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EAP080: Voiceless choirs. Serbian musical collections from Zemun in 19th and early 20th centuries

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EAP080/1/1/1: Register, book 1 [01 Jan 1934 - 28 Mar 1938] EAP080/1/1/2: Register, book 2 [17 Mar 1938 - 12 Jan 1974]
EAP080/1/1/3: Internal correspondence (undated documents) EAP080/1/1/4: External correspondence (undated document)
EAP080/1/1/5: Administrative acts (undated documents) EAP080/1/1/6: Rehearsals, church concert performances (undated documents)"
EAP080/1/1/7: Miscellaneous documents (undated documents) EAP080/1/1/8: Miscellaneous documents for 1903 [1903]
EAP080/1/1/9: Administrative acts [1907-1945] EAP080/1/1/10: Miscellaneous documents [1907]
EAP080/1/1/11: Miscellaneous documents for 1910 [1910] EAP080/1/1/12: Miscellaneous documents for 1914 [1914]
EAP080/1/1/13: External correspondence for 1919 [11 Mar 1919–11 Nov 1919] EAP080/1/1/14: External correspondence for 1920 [1920]
EAP080/1/1/15: Administrative acts for 1921 [1921] EAP080/1/1/16: External correspondence for 1923 [23 May 1923-5 Jan 1924]
EAP080/1/1/17: External correspondence for 1925 [1925] EAP080/1/1/18: Internal correspondence for 1926 [19 Apr 1926]
EAP080/1/1/19: External correspondence for 1926 [07 Apr 1926–15 Sep 1926] EAP080/1/1/20: Internal correspondence for 1927 [26 Oct 1927]
EAP080/1/1/21: External correspondence for 1927 [11 Jan 1927–19 Dec 1927] EAP080/1/1/22: Internal correspondence for 1928 [04 Jul 1928]
EAP080/1/1/23: External correspondence for 1928 [20 Jan 1928–31 May 1928] EAP080/1/1/24: Internal correspondence for 1929 [22 Feb 1929-17 Dec 1929]
EAP080/1/1/25: External correspondence for 1929 [29 Apr 1929-10 Dec 1929] EAP080/1/1/26: Administrative acts for 1929 [21 Sep 1929]
EAP080/1/1/27: Rehearsals, church[concert performances [1929-1931] EAP080/1/1/28: Internal correspondence for 1930 [22 Jan 1930–16 Dec 1930]
EAP080/1/1/29: External correspondence for 1930 [1930] EAP080/1/1/30: Administrative acts for 1930 [25 Aug 1930–04 Sep 1930]
EAP080/1/1/31: Miscellaneous documents [30 Dec 1930] EAP080/1/1/32: Internal correspondence for 1931 [02 Jan 1931-24 Dec 1931]
EAP080/1/1/33: External correspondence for 1931 [04 Feb 1931-19 Dec 1931] EAP080/1/1/34: Administrative acts for 1931 [1931]
EAP080/1/1/35: Miscellaneous [1931] EAP080/1/1/36: Internal correspondence for 1932 [09 Jan 1932–25 Dec 1932]
EAP080/1/1/37: External correspondence for 1932 [03 Jan 1932–28 Dec 1932] EAP080/1/1/38: Administrative acts for 1932 (up to 1934) [1932-1934]
EAP080/1/1/39: Rehearsals, church[concert performances in 1932 [1932] EAP080/1/1/40: Miscellaneous documents for 1932 [1932]
EAP080/1/1/41: Internal correspondence for 1933 [18 Jan 1933–23 Dec 1933] EAP080/1/1/42: External correspondence for 1933 [20 Jan 1933-12 Dec 1933]
EAP080/1/1/43: Administrative acts for 1933 [15 Feb 1933–31 May 1933] EAP080/1/1/44: Miscellaneous documents [1933]
EAP080/1/1/45: Internal correspondence for 1934 [17 Feb 1934–18 Sep 1934] EAP080/1/1/46: External correspondence for 1934 [11 Feb 1934–25 Oct 1934]
EAP080/1/1/47: Administrative acts for 1934 [1934] EAP080/1/1/48: Rehearsals, church[concert performances for 1934 [1934]
EAP080/1/1/49: Internal correspondence for 1935 [01 Mar 1935-02 Dec 1935] EAP080/1/1/50: External correspondence for 1935 [01 Jan 1935–28 Dec 1935]
EAP080/1/1/51: Administrative acts for 1935 [02 Jan 1935–30 Dec 1935] EAP080/1/1/52: Rehearsals, church[concert performances for 1935 [January 1935–29 Nov 1935]
EAP080/1/1/53: Internal correspondence for 1936 [02 Jan 1936–28 Dec 1936] EAP080/1/1/54: External correspondence for 1936 [10 Jan 1936–14 Dec 1936]
EAP080/1/1/55: Administrative acts for 1936 [29 Jan 1936–14 Dec 1936] EAP080/1/1/56: Miscellaneous documents for 1936 [21 Feb 1936]
EAP080/1/1/57: Internal correspondence for 1937 [14 Jan 1937–29 Jun 1937] EAP080/1/1/58: External correspondence for 1937 [13 Nov 1937–Dec 1937]
EAP080/1/1/59: Administrative acts for 1937 [17 Sep 1937-19 Sep 1937] EAP080/1/1/60: Internal correspondence for 1938 [30 Jan 1938]
EAP080/1/1/61: External correspondence for 1938 [02 Feb 1938] EAP080/1/1/62: Internal correspondence for 1939 [16 Oct 1939-15 Dec 1939]
EAP080/1/1/63: Administrative acts for 1939 [06 Apr 1939–18 Jul 1939] EAP080/1/1/64: Internal correspondence for 1940 [01 Jan 1940]
EAP080/1/1/65: External correspondence for 1941 [06 Mar 1941] EAP080/1/1/66: Administrative acts for 1941 [1941]
EAP080/1/1/67: External correspondence for 1945 [26 Mar 1945-20 Sep 1945] EAP080/1/1/68: External correspondence for 1946 [1946]
EAP080/1/1/69: Miscellaneous documents for 1951 [10 Nov 1951] EAP080/1/1/70: Miscellaneous documents for 1954 [1954]
EAP080/1/1/71: External correspondence [20 Jan 1957] EAP080/1/1/72: External correspondence for 1958 [1958]
EAP080/1/1/73: External correspondence for 1959 [20 Jan 1959] EAP080/1/1/74: Internal correspondence for 1964 [10 Dec 1964]
EAP080/1/1/75: Miscellaneous documents [1965] EAP080/1/1/76: External correspondence for 1968 [10 Jun 1968]
EAP080/1/1/77: Administrative acts for 1969 [16 Dec 1969] EAP080/1/1/78: Miscellaneous documents for 1970 [1970]
EAP080/1/1/79: Miscellaneous documents for 1973 [1973] EAP080/1/1/80: Rehearsals, church[concert performances [1975]
EAP080/1/1/81: Rehearsals, church concert performances for 1976 [1976] EAP080/1/1/82: Administrative acts for 1977 [1977]
EAP080/1/1/83: Financial documents (undated) EAP080/1/1/84: Financial documents for 1905 [02 Feb 1905–12 Nov 1905]
EAP080/1/1/85: Financial documents for 1906 [1906] EAP080/1/1/86: Financial documents for 1928 [17 Jan 1928]
EAP080/1/1/87: Financial documents for 1931 [31 Aug 1931–15 Sep 1931] EAP080/1/1/88: Financial documents for 1932 [26 Nov 1932]
EAP080/1/1/89: Financial documents for 1936 [1936] EAP080/1/1/90: Financial documents for 1948 [1948]
EAP080/1/1/91: Financial documents for 1958 [20 Jan 1958] EAP080/1/1/92: Financial documents for 1964 (and 1965) [1964-1965]
EAP080/1/1/93: Financial documents for 1965 (and 1966) [1965-1966] EAP080/1/1/94: Financial documents for 1966 [1966]
EAP080/1/1/95: Financial documents for 1967 [1967] EAP080/1/1/96: Financial documents for 1968 [1968]
EAP080/1/1/97: Financial documents for 1969 (and 1970) [1969-1970] EAP080/1/1/98: Financial documents for 1972 [1972]
EAP080/1/1/99: Financial documents for 1973-1975 [1973-1975] EAP080/1/1/100: Financial documents for 1974 [1974]
EAP080/1/1/101: Financial documents for 1975 (and 1976) [1975-1976] EAP080/1/1/102: Financial documents for 1976 (and 1977) [1976-1977]
EAP080/1/1/103: Financial documents for 1977 (and 1978) [1977-1978] EAP080/1/1/104: Financial documents for 1981 [1981]
EAP080/1/1/105: Financial documents for 1982 [1982] EAP080/1/2/1: Internal correspondence of the South Slavic Choral Union (undated)
EAP080/1/2/2: Administrative acts of the South Slavic Choral Union (undated) EAP080/1/2/3: Miscellaneous documents for 1926 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1926]
EAP080/1/2/4: Internal correspondence for 1928 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1928] EAP080/1/2/5: Rehearsals, church concert performances for 1928 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1928]
EAP080/1/2/6: Internal correspondence for 1929 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1929] EAP080/1/2/7: Administrative acts for 1929 (South Slavic Choral Union) [04 May 1929–10 Jun 1929]
EAP080/1/2/8: Rehearsals, church concert performances for 1929 (South Slavic Choral Union) [24 Jun 1929 ] EAP080/1/2/9: Miscellaneous documents for 1929 (South Slavic Choral Union) [10 Dec 1929]
EAP080/1/2/10: Internal correspondence for 1930 [1929] EAP080/1/2/11: Rehearsals, church concert performances (South Slavic Choral Union) [1929]
EAP080/1/2/12: Internal correspondence for 1932 (South Slavic Choral Union) [01 Feb 1932–05 Dec 1932] EAP080/1/2/13: Miscellaneous documents for 1932 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1932]
