Endangered Archives

EAP166: Preservation through digitisation of rare negatives and photographs from Nepal

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EAP166/1/1/1: "Convocation, B.P. Koirala and Picnic of Communist Party [1957-1965]" EAP166/1/1/2: Parliamentary committee of Nepal visit to Russia [1960]
EAP166/1/1/3: Scenery of Nepal and Flowers [1962] EAP166/1/1/4: Negatives of Kalaiya and Singha Darbur [1962]
EAP166/1/1/5: Alen Rana and family of Madanmani Dixit [1965] EAP166/1/1/6: "Streets, Picnic and Chinese Prime Minister [1966]"
EAP166/1/1/7: Wedding ceremony in the residence of Hridayanath Khanal [1966] EAP166/1/1/8: Family of Madanmani Dixit [1966]
EAP166/1/1/9: Picnic in Panauti Hydro Power [1966] EAP166/1/1/10: Negatives of Political leaders [1966]
EAP166/1/1/11: Binodmani Dixit Visit to USSR and Puja in Kalaiya [1966] EAP166/1/1/12: Portrait of Nepali faces persons [1968]
EAP166/1/1/13: Madanmani Dixit in Banaras [1968] EAP166/1/1/14: Negatives of an Engagement program and some political leaders. [1968]
EAP166/1/1/15: Flowers and View of Kathmandu Valley [1968] EAP166/1/1/16: "Tajmahal, India [1969]"
EAP166/1/1/17: Madanmani Dixit visit to Poland and Former USSR [1969] EAP166/1/1/18: Family and Friends of Madanmani Dixit [1969]
EAP166/1/1/19: "Wedding, Family and Friends, political leaders and Picnic [1969-1981]" EAP166/1/1/20: Some famous faces of Nepal [1971]
EAP166/1/1/21: Birthday [1972] EAP166/1/1/22: Madanmani Dixit in Moscow Hospital [1974]
EAP166/1/1/23: First Municipal Assembly of Kathmandu Municipality [1977] EAP166/1/1/24: Political leaders of Nepal [1977]
EAP166/1/1/25: Popular Faces of Nepal [1978] EAP166/1/1/26: Communist Party Meeting and Krishna Pranami group [1978]
EAP166/1/1/27: "Chitradhar Hridya, Newari Poet and family member of Madanmani Dixit [1978]" EAP166/1/1/28: "Nagrika Abhinandan Samaroha for Prime Minister of India of that time, Late Moraji Desai [1978]"
EAP166/1/1/29: Wedding ceremony of Kamodmani's Sister-in-law [1978] EAP166/1/1/30: Refugee Camp in Bangai village of [1971]
EAP166/1/1/31: Communist Party Mass meeting in Tudikhel [1979] EAP166/1/1/32: Foreigner's visit to a construction site and political leaders [1979]
EAP166/1/1/33: "Poetess, Authors and Politicians [1981]" EAP166/1/1/34: Uttam Kunwar and B.P. Koirala [1981]
EAP166/1/1/35: State funeral of Balkrishna Sama [1981] EAP166/1/1/36: Dilliraman Regmi [1981]
EAP166/1/1/37: General Assembly of Nepali Congress [1957-2003] EAP166/1/1/38: General Assembly of Nepali Congress. [1982]
EAP166/1/1/39: Kedarman Bethita [1982] EAP166/1/1/40: Protest against price hike [1982]
EAP166/1/1/41: Dashain [1982] EAP166/1/1/42: People from various places of Nepal [1982]
EAP166/1/1/43: Blood donation programme at Kalikastathan organized by Himalayan Voice Club [1983] EAP166/1/1/44: Poetry conference at Kedarman Vyathit's residence [1984]
EAP166/1/1/45: Family Photographs of Madanmani Dixit [1984] EAP166/1/1/46: Some famous authors [1985]
EAP166/1/1/47: Portraits of Tanka Prasad Acharya [1986] EAP166/1/1/48: Daily Life of Kathmandu and Madanmani's family [1986]
