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EAP211: Digitising Cirebon manuscripts

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EAP211/1/1/1: "Tawhid, Ascension of The Prophet [c.16th century]" EAP211/1/1/2: Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) [c.16th century]
EAP211/1/1/3: Religious Books [c.16th century] EAP211/1/1/4: History of Banyumas [c.16th century]
EAP211/1/1/5: Book concerning the part of Faith (Syu'batul Iman is the title; The copyist) [c.16th century] EAP211/1/1/6: The manuscript of The Prince Hidayat. Pulasaren Kacirebonan
EAP211/1/1/7: Primbon (traditional magical accounts of) Wikantadirja EAP211/1/1/8: Manuscript on religion including a chapter on cosmology (Falakiyah)
EAP211/1/1/9: Manuscript of Prince Hidayat (Primbon) EAP211/1/1/10: Asnawi PA
EAP211/1/1/11: Notes on religion and daily notes EAP211/1/1/12: Arabic grammar book - Jurumiyah
EAP211/1/1/13: Miscellaneous EAP211/1/1/14: Primbon (traditional magical accounts) of Kacirebonan palace
EAP211/1/1/15: The manuscript of Religion (a collection of religious issues) EAP211/1/1/16: Wahosan Bujang Genjong
EAP211/1/1/17: The Book of Religion (The title of the collector) EAP211/1/1/18: The manuscript of Pagusten Wetan Kacirebonan
EAP211/1/1/19: "Islam, The prayers (The title of the collector)" EAP211/1/1/20: Book of The Prophet shaving
EAP211/1/1/21: The Book of The Prophet Muhammad's Tale EAP211/1/1/22: Book of The Prophet shaving
EAP211/1/1/23: Javanese magical account or javanese astrology (Primbon) of Prince Wijaya EAP211/1/1/24: Politics of the prince Kanoman
EAP211/1/1/25: Book of medication (Tetamba)-PA-Primbon EAP211/1/1/26: The sufi order of (Petarekan) Muhammadiyah and seven levels
EAP211/1/1/27: The sufi order of (Petarekan) Muhammadiyah Kacirebonan EAP211/1/1/28: Order of Shatariyah of Muhammadiyah
EAP211/1/1/29: The Order of Queen Fatima EAP211/1/1/30: The Keris I of The Prince Yusuf Dendabrata Palace of Kacirebonan
EAP211/1/1/31: The Keris II of The Prince Yusuf Dendabrata Palace of Kacirebonan EAP211/1/1/32 Pt 1: History of Cirebon H. Mahmud Rais
EAP211/1/1/32 Pt 2: History of Cirebon H. Mahmud Rais EAP211/1/1/33: Stories Prose (Mataram)
EAP211/1/1/34: Chronicle Dermayu EAP211/1/1/35: The manuscript of bird (Manuk)
EAP211/1/1/36: Javanese script EAP211/1/1/37: Puppet Scripts
EAP211/1/1/38: Javanese script EAP211/1/1/39: Javanese puppet (Wayang) and the prayers for the prophet Muhammad
EAP211/1/1/40: Asmaragama (book concerning religious cosmology) EAP211/1/1/41: The manuscript of Petarekan
EAP211/1/1/42: The manuscript of Prince Padmaningrat Kacirebonan EAP211/1/1/43: Mihir / Pujine Tiger of Ali
EAP211/1/1/44: Miscellaneous EAP211/1/1/45: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/1/46: Miscellaneous EAP211/1/1/47: "The meaning of sura Al-Fatihah, faith and Islam "
EAP211/1/2/1: Islamic creed/Divinity and debated sciences EAP211/1/2/2: Story of The Prophet Shaving
EAP211/1/2/3: Shattariyah Order - Muhammadiyah EAP211/1/2/4: Shattariya and Naqshabandiyya Orders
EAP211/1/2/5: The history of Cirebon Rante/The history of saint man EAP211/1/2/6: Book of Islamic Jurisprudence
EAP211/1/2/7: History of Cirebon EAP211/1/2/8: The book of purification and prayer