EAP080/1/2/14: Miscellaneous documents for 1933 (South Slavic Choral Union) [15 Aug 1933] EAP080/1/2/15: Internal correspondence for 1935 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1935]
EAP080/1/2/16: External correspondence for 1935 (South Slavic Choral Union) [16 Jan 1935] EAP080/1/2/17: External correspondence for 1936 (South Slavic Choral Union) [18 Jul 1936]
EAP080/1/2/18: Internal correspondence for 1937 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1937] EAP080/1/2/19: Internal correspondence for 1938 (South Slavic Choral Union) [17 Feb 1938-21 Jun 1938]
EAP080/1/2/20: External correspondence for 1938 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1938] EAP080/1/2/21: Internal correspondence for 1939 (South Slavic Choral Union) [14 Feb 1939–25 Dec 1939]
EAP080/1/2/22: External correspondence for 1939 (South Slavic Choral Union) [13 Aug 1939] EAP080/1/2/23: Rehearsals, church[concert performances for 1939 (South Slavic Choral Union) [1939]
EAP080/1/2/24: Internal correspondence for 1940 (South Slavic Choral Union) [12 May 1940–18 Oct 1940] EAP080/1/2/25: Administrative acts for 1940 [28 Dec 1940]
EAP080/1/2/26: Internal correspondence for 1941 (South Slavic Choral Union) [09 Feb 1941–28 02 1941] EAP080/1/2/27: External correspondence for 1941 (South Slavic Choral Union) [26 Mar 1941]
EAP080/1/3/1: Concert performances of the First Serbian Tambura Society "Granicar" from Zemun [1898-1904] EAP080/1/4/1: Administrative acts of the Yugoslav Academic Choral Society (undated)
EAP080/1/4/2: Miscellaneous documents of the Yugoslav Academic Choral Society (undated) EAP080/1/4/3: Rehearsals, church[concert performances [05 May 1939]
EAP080/1/5/1: Miscellaneous documents other, unknown institutions [undated] EAP080/1/5/2: Correspondence [02 Sep 1924]
EAP080/1/5/3: Correspondence for 1929 [16 Oct 1929] EAP080/1/5/4: Correspondence [1930]
EAP080/1/5/5: Correspondence for 1931 [1931] EAP080/1/6/1/1: Videman, Drazdanski ucitelj - City teacher short stories (translation) [1897]
EAP080/1/6/1/2: Vorbas, Dz. P. Knjiga o zadrugarstvu [Book on cooperative movement] EAP080/1/6/1/3: Dacic, Z. O., S Bregalnice i Vardara (beleske iz naseg poslednjeg rata) [From Bregalnica and Vardar (Notes from our last War)] [1914]
EAP080/1/6/1/4: Donandini, U., Vijavice [Snowstorms] [1917] EAP080/1/6/1/5: Milin, L., Subota i nedelja u Sv. Pismu [Saturday and Sunday in the Holy Bible] [1967]
EAP080/1/6/1/6: Psibisevski, St., De Profundis (translation) EAP080/1/6/1/7: Stanojevic, St., Istorija Bosne i Hercegovine [History of Bosnia and Herzegovina] [1909]
EAP080/1/6/1/8: Tomic, J., Voda kroz izbore [Guide through Elections] EAP080/1/6/1/9: Trbojevic, D., Sto je dobro u srpskim narodnim poslovicama [What is Good in Serbian Proverbs] [1902]
EAP080/1/6/1/10: Copic, B., Vratolomne price [Reckless Stories] [1947] EAP080/1/6/1/11: Unknown author, Le Poces D' Agram et L' opinion Europeene [1909]
EAP080/1/6/1/12: Unknown author, Moskva zdet olimpiadu [1979] EAP080/1/6/2/1: Bergan( ?) Neuglacani dijamant ili Baronica seljanka [Unpolished Diamond or Baroness Peasant], translated by German D. Dordevic
EAP080/1/6/2/2: Besevic, St. P., Kneginja Maja [Princess Maja], melodrama fairytale in three acts, with overture, prologue, music and dance of fairies, music written by Petar J. Krstic [1923] EAP080/1/6/2/3: Vasic, D., Matuseva rakija [Matus's brandy]
EAP080/1/6/2/4: Veselinovic, J. - Brzak, D., Dido [Hero] EAP080/1/6/2/5: Dankulov, Pera Crni knjaz sa semeca [Black prince], a picture from Bosnian life during occupation in four acts, with music and dancing [1896]
EAP080/1/6/2/6: Dordevic, V. Svi smo izmireni [We Are All In Peace], one act comedy [16 Jul 1929 ] EAP080/1/6/2/7: Duric, N. Imotski kadija [Judge from Imot], five act tragedy [1919]
EAP080/1/6/2/8: Kocebu, A. Rasejani [Mazed], one act comedy [14 Jul 1923] EAP080/1/6/2/9: Kuzmanovic, A., Vitropir [Scatterbrain], three act play [1901]
EAP080/1/6/2/10: Labis, E. preveo S. Kalman Ahil lepog pola [Achilles of the Beautiful Gender], one act comedy EAP080/1/6/2/11: Labis, E., Onaj sto mrzi zene [The One Who Hates Women], one act comedy [25 Oct 1924]
EAP080/1/6/2/12: Milan - Simeonovic, N., Organizacija prosjaka [Organization of Beggars], one act comedy EAP080/1/6/2/13: Miljkovic, V. Jabuka [The Apple], three act operetta from Serbian life, music by Hugo Doubek
EAP080/1/6/2/14: Mjasnik, Ko nas zavada [Who Is Causing Our Quarrel], one act play from Russian life EAP080/1/6/2/15: Noti, K., Litija [The Procession], one act comedy [17 Jan 1940]
EAP080/1/6/2/16: Noti, K. Lov na zeceve [Rabbit Hunting], one act comedy [Nov 1933] EAP080/1/6/2/17: Noti, K., Motor, short comedy
EAP080/1/6/2/18: Nusic, B., Kijavica [A Common Cold], one act comedy [25 Feb 1938] EAP080/1/6/2/19: Nusic, B., Ozaloscena porodica [The Bereaved Family], three act comedy [1935]
EAP080/1/6/2/20: Odavic, R. J. Hej, Sloveni [Hey, Slavs] [Nov 1940] EAP080/1/6/2/21: Petrovic, M., Cucuk Stana, three act play from Serbian life with music. Music by Stevan Hristic
EAP080/1/6/2/22: Petrovic, P., Rkac, a drama from life in Lika EAP080/1/6/2/23: Sakan, S., Kvartet [The Quartet], one act comedy [06 Sep 1932]
EAP080/1/6/2/24: San-Zen, M., Neuglacan dijamant [The Unpolished Diamond] EAP080/1/6/2/25: Svinjarev, Miladin Matuseva rakija [Matus's Brandy], three act play [1912]
EAP080/1/6/2/26: Svinjarev, M., U hipnozi [Hypnotized], three act drama [1914] EAP080/1/6/2/27: Stankovic, B. Kostana [1924]
EAP080/1/6/2/28: Stefanovic, D., Gazda Zivko [Master Zivko], three act play from Serbian life in Backa, with music EAP080/1/6/2/29: Terek, R. Kajis [The Belt]
EAP080/1/6/2/30: Tomic, J., Razvod braka [The Divorce], five act play EAP080/1/6/2/31: Trezvenski, V. A., Kobna casa [A Fatal Glass], three act drama [1925]
EAP080/1/6/2/32: Trivunov - Brankovic, L., Svalja [The Dressmaker], four act stage play EAP080/1/6/2/33: Freiking, V., Drazestan suprug [Lovely husband], one act comedy
EAP080/1/6/2/34: Furmijer i Majer, Partija piketa [The Game of Piquet], one act comedy, translated by F. Obrknezevic in 1870 [14 Jul 1929] EAP080/1/6/2/35: Huan Dijana, D. M., Lek od punica [The Medicament for Mother in Law], one act comedy
EAP080/1/6/2/36: Cvetkovic, B., Telefon bez zica [The Wireless Telephone], one act comedy [26 Jun 1929] EAP080/1/6/2/37: Snicler, A. U kolu [In the Kolo], ten dialogues
EAP080/1/6/2/38: Group of authors, Cetiri saljive igre [Four comedies]: Laube,U sred noci [In the Middle of the Night]; Veseljkovic Tulipanski, Lj., Ustaske nevolje [The Troubles of Ustase]; Gozlan, L., Hvala Bogu stol je prostrt [Thank God, the Table is Set] EAP080/1/6/2/39: Analfabeta [An Illiterate Person], one act comedy, author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/40: Devojacka kletva [The Girl's Curse], author unknown [16 Dec 1935] EAP080/1/6/2/41: Dokica, author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/42: [The Wishbone], author unknown EAP080/1/6/2/43: Naftalin [The Naphthalene], one act comedy, author unknown [22 Mar 1931]
EAP080/1/6/2/44: Nasi seljani [Our Farmers], author unknown [14 May 1931] EAP080/1/6/2/45: Prkos [The Defiance], author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/46: Sacurica i subara [The Basket and the Fur Hat], author unknown [12 Jul 1907] EAP080/1/6/2/47: Selo i svatovi [The Village and the Wedding], author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/48: Seoska lola [The Village boy, author unknown EAP080/1/6/2/49: Srpkinja [The Girl from Serbia], author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/50: Ukrotitelj [The Trainer], author unknown EAP080/1/6/2/51: Hajduk Stanko, author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/52: Cika iz Amerike [The Uncle from America], author unknown EAP080/1/6/2/53: Saran [The Carp], one act comedy, author unknown
EAP080/1/6/2/54: Skolski nadzornik [The School Supervisor], author unknown EAP080/1/6/2/55: Unknown author, unknown play script.
EAP080/1/6/2/56: Unknown author, unknown play script. EAP080/1/6/2/57: Unknown author, unknown play script.
EAP080/1/6/2/58: Unknown author, unknown play script. EAP080/1/6/2/59: Unknown author, unknown play scripts (fragments).