EAP166/1/1/49: Authors and Poets Conference in the City Hall [1986] EAP166/1/1/50: Authors Conference [1986]
EAP166/1/1/51: Rastriya Panchayat Sadasya election [1986] EAP166/1/1/52: Kathmandu City [1987]
EAP166/1/1/53: Poetry conference at the residence of Kedarman Bethita [1987] EAP166/1/1/54: Chitwan National Park [1987]
EAP166/1/1/55: Kedarman Vyathit in Dharan [1987] EAP166/1/1/56: Tanka Prasad Acharya.[1988]
EAP166/1/1/57: Janakpur custom office during Border cease [1988] EAP166/1/1/58: Birgunj's custom office [1988]
EAP166/1/1/59: Madanmani Dixit and his wife in Gorkha Durbar [1988] EAP166/1/1/60: Madanmani Dixit and his family [1988]
EAP166/1/1/61: East-West Highway and Muglin [1993] EAP166/1/1/62: Honouring with Siromani title to Ali Miya [1988]
EAP166/1/1/63: National Literature Conference [1997] EAP166/1/1/64: Visit to Palanchowk Bhagawati at Kavre [1997]
EAP166/1/1/65: Rudripath and Dashain [1998] EAP166/1/1/66: Holi Celebration [2001]
EAP166/1/1/67: Rastrakavi Madhav Prasad Ghimire Abhinandan [2002] EAP166/1/1/68: Madanmani Visit to Manakamana [2002]
EAP166/1/1/69: Madhav Prasad Ghimire and Kamodmani's visit to London [2003] EAP166/1/1/70: Negatives of Madanmani Dixit in Hetauda [2003]
EAP166/1/1/71: Manthali and Dolakha [2003] EAP166/1/1/72: Great Grandchildren of Madanmani Dixit and Award Ceremony [2004]
EAP166/2/1/1: Rise of Rana in power with Jung Bahadur [1877-1950] EAP166/2/1/2: HRH Prince Albert Victor visit to India and Nepal [1889-1890]
EAP166/2/1/3: Leading Rana families [1900-1930] EAP166/2/1/4: Mission Tibet [1903-1904]
EAP166/2/1/5: "Visit to Europe of Chandra Shumsher JBR, Vol. I [1908]" EAP166/2/1/6: "Visit to Europe of Chandra Shumsher JBR, Vol. II [1908]"
EAP166/2/1/7: "Visit to Europe of Chandra Shumsher JBR, Vol. III [1908]" EAP166/2/1/8: Crowning of King Tribhuvan [1907-1950]
EAP166/2/1/9: Madan Shumsher JBR in his childhood [1915-1939] EAP166/2/1/10: Portrait of Madan Shumsher JBR [1920-1940]
EAP166/2/1/11: "Visit to India, Nepal and the far east of HRH the Prince of Wales [1921-1922]" EAP166/2/1/12: Monuments and Rana Palaces [1921-1948]
EAP166/2/1/13: Count at game [1923] EAP166/2/1/14: Madan Shumsher JBR playing sports [1925-1939]
EAP166/2/1/15: Various events [1925-1939] EAP166/2/1/16: Places [1925-1939]
EAP166/2/1/17: Rani Jagdamba's visit to India [1925-1955] EAP166/2/1/18: Visit to India of Juddha Shumsher JBR [1932-1945]
EAP166/2/1/19: Juddha Shumsher JBR visit to India [1932-1945] EAP166/2/1/20: Shri "Kottya-a-huti" [1939]
EAP166/2/1/21: Kotti-hom [1939] EAP166/2/1/22: Madan Shumsher's game trip [1939]
EAP166/2/1/23: Visit to Baraha Kshetra of Madan Shumsher JBR [1939] EAP166/2/1/24: Pilgrims [1939-1940]
EAP166/2/1/25: "Juddha, Padma and Mohan Shumsher [1939-1948]" EAP166/2/1/26: Last three Rana Premiers [1940-1948]
EAP166/2/1/27: Places and persons in postcards [1941] EAP166/2/1/28: Juddha Shumsher JBR at a game [1945]
EAP166/2/1/29: Bishnu Shumsher JBR's coffin [1946] EAP166/2/1/30: "Sindoor Jatra, Mohan Shumsher JBR [1948]"
EAP166/2/1/31: Death rituals of Col. Bhupal Shumsher JBR in Banaras [1951]