EAP211/1/2/9: Compilation of prayers and Javanese Almanac EAP211/1/2/10: The Will of Sunan Gunung Jati (The saint man named Sunan Gunung Jati and his advice as well as prayers)
EAP211/1/2/11: Suluk or mysticism of Cirebon EAP211/1/2/12: Chronicles of the warriors
EAP211/1/2/13: The story of Lemandawarsa EAP211/1/2/14: The story of Doomsday according to the word of God
EAP211/1/2/15: The Book of the oneness of God (tawhid) EAP211/1/2/16: Chronicle of Patih Sulareja Martasinga
EAP211/1/2/17: Traditional history (Babad) of Demak and treatment EAP211/1/2/18: Spiritual guidance (wangsit) of The King Satmata
EAP211/1/2/19: The guidance of The 7th Attorney EAP211/1/2/20: The Book of Jurisprudence
EAP211/1/2/21: Order of sufism (Tarekat) EAP211/1/2/22: Kinds of Islamic testimony and the words of Bismillahirrahmanirrahim
EAP211/1/2/23: Medication EAP211/1/2/24: (Asmaragama) all about women's reproductive organs and their reproductive health
EAP211/1/2/25: King Madyan EAP211/1/2/26: Table of time according to Javanese calender (Paldina /waktu)
EAP211/1/2/27: Sufism (Tashawuf) of Cirebon EAP211/1/2/28: Dalancang
EAP211/1/2/29: To gain the perfect knowledge (ngelmu Sampurna) EAP211/1/2/30: Oneness of God (Tawhid)
EAP211/1/2/31: Oneness of God (Tawhid) EAP211/1/2/32: Jaran Sari and Jaran Purnama
EAP211/1/2/33: Seseratan (genealogy) EAP211/1/2/34: Almanac
EAP211/1/2/35: The match of luck (Katuranga) of the birds and the prestige of Keris (traditional javanese blade) EAP211/1/2/36: Al-Quran
EAP211/1/2/37: Al-Quran EAP211/1/3/1: The way of happiness (Sabilussa'adah) Volume I. The translation of the summary of the book entitled Ghoyatul Ikhtishar (The goal of the summary)
EAP211/1/3/2: Sabilussa'adah Volume I (Tarjamatul Mukhtasar Sajarah Ghoyatul Ikhtishar) EAP211/1/3/3: Amulet of Guguritan Layang Purwakanti
EAP211/1/3/4: History of Cirebon EAP211/1/3/5: Chapter on magical Javanese accounts
EAP211/1/3/6: The readings at the time of serenity EAP211/1/3/7: "Magical Javanese account andsuluk (The way to approach God)"
EAP211/1/3/8: Knowledge on Islamic religion about the part of faith (Syu'batul Iman) EAP211/1/3/9: Spiritual guidance or inspiration of the prince Bonang about sufism
EAP211/1/3/10: The story of Tsamud manuscript EAP211/1/3/11: Layang Soeloek ilm bab kebatinan (It is about the way to gain inner knowledge)
EAP211/1/3/12: "The letter about grammar, and the manner of speaking" EAP211/1/3/13: The moral of Sufism
EAP211/1/3/14: Knowledge about the innerside EAP211/1/3/15: The readings of the king Iskandar
EAP211/1/3/16: The Book of Options (Nawafil) EAP211/1/3/17: The understanding letter for knowing the Javanese year
EAP211/1/3/18: "The story of the king Dharmawangsa, Dharmasunu and the king of Sakadomas" EAP211/1/3/19: Hillul Rumuz wa Mafatihul Kunuz (Fly kawruh kabatinan No.2)
EAP211/1/3/20: The story of war between the King Madian and the King Pharough (Firaun) EAP211/1/3/21: A collection of traditions and prayers
EAP211/1/3/22: It is about Sufism EAP211/1/3/23: Prayer and Almanac of javanese magical account (Primbon)
EAP211/1/3/24: Prayers and remembering the names of God EAP211/1/3/25: Book on the Oneness of God (tawhed)
EAP211/1/3/26: Almanac of magical Javanese account (Primbon) EAP211/1/3/27: "Rajaban, the story of the ascendancy of the prophet to the heaven"