EAP080/1/6/3/1: Magazine Muzicki glasnik [Musical Herald] [December 1934] EAP080/1/6/3/2: Magazine Novi zivot [New Life] [25 Jul 1920-15 Apr 1922]
EAP080/1/6/3/3: Periodical Ratnicki glasnik [War Herald] [April 1923] EAP080/1/6/3/4: Periodical Strazilovo [23 Mar 1888-06 Oct 1888 ]
EAP080/1/6/3/5: Periodical Cirilometodski vjesnik [Cirilometodski Herald] [February 1933-December 1935] EAP080/1/6/4/1: Esej o statusu muzicke umetnosti u Parizu [Essay on status of Music in Paris]
EAP080/1/6/4/2: Registar knjiga, pripovetki i pozorisnih komada [Register of books, short stories and plays] EAP080/1/6/4/3: Registar knjiga i casopisa [Book and magazine register]
EAP080/1/6/4/4: Registar nota (deonica i partitura) [Musical register, scores and parts] EAP080/1/6/4/5: Registar pozajmljenih pozorisnih komada, knjiga, casopisa, notnih izdanja [Register of borrowed plays, books, magazines and musical documents]
EAP080/1/6/4/6: Registar pozorisnih komada i knjiga za citanje [Register of plays and books for reading] EAP080/1/6/4/7: Spisak duhovnih kompozicija (1) [List of sacred compositions - 1] [1945]
EAP080/1/6/4/8: Spisak duhovnih kompozicija (2) [List of sacred compositions - 2] EAP080/1/6/4/9: Spisak partitura [List of scores]
EAP080/1/6/4/10: Tekst pesme Oj, ga mati [Text of the poem, Oh, Mother] EAP080/1/6/4/11: Tekstovi tri pesme za sv. Savu (Tropar, himna i duhovna pesma iz manastira Jovanje) [Text of the three hymns dedicated to Sv. Sava: troparion, hymn and sacred song from monastery Jovanje] [20 Oct 1946 ]
EAP080/1/6/4/12: Crkveni kalendar za prostu 1966. godinu [Church Calendar for Year 1966] [1966] EAP080/1/7/1/1: Adamic, E., V pozdu [In the Late Hour]
EAP080/1/7/1/2: Adamic, E., Zazibalka [Lullaby] EAP080/1/7/1/3: Ajzenhut, Tebe zasto ja milujem [Why Am I Hugging You?]
EAP080/1/7/1/4: Arhangelski, A. A., Tiha noc [The Silent Night] [06 Jul 1932] EAP080/1/7/1/5: Atanasijev, N., Step razdoljnaja [The Broad Steppe] [10 Jul 1896-June 1903]
EAP080/1/7/1/6: Bajic, I., Ej, ko ti kupi [Hey, Who Is Buying To You?] [13 Jan 1944] EAP080/1/7/1/7: Bajic, I., Zagrljeni slogom bratskom [Embraced in Brotherhood]
EAP080/1/7/1/8: Bajic, I., Igralo kolo [The Kolo is Dancing] EAP080/1/7/1/9: Bajic, I., Iz srpske gradine [From the Serbian Garden]
EAP080/1/7/1/10: Bajic, I., Lovacki zbor [The Hunters' Gathering] [08 Jul 1930] EAP080/1/7/1/11: Bajic, I., Moj dilbere [My Darling]
EAP080/1/7/1/12: Bajic, I., Omladini [To the Youth] [1933] EAP080/1/7/1/13: Bajic, I., Pesma o pesmi [The Song About Song] [04 Feb 1904]
EAP080/1/7/1/14: Bajic, I., Pesma srpskih sokolova [The Song of Serbian Hawks] [07 Dec 1911] EAP080/1/7/1/15: Bajic, I., Srpski zvuci [Serbian Sounds] [08 Feb 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/16: Baranovic, K., Prvi maj [First of May] [23 Aug 1948] EAP080/1/7/1/17: Binicki, S., Divna noci [Beautiful Night] [July 1940]
EAP080/1/7/1/18: Binicki, S., Jesen stize [The Fall is Approaching] [1910] EAP080/1/7/1/19: Binicki, S., Pozdrav kraljevoj verenici [Greetings to the King's Fiancee] [Apr 22]
EAP080/1/7/1/20: Binicki, S., Seljancice br. 3 (Divna noci) [County girls No. 3 - The Beautiful Night] EAP080/1/7/1/21: Binicki, S., Seljancice br. 6: (Hm! U Ilije carsilije) [County girls No. 6 - Ilija Had]
EAP080/1/7/1/22: Binicki, S., Cini ne cini [To do or not to do] [1908] EAP080/1/7/1/23: Binicki, S., Cujes duso [Hear me, Darling] [14 Aug 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/24: Biro, Ajkaci [Hunters] [13 Oct 1900 and 25 Apr 1906] EAP080/1/7/1/25: Blazek, D., Oprostaj s sumom [Farewell to the Forest]
EAP080/1/7/1/26: Blazek, D., Pesmo moja [Oh, my Song] EAP080/1/7/1/27: Brahms, J., Devojka i venac i Starinska pesma [The Girl and the Wreath and The Old Song] [1894]
EAP080/1/7/1/28: Vasek, Poljski cvet [The Wildflower] [14 Nov 1930] EAP080/1/7/1/29: Vilhar, F., Veni cvete [Flower, Fade] [1896]
EAP080/1/7/1/30: Vilhar, F., Hajd' junaci [Let's go, Heroes] EAP080/1/7/1/31: Volobjev, B. Potpourri - od ukrajinskih narodnih pesama [Potpourri of Ukrainian Folk Songs] [13 Jan 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/32: Volf, H., Pesme [Songs] [18 Jun 1902 and 19 Jan 1921] EAP080/1/7/1/33: Vrabec, U., Bilecanka [Woman from Bilece]
EAP080/1/7/1/34: Gajdovic, S., Ajde slusaj, Ando i Momice malo, davolo [Listen, Anda and Young Man, you Little Devil] [10 Nov 1936] EAP080/1/7/1/35: Gajdovic, S., Sto mi je milo [I Am So Glad] [25 May 1935]
EAP080/1/7/1/36: Gajdovic, S., Ti, sence [You, shadow] [1938] EAP080/1/7/1/37: Glinka, M. - Balakirev, M., Venecijanska noc [Night in Venice] [03 Dec 1901-13 Oct 1905]
EAP080/1/7/1/38: Gotovac, J., Dvije pesme cuda i smjeha [Two songs of wonder and laughter] EAP080/1/7/1/39: Gotovac, J., Dobra vecer [Good evening]
EAP080/1/7/1/40: Gotovac, J., Jadovanka za teletom [Lament for the Calf] EAP080/1/7/1/41: Gotovac, J., Koleda [Christmas carols]
EAP080/1/7/1/42: Gotovac, J., Oklada [The Bet] EAP080/1/7/1/43: Gotovac, J., Prigovor [The Objection]
EAP080/1/7/1/44: Grgosevic, Z., Koledarska [Christmas carol] [18 Mar 1940] EAP080/1/7/1/45: Grujic, M., Napred, Sto se sija, Pesma za veseljake, Uzdisaj [Ahead, What is Shining, Song for Merry fellows, The Sigh] [29 Jul 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/46: Dimic, P., Ubojna truba [The War Trumpet] [1931 or 1935 (undecipherable)] EAP080/1/7/1/47: Dobronic, A., Garavusa [The Dark-haired Girl] [19 May 1940]
EAP080/1/7/1/48: Doubek, H., Oj Durdev dane [St. George's Day] EAP080/1/7/1/49: Doubek, H., Svet ce citat [The World Will Read] [October 1895]
EAP080/1/7/1/50: Doubek, H., Haj [Ho!] [Jun-05] EAP080/1/7/1/51: Dragosavljevic, M., Mesecina [The Moonlight] [1904]
EAP080/1/7/1/52: Dordevic, V., Iz pesama Arif ile Zarif (Adzami srce gori mi) [From the Arif ile Zarif: My Heart is Burning] EAP080/1/7/1/53: Dordevic, V., Pevajmo braco [Let's Sing, Brothers]
EAP080/1/7/1/54: Dordevic, V., U kolu [In the Kolo] [20 Apr 1938] EAP080/1/7/1/55: Durkovic, N., Gromni glasi [Loud Voices] [13 Mar 1949]
EAP080/1/7/1/56: Zganec, V., Pij mila pij [Drink, Darling, Drink] EAP080/1/7/1/57: Zivkovic, M., Dve humoreske: Cunak na razboju i Muva na automobilu [Two Humoresques: The Loom and The Fly on the Automobile]
EAP080/1/7/1/58: Zivkovic, M., Prizrenke [Prizren Girls] EAP080/1/7/1/59: Zivkovic, M., Svita br. 2 [Suite No. 2] [26 Nov 1935]
EAP080/1/7/1/60: Zirovnik, J., Kako ozke so stezice EAP080/1/7/1/61: Zupanski (?), Laku noc [Good Night] [02 Mar 1922]
EAP080/1/7/1/62: Zajc, I., Nocni strazari [Night Guard] EAP080/1/7/1/63: Zajc, I., Crnogorac Crrnogorki [Montenegro Man to the Montenegro Woman] [02 Oct 1903]
EAP080/1/7/1/64: Ivanisevic, J., Devojcin i slavujev svatovac [Girl's and Nightingale's Wedding Song] EAP080/1/7/1/65: Ilic, P., Trakala Tinka [Tinka Made Noise] [1928]
EAP080/1/7/1/66: Jelen, A., Zelje [Wishes] EAP080/1/7/1/67: Jenko, D., Dun'te vetri (Devojacka kletva) [Oh, Winds, do Blow - Girl's Curse]
