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EAP190: Digitising archival material pertaining to 'Young India' label gramophone records

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EAP190/1/1/1: Suresh Chandvankar's collection of advertisements EAP190/1/1/2: Special catalogue for Prabhat Film’s ‘Gopal Krishna’ in Hindi
EAP190/1/1/3: Special catalogue for Prabhat Film’s ‘Mera Ladka’ in Hindi EAP190/1/1/4: Catalogue - Gujrathi December 1936 (Congress Release)
EAP190/1/1/5: Catalogue - Marathi and Hindusthani songs December 1936 EAP190/1/1/6: Catalogue - Gujrathi February 1937
EAP190/1/1/7: Catalogue - Film Records May 1937 EAP190/1/1/8: Catalogue - Gujrathi June 1937
EAP190/1/1/9: Catalogue - Hindustani and Urdu songs July 1937 EAP190/1/1/10: Catalogue - November 1937 (Gujrathi and Hindustani records)
EAP190/1/1/11: Catalogue - December 1937 (Gujrathi and Hindustani records) EAP190/1/1/12: Catalogue - March 1938 (Gujrathi and Hindustani records)
EAP190/1/1/13: Catalogue - February 1939 (Marathi Release) EAP190/1/1/14: Catalogue - September 1939 (Marathi & Hindi records)
EAP190/1/1/15: "Young India Catalogues - Gujrathi, March 1941" EAP190/1/1/16: Young India Catalogues Gujrathi April 1941
EAP190/1/1/17: Young India Catalogues - December 1948 EAP190/1/1/18: Young India Catalogues - Hindi 1957
EAP190/1/1/19: Young India Catalogues - 1957 EAP190/1/1/20: Young India magazine advertisements
EAP190/1/1/21: Young India film advertisements EAP190/1/2/1: Young India Catalogues - Marathi and Hindustani 1946
EAP190/1/2/2: Young India Catalogues - March 1947 Marathi catalogue EAP190/1/2/3: Young India Catalogues - March 1947 Gujrathi catalogue
EAP190/1/2/4: Young India Catalogues - December 1947 EAP190/1/2/5: Young India Catalogues - April 1948
EAP190/1/2/6: Young India Catalogues - Diwali 1950 EAP190/1/2/7: Miscellaneous record sleeves