EAP211/1/3/28: Order of Shatariyah EAP211/1/3/29: The Order of Muhammadiyah (Syatariyah)
EAP211/1/3/30: Almanac of Cirebon magical account (Primbon) EAP211/1/3/31: Lokapala
EAP211/1/3/32: "Sites of land of the leased land, the property of the Big City of Cirebon" EAP211/1/3/33: Fragments were not entitled (seven level)
EAP211/1/3/34: Prayer of the storage of throne (Kanzul Arsy) EAP211/1/3/35: The Book of Sufism
EAP211/1/3/36: Seven levels and the prayers EAP211/1/3/37: Fasting and prayers
EAP211/1/3/38: The manner of correspondence EAP211/1/3/39: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/3/40: Besluit letter of GB. Daendels: Appointment of Sultan Kaerudin EAP211/1/3/41: Letter of Appointment of Prince Madanda
EAP211/1/3/42: Untitled (The Region of The Order of Shatariyah) EAP211/1/3/43: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/3/44: Miscellaneous EAP211/1/3/45: The advices given by using Sewoko Gending
EAP211/1/3/46: Letter of appointment of Ayu Ningrat EAP211/1/3/47: SK / Description Contracts of Registration
EAP211/1/4/1: Tawhid EAP211/1/4/2 Pt 1: History of Cirebon
EAP211/1/4/2 Pt 2: History of Cirebon EAP211/1/4/3: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/4/4: Chapter Pakem Kacirebonan Puppet Palace EAP211/1/4/5: Chronicle of the prince Purbaya/ Chronicle of Roban
EAP211/1/4/6: Tuhfatut Thulab (The gift for students) EAP211/1/4/7: History Cirebon
EAP211/1/4/8: N. Solomon (Prophet) EAP211/1/4/9: History of Cirebon
EAP211/1/4/10: History of Cirebon EAP211/1/4/11: Petarekan (about the order of Naqshabandi)
EAP211/1/4/12: "The truth, and the Creator, from the descriptors" EAP211/1/4/13: Mysticism (from the descriptor)
EAP211/1/4/14: Almanac or magical Javanese account (Primbon) of Siti Ratna EAP211/1/4/15: Almanac or magical Javanese account (Primbon)
EAP211/1/4/16: Almanac or magical Javanese account (Primbon) EAP211/1/4/17: Oneness of God (Tawhid) and the Islamic jurisprudence about the five divorce
EAP211/1/4/18 Pt 1: The Book of Islamic Religion EAP211/1/4/18 Pt 2: The Book of Islamic Religion
EAP211/1/4/19: Genealogy of The Order of Shatariyah EAP211/1/4/20: Suluk or the way to approach God
EAP211/1/4/21: Chapter on the Oneness of God (Tawhid) knowledge EAP211/1/4/22: Almanac or Javanese magical account of the prince Anom Adikusuma
EAP211/1/4/23: The advantages of reading sura Yasin from the Qur'an EAP211/1/4/24: Chapter on Prayers
EAP211/1/4/25: Book of Suluk or the way to approach God EAP211/1/4/26: Prayers
EAP211/1/4/27: Arabic language EAP211/1/4/28: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/4/29: Miscellaneous EAP211/1/4/30: Sufism and Almanac or Javanese magical account
EAP211/1/4/31: The way to perform prayer EAP211/1/4/32: Suluk or the way to approach God
EAP211/1/4/33: Almanac or Javanese magical account (Primbon) EAP211/1/4/34: The second almanac or Javanese magical account (Primbon)
EAP211/1/4/35: Prayers EAP211/1/4/36: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/4/37: A collection of prayers and Islamic Jurisprudence EAP211/1/4/38: Sundanese story about Amir Hamzah
EAP211/1/4/39: Miscellaneous EAP211/1/4/40: Miscellaneous
EAP211/1/4/41: Chronicle of Cirebon EAP211/1/4/42: Chronicle or the story of royal family (Menak)
EAP211/1/4/43: Kawi Dictionary