EAP080/1/7/1/68: Jenko, D., Nek dusman vidi (Sto cutis Srbine tuzni) [Let the Enemy See - Why Are You Silent, Oh, You Sad Serb] EAP080/1/7/1/69: Jenko, D., Spavas li? [Are You Sleeping?] [1897-1904]
EAP080/1/7/1/70: Jenko, D., Strunam [The Strings] [20 Feb 1904] EAP080/1/7/1/71: Jenko, D., Strune mile se glasite i Od zelja kako zdihuje [Play, oh Dear Strings and Wishes]
EAP080/1/7/1/72: Jenko, D., Tijo noci [Be Silent, oh Night] EAP080/1/7/1/73: Jenko, D., Haj [Ho!] [1871]
EAP080/1/7/1/74: Jenko, D., Hor brodarica [The Choir of Water Nymphs] EAP080/1/7/1/75: Jenko, D., Cara Dusana mars [Emperor Dusan's March] [13 Oct 1930]
EAP080/1/7/1/76: Jenzi (or Jenzn?), A., Kad s jeseni grozde zre i Nova ljubav [When Grape Ripens in Autumn and The New Love] EAP080/1/7/1/77: Jovanovic, J., Na oruzje [Take the Guns]
EAP080/1/7/1/78: Joksimovic, B., Kolo srpskih narodnih pesama [The Kolo of Serbian Folk Songs] [22 Feb 1922] EAP080/1/7/1/79: Kaliko (Callicott J.), Dok ljubav nema sna [While Love Does Not Sleep] [02 Apr 1927]
EAP080/1/7/1/80: Karas, Jezerce [Small Lake] EAP080/1/7/1/81: Karas, L. , Pod prozorom [Under the Window]
EAP080/1/7/1/82: Kert, E., Brodarska pesma [Sailor's Song] [01 May 1902] EAP080/1/7/1/83: Kittl , J. B., Vlastencka, Smirna, Jen Svorny Duch
EAP080/1/7/1/84: Kjui, C., Dve rozi [Two Roses] EAP080/1/7/1/85: Knitl, K. Mazurka
EAP080/1/7/1/86: Kogoj, M., Orel EAP080/1/7/1/87: Kogoj, M., Slovo (male choir) i Narodna (mixed choir) [The Letter and The Folk Song]
EAP080/1/7/1/88: Kozina, M., Hej, tovarisi [Hey, Friends!] EAP080/1/7/1/89: Konjovic, P., Dilber, Oraci (Seljancice br. 4), Dve jabuke (Seljancice br.6) [Darling, Plowmen - Country girls no. 4; Two Apples - Country girls no. 6]
EAP080/1/7/1/90: Konjovic, P., Znas li? [Do You Know?] EAP080/1/7/1/91: Konjovic, P., Iz nasih krajeva [From Our Region]
EAP080/1/7/1/92: Konjovic, P., Merida EAP080/1/7/1/93: Kotur, D., Bij me majko bij [Hit Me, Mother] [1930]
EAP080/1/7/1/94: Kranjcevic, P., Odbi se grana [The Branch is Broken] EAP080/1/7/1/95: Krizkovski, Utopljenica [Drowning Woman]
EAP080/1/7/1/96: Krstic, P., Devojka i vetar [The Girl and the Wind] EAP080/1/7/1/97: Krstic, P., Ej! Sve mi se selo omilelo [Hey! I like the Village]
EAP080/1/7/1/98: Krstic, P., Klipa, klapa... EAP080/1/7/1/99: Krstic, P., Legoh da spavam iz Seljancica [I went to Sleep from Country girls]
EAP080/1/7/1/100: Krstic, P., Leto u srcu [Summer in the Heart] EAP080/1/7/1/101: Krstic, P., Majka srpskog junaka [The Mother of Serbian Soldier] [02 Jul 1932]
EAP080/1/7/1/102: Krstic, P., Nevero, rane, nevero [Unfaithful] EAP080/1/7/1/103: Krstic, P., Noc mirise [The Night Smells]
EAP080/1/7/1/104: Krstic, P., Pevajmo braco [Brothers, Let's Sing] [12 May 1903-22 Oct 1930] EAP080/1/7/1/105: Krstic, P., Pod jorgovanom [Under the Lilac]
EAP080/1/7/1/106: Krstic, P., U selu se, sto me vole [In the Village] EAP080/1/7/1/107: Krstic, P., Cjelo mi selo [The Whole Village] [06 Feb 1923]
EAP080/1/7/1/108: Kuhac, F., Vjenac narodnih pjesama [Vjenac of Folk Songs] EAP080/1/7/1/109: Kuhac, F., Oprostaj [Forgiveness]
EAP080/1/7/1/110: Lzicar, S., Backi napevi [Tunes from Backa] EAP080/1/7/1/111: Lzicar, S., Jos ne sviti [It is not Dawn] [January 1899]
EAP080/1/7/1/112: Lzicar, S., Kolo (Igra kolo burno lako) [Kolo] EAP080/1/7/1/113: Lisenko, N., Stelisja barvinku [06 Jul 1932]
EAP080/1/7/1/114: Lifka, Omladinsko kolo [Youth Kolo] [May 1902] EAP080/1/7/1/115: Majer, U noci (sv. II br.10) i Draga sta je to (sv. I br. 4) [In the Night and What is it, Darling?] [25 Jan 1906]
EAP080/1/7/1/116: Manojlovic, K., Moravacka [From Morava] [1925] EAP080/1/7/1/117: Markovic, S., Vilinsko kolo [Fairies Kolo] [22 Nov 1930]
EAP080/1/7/1/118: Marinkovic, J., Gospodar i sluga Avram [The Master and the Servant Avram] EAP080/1/7/1/119: Marinkovic, J., Junacki poklic [Hero's Cry]
EAP080/1/7/1/120: Marinkovic, J., Kolo br.2 [Kolo No. 2] EAP080/1/7/1/121: Marinkovic, J., Napred [Ahead] [24 Jul 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/122: Marinkovic, J., Povratak [The Return] [13 May 1902] EAP080/1/7/1/123: Marinkovic, J., Potocara [Water Mill]
EAP080/1/7/1/124: Marinkovic, J., Putu kraj [End of the Road] [12 Aug 1903] EAP080/1/7/1/125: Marinkovic, J., Sokoli [The Hawks]
EAP080/1/7/1/126: Marinkovic, J., Srpski oro [Serbian Oro] [1901] EAP080/1/7/1/127: Marinkovic, J., U boj [In the Battle]
EAP080/1/7/1/128: Marinkovic, J., Haj, nek jekne [Hey, let it be heard] [03 Oct 1902] EAP080/1/7/1/129: Marinkovic, J., Haj, slatko je [Hey, it is sweet]
EAP080/1/7/1/130: Mendelssohn, F., Oprostaj s gorom [Farewell to the Mountain] EAP080/1/7/1/131: Mendelssohn, F., Sa jednom reci da mi je [If only I had]
EAP080/1/7/1/132: Milojevic, M., Dugo se polje zeleni [The Field is Green] [12 Feb 1935] EAP080/1/7/1/133: Milojevic, M., Muha i komarac [Fly and Mosquito] [1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/134: Milojevic, M., Na grobu mile nane [On the Grave] [1940] EAP080/1/7/1/135: Milojevic, M., 1. Noc 2. Leptir i ruza 3. Pesma u zoru [1. The Night 2. The Butterfly and Rose 3. The Song in the Dawn]
EAP080/1/7/1/136: Milosevic, P., Ne sedi Demo [Demo is not sitting] EAP080/1/7/1/137: Milcinski A., Molitva [The Prayer] [June 1903]
EAP080/1/7/1/138: Mokranjac, St. St., Bir caresi jok [11 Aug 1931] EAP080/1/7/1/139: Mokranjac, St. St., Za inat iz Seljancica [In spite of, from Country girls] [May, 1905]
EAP080/1/7/1/140: Mokranjac, St. St., Kozar [The Goatherd] [1908] EAP080/1/7/1/141: Mokranjac, St. St., Ne del zel s'n i Mekam [1892 or 1902 (undecipherable)]
EAP080/1/7/1/142: Mokranjac, St. St., Primorski napjevi [See Songs] EAP080/1/7/1/143: Mokranjac, St. St., Prva rukovet [The First Rukovet]
EAP080/1/7/1/144: Mokranjac, St. St., Druga rukovet [The Second Rukovet] [1902] EAP080/1/7/1/145: Mokranjac, St. St., Treca rukovet [The Third Rukovet] [16 Mar 1894-Feb 1902]
EAP080/1/7/1/146: Mokranjac, St. St., Mirjana (Cetvrta rukovet) [Mirjana, The Fourth Rukovet] [Nov 40] EAP080/1/7/1/147: Mokranjac, St. St., Peta rukovet [The Fifth Rukovet] [1903-1924]
EAP080/1/7/1/148: Mokranjac, St. St., Sesta rukovet [The Sixth Rukovet] [12 May 1898] EAP080/1/7/1/149: Mokranjac, St. St., Sedma rukovet [The Seventh Rukovet]
EAP080/1/7/1/150: Mokranjac, St. St., Osma rukovet [The Eight Rukovet] [1902-1910] EAP080/1/7/1/151: Mokranjac, St. St., Deveta rukovet [The Ninth Rukovet]
EAP080/1/7/1/152: Mokranjac, St. St., Deseta rukovet [The Tenth Rukovet] EAP080/1/7/1/153: Mokranjac, St. St., Dvanaesta rukovet [The Twelfth Rukovet]
EAP080/1/7/1/154: Mokranjac, St. St., Trinaesta rukovet [The Thirteenth Rukovet] [13 Sep 1943] EAP080/1/7/1/155: Mokranjac, St. St., Cetrnaesta rukovet [The Fourteenth Rukovet]
EAP080/1/7/1/156: Mokranjac, St. St., Ogrejala mesecina, zavrsio Kosta Manojlovic [Shiny Moon, completed by Kosta Manojlovic] EAP080/1/7/1/157: Mokranjac, St. St., Haj iz Seljancica i Bosancice [Ho, from Country girls and Girl from Bosnia] [1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/158: Mokranjac, St. St., Cekanje iz Seljancica [Waiting from Country girls] [1903-1904] EAP080/1/7/1/159: Mokranjac, St. St., Cetiri srpske narodne obredne pesme [Four Serbian Rite Songs] [1895-1900]
