256/1/1/1: Franco British Boundary-Togoland [1927-1929] EAP256/1/1/2: Franco British Boundary-Togoland [1927-1932]
EAP256/1/1/3: Town Boundaries S.P [1929-1928] EAP256/1/1/4: Anglo-French Frontier Incidence [1929-1938] Part 1
EAP256/1/1/5: Anglo-French Frontier Incidence [1929-1938] Part 2 EAP256/1/1/6: Register of Land Tenure [1930-1934]
EAP256/1/1/7: Land tenure documents [1930-1932] EAP256/1/1/8: Land Dispute-Krachi District [1931]
EAP256/1/1/9: Land tenure documents EAP256/1/1/10: A Digest of the Religion System of Land Tenure of the Kasena Tribe [1923-1933]
EAP256/1/1/11: Bazukwe Vrs. Naga and Sandema Claim to Certain Village [1932-1951] EAP256/1/1/12: Land Matter [1933-1950]
EAP256/1/1/13: Town Boundaries-Northern Territories [1933-1936] EAP256/1/1/14: Land Disputes-Mamprusi State [1934]
EAP256/1/1/15: Mamprusi Dagomba Boundary [1936-1950] EAP256/1/1/16: Land Disputes [1936-1940]
EAP256/1/1/17: Plans Programme to Works and Description of Boundaries of License applied for by Mr. Mazwell Maceluness [1936] EAP256/1/1/18: Tamale Water Supply-Fuel Wood Plant Acquisition of Land [1938-1950]
EAP256/1/1/19: Mamprusi Gonja Boundary [1938-1947] EAP256/1/1/20: Right of Native Authorities to Lease Plots non-Native in Certain Circumstances [1939-1948]
EAP256/1/1/21: Certificate of Occupancy-Na District [1940-1950] EAP256/1/1/22: Certificate of Appropriation [1940-1949]
EAP256/1/1/23: Saboba Assistant District Commissioner Bungalow-Lease Off by Assemblies of God Mission [1941-1952] EAP256/1/1/24: Prang-Atebubu Boundary [1944-1945]
EAP256/1/1/25: Land Cases Pending before the Chief Commissioner Court [1945-1950] EAP256/1/1/26: "Certificate of Occupancy, Dagomba District [1945-1954]"
EAP256/1/1/27: "Certificate of Occupancy, Dagomba District [1945-1950]" EAP256/1/1/28: Tamale residential plots Near Agric Road [1945-1951]
EAP256/1/1/29: Tamale Town Layout [1945-1951] EAP256/1/1/30: Tamale Layout [1946-1952]
EAP256/1/1/31: Damango Site for Government Station and Residential Area [1946-1954] EAP256/1/1/32: "Acquisition of Land for Agric purposes at Yendi, Yendi Agric Station [1946-1956]"
EAP256/1/1/33: "Tamale Ward ""I"" Extension Layout [1946-1972]" EAP256/1/1/34: Survey of Land reserved for use by Native Administration [1946-1949]
EAP256/1/1/35: Certificate of Occupancy-Gonja District-Non-Mission Planning [1947-1953] EAP256/1/1/36: Acquisition of Land-Saboba [1947-1953]
EAP256/1/1/37: Rural Development and Land Utilization [1947-1951] EAP256/1/1/38: Rural Planning and Utility Policy [1947-1950]
EAP256/1/1/39: Lease to Natives (Wari) [1947-1958] EAP256/1/1/40: Land and Native Rights Ordinance [1947-1953]
EAP256/1/1/41: Land and Native Rights Ordinance [1947-1958] EAP256/1/2/1: The History and Organisation of the Kanbonse in Dagomba [1919]
EAP256/1/2/2: Compilation of Customary Law: Upper Region Traditional Area [1919] EAP256/1/2/3: Memorandum on the Proposed Northern Territories Native Administration [1919] Part 1
EAP256/1/2/4: Memorandum on the Proposed Northern Territories Native Administration [1919] Part 2 EAP256/1/2/5: Native Administration [1919-1930]
EAP256/1/2/6: Disturbances on the Anglo-French Borders [1924-1942] EAP256/1/2/7: Tribal Marks: Northern Territories [1925-1932]
EAP256/1/2/8: Chiefs and Prominent Africans Reports [1927-1932] EAP256/1/2/9: Medal to African Chiefs [1927-1932]
EAP256/1/2/10: Native Affairs Western Gonja District [1927-1931] EAP256/1/2/11: Gonja Native Affairs [1927-1948]
EAP256/1/2/12: Gonja Native Affairs [1927-1948] EAP256/1/2/13: Tumu Affairs: Lawra: Tumu District [1927-1930]
EAP256/1/2/14: Chiefs: Zuarungu District [1927-1930] EAP256/1/2/15: Frontier Affairs: Navrongo Territories [1927-1928]
EAP256/1/2/16: Native Affairs: Zuarungu [1927-1932]