EAP080/1/7/1/160: Nedved, Na strazi [On the Guard] EAP080/1/7/1/161: Nestorovic, St. J., Pesme iz raznih krajeva [Songs from Various Regions]
EAP080/1/7/1/162: Nikorovic, K. Doline tutnje [The Valleys are Roaring] [10 Feb 1925] EAP080/1/7/1/163: Pacu, J., Backi napevi [Tunes from Backa] [19 Jun 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/164: Pensen, A. J., Cedo na umoru [Dying Child] EAP080/1/7/1/165: Plestic, V., Oj, talasi i Laku noc [Oh, Waves and Good Night] [17 Oct 1933]
EAP080/1/7/1/166: Plestic, V., Tri narodne [Three Folk Songs] [07 Feb 1936] EAP080/1/7/1/167: Potocki, Zvona [The Bells] [30 May 1898]
EAP080/1/7/1/168: Pericic, V., Pesme iz Vranja [Songs from Vranje] [Mar 1969] EAP080/1/7/1/169: Prajs - Javorski, J., Ala, ala
EAP080/1/7/1/170: Prajs - Javorski, J., Banacansko kolo [Kolo from Banat] [20 Nov 1920] EAP080/1/7/1/171: Prohaska, Lj., Zorja moja [My Dawn]
EAP080/1/7/1/172: Prohaska Lj., Pecliva mila EAP080/1/7/1/173: Ruzic, M., Nabrusimo kose [Let us Sharpen the Scythes] [24 Jan 1945]
EAP080/1/7/1/174: Slavenski, J. S., Dva hora a cappella [Two a Cappela Choirs] EAP080/1/7/1/175: Slavenski, J. S., Ljubavna pesma [Love Song] [13 Apr 1929]
EAP080/1/7/1/176: Slavenski, J. S., Svatovska [The Wedding Song] [08 Dec 1935] EAP080/1/7/1/177: Slavenski, J. S., Rugalica [The Mocking Song] [1941]
EAP080/1/7/1/178: Slavjanski, Vniz po matuske [Down by Volga River] EAP080/1/7/1/179: Slavjanski, Crven sarafan [The Red Sarafan]
EAP080/1/7/1/180: Spernjak, V., Dve srpske narodne pesme [Two Serbian Folk Songs] EAP080/1/7/1/181: Srbulj, J., Briga materina [The Mother's Worry]
EAP080/1/7/1/182: Stajnov P., Sto mi je milo [I am so glad] EAP080/1/7/1/183: Stankovic, K., Evo desnice [Here is the Right Hand] [1903]
EAP080/1/7/1/184: Stankovic, K., Jedno momice [One Guy] EAP080/1/7/1/185: Stankovic, K., Rado ide Srbin u vojnike [Serbian Soldier Happily Serving the Army]
EAP080/1/7/1/186: Stojanovic, Kad sve bude u pokoju [When Everything is in Peace] [05 Jan 1895-12 Dec 1924] EAP080/1/7/1/187: Tajcevic M., Dve starosrbijanske pesme [Two Old Serbian Songs]
EAP080/1/7/1/188: Tolinger, R., Voda i suze [Water and Tears] [1930] EAP080/1/7/1/189: Tolinger, R., Pesme sa Leskovca [Songs from Leskovac] [28 Feb 1902-12 Sep 1930]
EAP080/1/7/1/190: Tolinger, R., Rusandanke [Girls from Rusanda] [Apr 1900-Apr 1901] EAP080/1/7/1/191: Tolinger, R., Crna noci [Oh, Dark Night]
EAP080/1/7/1/192: Topalovic, M., Boj [The Battle] EAP080/1/7/1/193: Topalovic, M., Napuni pehar [Fill the Cup] [24 May 1904]
EAP080/1/7/1/194: Topalovic, M., Pesma posle vencanja [The Song after the Wedding] [24 Jul 1935] EAP080/1/7/1/195: Tumangelov, Padnala e temna mogla [The Fog is Falling]
EAP080/1/7/1/196: Tovacovski, N., Bugarski napevi [Bulgarian Tunes] EAP080/1/7/1/197: Tovacovski, N., Na krkonos
EAP080/1/7/1/198: Tovacovski, N., Slavenski napevi [Slavic Tunes] [23 Jun 1931] EAP080/1/7/1/199: Fleism, Luna sije i Bratci veseli [Shiny Moon and Cheerful Brothers]
EAP080/1/7/1/200: Havlasa, G., Andeo Srba [The Angel of Serbs] [07 May 1904] EAP080/1/7/1/201: Havlasa, G., Padajte braco [Perish, oh Brothers]
EAP080/1/7/1/202: Havlasa, G., Sad je vreme [Now's the Time] EAP080/1/7/1/203: Hace (Hatze) J., Lem Edim [1921]
EAP080/1/7/1/204: Hace (Hatze) J., Uspavanka [Lullaby] [21 Feb 1944] EAP080/1/7/1/205: Hendrych, V., Ratna pjesma Kosovska [The War Song of Kosovo]
EAP080/1/7/1/206: Hladacek, Srbija se digla vece [Serbia has arisen] EAP080/1/7/1/207: Horejsek, V., Bjelana
EAP080/1/7/1/208: Horejsek, V., Gde pticice [Where the Birds] EAP080/1/7/1/209: Horejsek, V., Davorje [24 Jul 1935]
EAP080/1/7/1/210: Horejsek, V., Eno barjak [There is the Flag] [1941] EAP080/1/7/1/211: Horejsek, V., Ja sam dace [I'm the Pupil]
EAP080/1/7/1/212: Kolo EAP080/1/7/1/213: Horejsek V., Pesma u zimu [The Winter Song]
EAP080/1/7/1/214: Horejsek V., Smesa srpskih narodnih pesama [The Potpourri from Serbian Folk Songs] [1903-1930] EAP080/1/7/1/215: Horejsek V., Srpske narodne pesme [Serbian Folk Songs] [06 Feb 1931]
EAP080/1/7/1/216: Horejsek V., Srpske narodne pesme [Serbian Folk Songs] EAP080/1/7/1/217: Horejsek V., Tuga [The Sorrow]
EAP080/1/7/1/218: Horejsek V., Crnogorski uskok [Uskok from Montenegro] [1900] EAP080/1/7/1/219: Hristic S., Dve pobozne pesme [Two Religious Songs]
EAP080/1/7/1/220: Hristic S., Jesen [The Autumn] [1939] EAP080/1/7/1/221: Hubad, M., Gor cez jezero [Up, on the Lake]
EAP080/1/7/1/222: Ce, J., Decja poputnica [Children's Farewell] [12 Nov 1887] EAP080/1/7/1/223: Ce, J., Dodirni rukom zice [Touch the Strings] [1882]
EAP080/1/7/1/224: Ce, J., Domovina ("Domovino draga slatka") [The Homeland - "Oh, Dear, Sweet Homeland"] EAP080/1/7/1/225: Ce, J., Domovina [The Homeland]
EAP080/1/7/1/226: Ce, J., Dunte vetri [Oh, Wind, do Blow] EAP080/1/7/1/227: Ce, J., Durdevdan [St. George's Day]
EAP080/1/7/1/228: Ce, J., Kad u vece [In the Evening] [24 Feb 1923] EAP080/1/7/1/229: Ce, J., Ljubicice [The Violets]
EAP080/1/7/1/230: Ce, J., Majska pesma ("Obasjalo") [May Song - "The Sun is Shining"] EAP080/1/7/1/231: Ce, J., Majska pesma ("Haj, haj, prvi maj") [May Song - "Ho, Ho, The First of May"]
EAP080/1/7/1/232: Ce, J., Mladi mornar [Young Sailor] EAP080/1/7/1/233: Ce, J., Mornareva pesma [Sailor's Song]
EAP080/1/7/1/234: Ce, J., Oj nauko [Oh, Science] EAP080/1/7/1/235: Ce, J., Pet! [Five!]
EAP080/1/7/1/236: Ce, J., Sve sniva [Everyone is Dreaming] EAP080/1/7/1/237: Ce, J., Srpkinja [Serbian Woman]
EAP080/1/7/1/238: Ce, J., U slozi je spas [Salvation is in the Harmony] [25 Apr 1883] EAP080/1/7/1/239: Santic, A., Kosovo
EAP080/1/7/1/240: Santic, A., Tamburice [Little Tamburas] [20 Jun 1931] EAP080/1/7/1/241: Sarf, G., Mornarska [The Sailor's Song] [1906-1907]
EAP080/1/7/1/242: Skroup, J., Staroceska [Old Czech Song] [1911] EAP080/1/7/1/243: Sistek, V., Oj, Srbijo [Oh, Serbia] [24 Aug 1903-May 1905]
EAP080/1/7/1/244: Spoljar, Ti momo, ti devojko; Cesljaj me majkica [You, Maid, You, Girl; Mother, Comb my Hair] EAP080/1/7/1/245: Sram, S., II smesa narodnih pesama [The Second Potpourri from Folk Songs]
EAP080/1/7/1/246: Sram, S., Kroz ponoc [Through the Night] EAP080/1/7/1/247: Bog s tobom ti lepa sumice, Bojna truba [The Beautiful Forest, God be with you; The War Trumpet], author unknown
EAP080/1/7/1/248: Bojna truba [The War Trumpet], author unknown EAP080/1/7/1/249: Bojna pesma [The War Song], author unknown
EAP080/1/7/1/250: Budi zdrava [Be well], author unknown EAP080/1/7/1/251: Vecernji zvon (ruska narodna pesma) [Evening Bells, Russian folk song]
EAP080/1/7/1/252: Vilino kolo [Fairy's kolo] EAP080/1/7/1/253: Gromovi i munje [Thunder and Lightening]
EAP080/1/7/1/254: Domovina [The Homeland] EAP080/1/7/1/255: Ej, palo inje [The Mist]
EAP080/1/7/1/256: Zavet [The Oath] EAP080/1/7/1/257: Za potokom [On the Creek] [15 Jul 1908]
EAP080/1/7/1/258: Zar tako i Pod onom jelom [Why is That; Under that Tree] EAP080/1/7/1/259: Kovacu [Hey, Blacksmith!]
EAP080/1/7/1/260: La, la, la EAP080/1/7/1/261: Laku noc ("Iz sna slatkog...") [Good Night - "Sweet Dreams"]
EAP080/1/7/1/262: Laku noc ("U plamenu more tone") [Good Night - The See in the Flame"] EAP080/1/7/1/263: Lezi polje ravno [Flat Fields]
EAP080/1/7/1/264: Maglica [The Fog] EAP080/1/7/1/265: Nabonovala bih
EAP080/1/7/1/266: Ogrejala mesecina [Shiny Moon] EAP080/1/7/1/267: Oprostaj s gorom [Farewell to the Mountain]
EAP080/1/7/1/268: Orao klikce [Eagle's Cry] EAP080/1/7/1/269: Ori mi se [It is Echoing] [16 May 1903]
EAP080/1/7/1/270: Pesma jadranske vile [Song of the Fairy from Jadran] EAP080/1/7/1/271: Pijmo vino [Let's Drink Wine] [03 Dec 1901]
EAP080/1/7/1/272: Pod prozorom [Under the Window] EAP080/1/7/1/273: Pod trgo bivam
EAP080/1/7/1/274: Po planinah [Over the Mountain] EAP080/1/7/1/275: Prolecna noc [The Night in Spring]
EAP080/1/7/1/276: Radosti, radosti, ruzice rumena [Joy, oh Joy] EAP080/1/7/1/277: Silno na zemlji [On the Earth]
EAP080/1/7/1/278: Svu noc mi soko prepjeva [The Hawk is Singing through the Night] EAP080/1/7/1/279: Srbin [The Serb] [13 Nov 1930]
EAP080/1/7/1/280: Srpstvu ("Iz mog srca, iz plamenih grudi") [Serbhood - "From my Heart, from my Chest] EAP080/1/7/1/281: Tam gdje vjenci modre hori
EAP080/1/7/1/282: Tice selice [Migratory Birds] EAP080/1/7/1/283: Tri bekrije [Three Drunkards] [06 Feb 1904]
EAP080/1/7/1/284: Haj, da je meni [If only I had] EAP080/1/7/1/285: Hajd ' junaci [Heroes] [18 Nov 1925]
EAP080/1/7/1/286: Hm, devojcica...u kolo ce, odlomak kompozicije [Hm, little Girl... in the Kolo, fragment] EAP080/1/7/1/287: Crne oci [Dark Eyes]
EAP080/1/7/1/288: Cernobrovi cernooki EAP080/1/7/1/289: Calovik [The Man]
EAP080/1/7/1/290: Unknown composition (fragment), Ko bi tebe poljubio...["Who would kiss you"] EAP080/1/7/1/291: Unknown composition (fragment), "Miluju ce..." ["Caressing"]
EAP080/1/7/1/292: Unknown composition (fragment) Napitnica [Drinking Song] EAP080/1/7/1/293: Unknown composition (fragment) (Od "O sidi draga") [from "Come down, my darling"] [31 Dec 1894]
EAP080/1/7/1/294: Unknown composition (fragment) (od "Sever duva") [from "North wind blows"] EAP080/1/7/1/295: Unknown composition (fragment) ("uzdises. Potoce bistri hladani") [from: "You are sighing. Clear, cold stream"] [12 Feb 1935]
EAP080/1/7/1/296: Unknown composition (fragment) ("u sladanoj nadi") [from "in sweet hope"] EAP080/1/7/1/297: Unknown composition (fragment) ("sta si, Mare") [from "what have you, Mare"] [12 Oct 1899]
EAP080/1/7/2/1: Korunovic, Stanisa, Zbirka pesama za decje i zenske horove [Collected choral music. For children and female choirs] [1936] EAP080/1/7/2/2: Vaclav Horejsek, Zbirka horskih pesama [Collected choral music]
EAP080/1/7/2/3: Binicki S. and Zganec V., Zbirka horova [Collected choral music] EAP080/1/7/2/4: Group of authors, Zbornik horskih pesama [Collected choral songs] [1950]
EAP080/1/7/2/5: Group of authors, Zbirka 33 mesovita i muska hora [33 Mixed and Male Choirs] [1903] EAP080/1/7/2/6: Group of authors, Tri pesme za mesoviti hor i muski hor [Three songs for mixed and male choir]
EAP080/1/7/2/7: Group of authors, Zbirka horskih kompozicija [Collected choral music] EAP080/1/7/2/8: Unknown author, Ceske (?) jednoglasne i viseglasne pesme [Czech? monophonic and polyphonic songs]
EAP080/1/7/2/9: Unknown author, 4 pesme za muski hor [Four songs for male choir] EAP080/1/7/2/10: Unknown author(s), Muzika iz nekog komada s pevanjem [Music from a stage-play]
EAP080/1/7/2/11: Unknown author, Zbirka pesama [Compilation of songs] EAP080/1/7/2/12: Unknown author, Zbirka pesama [Compilation of songs]
EAP080/1/7/3/1: Doubek, H., Himna Mileticu [Miletic's Hymn] EAP080/1/7/3/2: Jankovic, S., Himna zanatlijske zadruge [The Craftsmen Society Anthem] [1903]
EAP080/1/7/3/3: Jenko, D., Srpska narodna himna Boze pravde [Serbian Anthem God of Justice] [1922-1935] EAP080/1/7/3/4: Jenko, D., Himna Davorje [Davorje Anthem] [1900]
EAP080/1/7/3/5: Konjovic, P., Himna srpskoj pesmi [Hymn to the Serbian Song] EAP080/1/7/3/6: Marinkovic, J., Himna Gundulica [Gundulic's Anthem] [13 Nov 1903]
EAP080/1/7/3/7: Milojevic, M., Jugosloveni (na vrelu bratstva) [Yugoslavs. At the source of brotherhood] [29 Jun 1931] EAP080/1/7/3/8: Milojevic, M., Kralju Petru Velikom - Oslobodiocu [To the King Petar Veliki]
EAP080/1/7/3/9: Mokranjac, St., Himna pedesetogodisnjici Beogradskog pevackog drustva [Anniversary Hymn for the 50 years of Belgrade Choral Society] [26 Apr 1903] EAP080/1/7/3/10: Plestic, Hej, Sloveni [Hey, Slavs] [18 Feb 1938]
EAP080/1/7/3/11: Havlasa, G. (?), Himna (Boze silni nasih pradedova) [Hymn. Almighty God] EAP080/1/7/3/12: Ce, J., Himna Branku Radicevicu [Branko Radicevic's Hymn]
EAP080/1/7/3/13: Unknown author, Rumunska himna [Romanian Anthem] [26 May 1938] EAP080/1/7/3/14: Unknown authors, Himne[zbirka [Collected hymns] [03 Nov 1931]
EAP080/1/7/4/1: Benda, K., S neba silaze andeli [Angels are coming down from Heaven] EAP080/1/7/4/2: Bosnjakovic, Lj., Selo moje ubavo, rapsodija za soliste mesoviti hor i orkestar [My beautiful village, rhapsody for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra] [July 1940]
EAP080/1/7/4/3: Dominis, I., Pardon, Pardon, fokstrot pesma [Pardon, pardon, the foxtrot song] EAP080/1/7/4/4: Zivkovic, M., Rodenje vesne, kantata za solo bas, mesoviti hor i orkestar [Birth of Spring, cantata for solo bass, mixed choir and orchestra]
EAP080/1/7/4/5: Zlatic, S., Varijacije na narodnu temu [Variations on the Folk Tune] [04 Sep 1949] EAP080/1/7/4/6: Jenko, D., Mlada Jelka [Young Jelka] [18 May 1901]
EAP080/1/7/4/7: Jenko, D., Ukor [Blame] EAP080/1/7/4/8: Marinkovic, Rastanak [Departure]
EAP080/1/7/4/9: Ferman, R., Fokstrot i pesma za klavir i solo tenor (Gospodo, dame) [Foxtrot and song for tenor and piano - Gentlemen, ladies] [1930] EAP080/1/7/4/10: Havlasa, G., Rekao nam bog bogova [God told us]
EAP080/1/7/4/11: Ce J., Moja draga Fruska Goro [My dear Fruska Gora] EAP080/1/7/4/12: Ce J., Pri rastanku [Saying Goodbye]
EAP080/1/7/4/13: Ce J., Putnik [The Traveler] [1883] EAP080/1/7/4/14: Ce J., Srpkinja [Serbian woman] [18 Feb 1897]
EAP080/1/7/4/15: Unknown author, Kalinka EAP080/1/7/4/16: Unknown author, Dve solo pesme [Two solo songs]
EAP080/1/7/4/17: Unknown author, odlomak solo-pesme na nemackom jeziku [Fragment of the solo song in German] EAP080/1/7/4/18: Unknown author, Nepoznat [Unknown title] [February 1897]
EAP080/1/7/5/1: Bajic, Isidor, Sretan pastir [Happy Shepard] EAP080/1/7/5/2: Bajic, I., Srpkinja, hor iz opere Knez Ivo od Semberije [Serbian Woman, choir from the opera Prince Ivo from Semberija]
EAP080/1/7/5/3: Bizet, G., Arija toreadora iz opere Karmen [Matador's aria from Carmen] EAP080/1/7/5/4: Binicki, S., Hor momaka i devojaka iz opere Na uranku [Choir of men and women from opera At dawn]
EAP080/1/7/5/5: Gounod, Ch., Faust horovi: Oj, cast i slava, Da zivi slava i vojna cast (Vojnicki zbor) [Choirs Honor and Glory and Long Live Glory and Military Honor from the opera Faust] [March – April 1896] EAP080/1/7/5/6: Gounod, Ch., Faust [fragments] [September, 1896]
EAP080/1/7/5/7: Donizetti, G., Marija, kci pukovnije La fille du regiment [The Daughter of the Regiment, fragments] EAP080/1/7/5/8: Jenko, D., Pesme iz komada s pevanjem Devojacka kletva (Oj, Moravo, Jova Ruzu kroz sviralu zove, Siroce sam, Oj, Jelena, Tri devojke, Karavilje, Hajd' u borbu, Kolo) [Songs from the stage music Girl's Curse]
EAP080/1/7/5/9: Jenko, D., Dido [The Hero] EAP080/1/7/5/10: Lisenko, N., Na poselu, komad s pevanjem, za soliste, hor i klavir [At the Party, stage music for soloists, choir and piano] [1931-1932]
EAP080/1/7/5/11: Offenbach, J., Ah hor iz Hofmanovih prica [Choir Ah, from The Tales of Hoffmann] EAP080/1/7/5/12: Pacu, J., Nasi seljani (odlomci) [Our Farmers, fragments] [1903]
EAP080/1/7/5/13: Smetana, B., Prodana nevesta [The Bartered Bride, fragments] [1897] EAP080/1/7/5/14: Hristic, S., Cucuk Stana, [fragments]
EAP080/1/7/6/1: Glanzberg, N., Jednom tvoje srce bice moje, pesma i tango iz tonfilma Pospani muz [Once, your heart will be mine, the song and the tango from the film The Sleepy Husband] [1931] EAP080/1/7/6/2: Logar, M., Pesma Beogradu iz filma Beograd [Song to Belgrade, from the film Belgrade] [02 Oct 1946]
EAP080/1/7/7/1: Valdtajfel , Valcer [The Valse] EAP080/1/7/7/2: Grieg, E., Novi dom [The New Home]
EAP080/1/7/7/3: Eiseman, M., Bas ces za inat biti moja [In spite of everything, you will be mine] [19 Sep 1927] EAP080/1/7/7/4: Spohr, L., Faust - Poloneza [Faust Polonaise]
EAP080/1/7/7/5: Velika Macvanka [The Great Macvanka] EAP080/1/7/7/6: XII smesa srpskih pesama [The Twelfth Potpourri from Serbian Songs]
EAP080/1/7/7/7: Unknown title [1932-1933] EAP080/1/7/7/8: Unknown title [Opium tango]
EAP080/1/7/7/9: Srpski kadril [Serbian Quadrille] EAP080/1/7/7/10: Unknown author, Unknown title
EAP080/1/8/1/1: Aljabjev, A., Ize heruvimi [Cherubic Hymn] [03 Dec 1934] EAP080/1/8/1/2: Alemanov, D., Heruvimska pesma [Cherubic Hymn] [09 May 1951]
EAP080/1/8/1/3: Arhangelski, A., Vjeruju [The Creed] [15 Apr 1940] EAP080/1/8/1/4: Arhangelski, A., Vjecnaja pamjat [Eternal Memory] [Nov 1934]
EAP080/1/8/1/5: Arhangelski, A., Glasom mojim ko Gospodu vozvah [With My Voice I Cried Out to the Lord] EAP080/1/8/1/6: Arhangelski, A., Gospodi uslisi molitvu moju [Lord, Hear my Prayer] [06 Feb 1947-Sep 1940]
EAP080/1/8/1/7: Arhangelski, A., Jektenija [Litany] [26 Sep 1934] EAP080/1/8/1/8: Arhangelski, A., K Bogorodice priljezno [To the Mother of God] [12 Dec 1934]
EAP080/1/8/1/9: Arhangelski, A., K komu vozopiju vladicice. Ne imami inija pomosci [To Whom do I Call. We have no other help] [1933] EAP080/1/8/1/10: Arhangelski, A., Milost mira [The Mercy of Peace] [13 Mar 1944]
EAP080/1/8/1/11: Arhangelski, A., Molitvu proliju ko Gospodu [Let me pour forth my prayer] [26 May 1951] EAP080/1/8/1/12: Arhangelski, A., Ninje otpuscajesi [Now Thou Dismiss Thy Servant] [02 Dec 1934]
EAP080/1/8/1/13: Arhangelski, A., Svjat [Holy] [27 Apr 1943-13 Mar 1944] EAP080/1/8/1/14: Arhangelski, A., Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [27 Apr 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/15: Arhangelski, A., Utoli boljezni [Soothe the pain] [20 Dec 1934] EAP080/1/8/1/16: Arhangelski, A., Hvalite imja Gospodnje [Praise Ye the Name of the Lord] [06 Dec 1933-10 Nov 1947]
EAP080/1/8/1/17: Bajic, I., Svjati Boze [Holy God] EAP080/1/8/1/18: Bajic, I., Heruvimska pesma. Jako da carja [Cherubic Hymn. That we May Receive] [20 Sep 1942-12 Oct 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/19: Bajic, I., Himna patrijarhu [Hymn to the Patriarch] EAP080/1/8/1/20: Binicki, S., Da ispolnjatsja [Let our Mouth] [15 Feb 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/21: Binicki, S., Jedin svjat [One is Holy] [18 Feb 1943] EAP080/1/8/1/22: Binicki, S., Jektenija za upokojene [Litany from the Funeral Service] [04 Feb 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/23: Binicki, S., Opelo [The Funeral Service] EAP080/1/8/1/24: Binicki, S., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer]
EAP080/1/8/1/25: Binicki, S., Svjati Boze [Holy God] EAP080/1/8/1/26: Bortnjanski, D., Aliluja. Jektenija (iz Liturgije) [Halleluja. Litany - from the Liturgy] [24 Jul 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/27: Bortnjanski, D., Angel vopijase [The Angel Cried Out] EAP080/1/8/1/28: Bortnjanski, D., Blagoobrazni Josif. Mironosicam zenam [Noble Joseph. The angel stood by the tomb] [02 Apr 1940]
EAP080/1/8/1/29: Bortnjanski, D., Blagosloven grjadi do Vidjehom (iz Liturgije) [Blessed is He - We have Soon, from the Liturgy] [25 Jul 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/30: Bortnjanski, D., Da ispolnjatsja [Let our Mouth] [25 Jul 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/31: Bortnjanski, D., Dostojno jest [It is truly meet] ,21 Dec 1896, 13 Jun 1933, Jul 1940 [21 Dec 1896-Jul 1940] EAP080/1/8/1/32: Bortnjanski, D., Gospodi uslisi [Lord, Hear my Prayer] [1897]
EAP080/1/8/1/33: Bortnjanski, D., Is pola eti [03 Aug 1944] EAP080/1/8/1/34: Bortnjanski, D., Kolj slaven [How Glorious is Our Lord] [after 1945 and 22 Sep 1947]
EAP080/1/8/1/35: Bortnjanski, D., Koncert br. 9 ( I stav) [Concerto No. 9, The First Movement] [19 Jul 1944] EAP080/1/8/1/36: Bortnjanski, D., Milost mira [The Mercy of Peace] [06 Sep 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/37: Bortnjanski, D., Mnogaja ljeta [Many Years] [01 Jun 1943 and 01 Jun 1943] EAP080/1/8/1/38: Bortnjanski, D., Oca i Sina (iz Liturgije) [Father and Son, from the Liturgy]
EAP080/1/8/1/39: Bortnjanski, D., Svjati Boze [Holy God] [24 Jul 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/40: Bortnjanski, D., Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [06 Mar 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/41: Bortnjanski, D., Certog Tvoj [Thy Hall] EAP080/1/8/1/42: Bortnjanski, D., Heruvika br. 7 [Cherubic Hymn no. 7] [30 Sep 1934 and 29 Apr 1964]
EAP080/1/8/1/43: Vedelj, A., Pokajanija otverzi mi dveri [Open to Me the Doors of Repentance] EAP080/1/8/1/44: Vinogradov, M., Milost mira [The Mercy of Peace] [28 Jul 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/45: Vinogradov, M., Svjat [Holy] [28 Jul 1943] EAP080/1/8/1/46: Gavanski, A., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer]
EAP080/1/8/1/47: Gavrilovic, L., Angel vopijase [The Angel Cried Out] EAP080/1/8/1/48: Gavrilovic, L., Angel vopijase, 2. verzija [The Angel Cried Out, second version]
EAP080/1/8/1/49: Gavrilovic, L., Blagoslovi duse [Bless the Lord, my Soul] [Jul 1940] EAP080/1/8/1/50: Gavrilovic, L., Vo Jordanje [When Thou, O, Lord] [Jan 1941]
EAP080/1/8/1/51: Gavrilovic, L., Voskresenije tvoje [Your Resurrection] [06 Apr 1939] EAP080/1/8/1/52: Gavrilovic, L., Jelici [Ye all]
EAP080/1/8/1/53: Gavrilovic, L., Tropar sv. Savi [Troparion to St. Sava] EAP080/1/8/1/54: Gavrilovic, L., Tropar na Cveti [Palm Sunday Troparion] [01 Apr 1947]
EAP080/1/8/1/55: Gavrilovic, L., Tjelo Hristovo. Aliluja [Christ's Body. Halleluija] EAP080/1/8/1/56: Grecanjinov, A., Vjeruju [The Creed] [1934]
EAP080/1/8/1/57: Davidov S., Gospodi uslisi [Lord, Hear my Prayer] [02 Sep 1902] EAP080/1/8/1/58: Dvorecki V., Svjete tihij [O Joyful Light] [12 Apr 1935 and 30 Apr 1964]
EAP080/1/8/1/59: Dehtjarev S., S nami Bog [God is with us] [04 Feb 1886] EAP080/1/8/1/60: Dugan, F., In I. Vesperis Nativitatis Domini [1932]
EAP080/1/8/1/61: Zivkovic, M., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [1925] EAP080/1/8/1/62: Ilic,V., Slava vo visnjih Bogu [Glory in the Highest to God] [19 Dec 1940]
EAP080/1/8/1/63: Judl, J., So duhi pravednih [With the Spirits] EAP080/1/8/1/64: Kozin A., Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen]
EAP080/1/8/1/65: Konjovic, P., Vencanica [The Rite of Matrimony] EAP080/1/8/1/66: Konjovic, P., Jako da carja [That we may receive] [31 Dec 1945]
EAP080/1/8/1/67: Konjovic, P., Jegda pride konec vjeka [When the Final Time Comes] [25 Dec 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/68: Konjovic, P., Jektenija na Veliki petak [Good Friday Litany]
EAP080/1/8/1/69: Konjovic, P., O, kako bezakonoje [See how the lawless] [1912] EAP080/1/8/1/70: Konjovic, P., Tri pjesme iz Liturgije sv. Jovana Zlatoustog (Svjati Boze, Jelici i Aliluja) [Three Hymns from St. John Chrysostom Liturgy: Holy God, Ye all and Alleluia]
EAP080/1/8/1/71: Konjovic, P., Car nebesni [Heavenly King] EAP080/1/8/1/72: Kotur, D., Skazi mi [Tell me] [24 Jul 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/73: Kotur, D., Spasi Hriste Boze [Save, o Christ] [04 Mar 1928] EAP080/1/8/1/74: Kranjcevic, P., Pomjanuh proroka [I Called the Prophet] [06 Oct 1940-11 Dec 1946]
EAP080/1/8/1/75: Kranjcevic, P., Svjete tihij [O Joyful Light] [14 Feb 1947] EAP080/1/8/1/76: Krstev, A., Iz Liturgije (od Milost mira do Tebe pojem) [From the Liturgy: The Mercy of Peace - We praise] [13 Apr 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/77: Krstev, A., Svjati Boze [Holy God] [09 Apr 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/78: Krstic, P., Hvalite. Aliluja [Praise the Lord. Halleluia]
EAP080/1/8/1/79: Krstic, P. and Lera, L., Dve pesme u cast sv. Save [To Hymns Dedicate to St. Sava] [1938] EAP080/1/8/1/80: Kudrik, Vo pamjat vjecnuju [To the eternal memory] [25 Dec 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/81: Kudrik, Casu spasenija [The Cup of Salvation] [08 Aug 1947] EAP080/1/8/1/82: Lirin V., Svjati Boze [Holy God]
EAP080/1/8/1/83: Lirin V., Hvalite Boga [Praise the Lord] [10 - 17 Sep 1947] EAP080/1/8/1/84: Lomakin, T., V pamjat vjecnuju [To the Eternal Memory] [15 Jul 1946 (or 1940)]
EAP080/1/8/1/85: Lomakin G., Heruvimska pesma br.7 [Cherubic Hymn no. 7] [22 Jun 1939-5 Sep 1947] EAP080/1/8/1/86: Lomakin G., Heruvimska pesma br. 9 [Cherubic Hymn no. 9] [22 Jun 1933]
EAP080/1/8/1/87: Maksino (Georgije Maksimovic ?), Jako da carja [That we may receive] EAP080/1/8/1/88: Malaskin N., Vskuju satasasja [Why do the nations conspire] [13 Mar 1944-02 Apr 1944]
EAP080/1/8/1/89: Malaskin N., Pomisljaju den [I Think on The Day] EAP080/1/8/1/90: Manojlovic, K., Tropar na Duhove [Pentecost Troparion]
EAP080/1/8/1/91: Marinic, Ninje otpuscajesi [Now Thou Dismiss Thy Servant] [24 Nov 1945] EAP080/1/8/1/92: Marinkovic, J., Bozestvena liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom] [1935]
EAP080/1/8/1/93: Marinkovic, J., Jektenije. Pridite poklonimsja (iz Liturgije) [Litany. O come, let us worship, from the Liturgy] [29 Jun 1941] EAP080/1/8/1/94: Marinkovic, J., Jako da carja [That we may receive] [06 Jul 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/95: Marinkovic, J., Mnogaja ljeta [Many Years] EAP080/1/8/1/96: Marinkovic, J., O kto, kto [O, Who, Who] [Dec 1938]
EAP080/1/8/1/97: Marinkovic, J., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [05 Jun 1897] EAP080/1/8/1/98: Marinkovic, J., Svjati Boze. Aliluja (iz Liturgije) [Holy God. Alleluia, from the Liturgy]
EAP080/1/8/1/99: Marinkovic, J., Slava. Blagoslovi (iz Liturgije) [Glory. Bless the Lord, my Soul - from the Liturgy] EAP080/1/8/1/100: Marinkovic, J., Slava i ninje : Jedinorodni Sine [Glory. O, Only-begotten Son] [Jan 1940]
EAP080/1/8/1/101: Marinkovic, J., Hvalite [Praise the Lord] [30 Oct 1939] EAP080/1/8/1/102: Marinkovic, J., Heruvimska pesma [Cherubic Hymn] [06 Jul 1942]
EAP080/1/8/1/103: Marinkovic, J., Carju nebesni [Heavenly King] [11 Jun 1943-05 Aug 1939] EAP080/1/8/1/104: Milojevic, M., Jedin svjat. Pricasten (iz Svecane liturgije op. 50) [One is Holy. Communion Hymn, from the Festive Liturgy op. 50] [1939]
EAP080/1/8/1/105: Mokranjac, St. St., Aliluja ( do sugube jektenije) [Alleluia to Litany, from the Liturgy] [27 Apr 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/106: Mokranjac, St. St., Blagosloven grjadi do Vidjehom (iz Liturgije) [Blessed is He - We have seen, from the Liturgy]
EAP080/1/8/1/107: Mokranjac, St. St., Bozestvenaja sluzba [The Divine Liturgy] [1939 and 29 Feb 1941] EAP080/1/8/1/108: Mokranjac, St. St., Velika jektenija [Great Litany]
EAP080/1/8/1/109: Mokranjac, St. St., Vencanica [The Rite of Matrimony] EAP080/1/8/1/110: Mokranjac, St. St., Vo Jordanje [When Thou, O, Lord]
EAP080/1/8/1/111: Mokranjac, St. St., Vozbranoj [To Thee, Our Leader] EAP080/1/8/1/112: Mokranjac, St. St., Da ispolnjatsja [Let our Mouth] [09 Sep 1941]
EAP080/1/8/1/113: Mokranjac, St. St., Dusi i dusi [Spirits and Souls] EAP080/1/8/1/114: Mokranjac, St. St., Zaupokojena jektenija [Litany from the Funeral Service]
EAP080/1/8/1/115: Mokranjac, St. St., Jako da carja [That we may receive] [13 Oct 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/116: Mokranjac, St. St., Jedin svjat [One is Holy]
EAP080/1/8/1/117: Mokranjac, St. St., Jektenija za upokojene [Litany from the Funeral Service] EAP080/1/8/1/118: Mokranjac, St. St., Jelici [Ye all]
EAP080/1/8/1/119: Mokranjac, St. St., Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog, odlomci [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, fragments] EAP080/1/8/1/120: Mokranjac, St. St., Milost mira [The Mercy of Peace] [22 Jan 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/121: Mokranjac, St. St., Molitvami. Spasi ni [Through the prayers. Save us] EAP080/1/8/1/122: Mokranjac, St. St., Njest svjat (iz Opela) [No one is as holy, from The Funeral Service] [11 Oct 1934 and Aug 1938]
EAP080/1/8/1/123: Mokranjac, St. St., Opelo [The Funeral Service] EAP080/1/8/1/124: Mokranjac, St. St., O, kako bezakonoje [See how the lawless] [Oct 1940]
EAP080/1/8/1/125: Mokranjac, St. St., Oca i Sina [Father and Son] [21 Nov 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/126: Mokranjac, St. St., Svjat [Holy] [22 Jan 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/127: Mokranjac, St. St., Svjat do Budi imja Gospodnje (iz Liturgije) [Holy - Blessed be the Name, from Liturgy] EAP080/1/8/1/128: Mokranjac, St. St., Spasi ni [Save us]
EAP080/1/8/1/129: Mokranjac, St. St., So svjatimi [With the Saints] [10 Feb 1933 and 27 Oct 1941] EAP080/1/8/1/130: Mokranjac, St. St., Tebe Boga hvalim [We Praise Thee]
EAP080/1/8/1/131: Mokranjac, St. St., Tebe odjejuscagosja [Thee who deckest Thyself] EAP080/1/8/1/132: Mokranjac, St. St., Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [22 Jan 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/133: Mokranjac, St. St., Heruvimska pesma glas I [Cherubic Hymn, Mode I] [20 Nov 1922 and 13 Oct 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/134: Mokranjac, St. St., Himna sv. Savi [Anthem to St. Sava] [Feb 1939 and 22 Jan 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/135: Mozart, W. A., Ave Verum EAP080/1/8/1/136: Nikolajev A., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [Apr 1934 and 01 Dec 1934]
EAP080/1/8/1/137: Nikolajev A., Oce nas G-dur [The Lord's Prayer, G-major] [28 Feb 1964] EAP080/1/8/1/138: Nikoljski M., Ninje otpuscajesi [Now Thou Dismiss Thy Servant] [03 Mar 1938]
EAP080/1/8/1/139: Ostojic, T., Blagosloven grjadi iz Liturgije sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Blessed is He, from the Liturgy] EAP080/1/8/1/140: Ostojic, T., Tropar na Duhove [Pentecost Troparion] [10 Jun 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/141: Ostojic, T., Bozicni tropar [Christmas Troparion] EAP080/1/8/1/142: Ostojic, T., Vencanje i rezanje kolaca [The Rite of Matrimony and Cutting of Slava Cake] [27 Jan 1946]
EAP080/1/8/1/143: Ostojic, T., Tropar na Vaznesenje [Ascension of Christ Troparion] [01 Jun 1943] EAP080/1/8/1/144: Ostojic, T., Voskresenije Tvoje [Your Resurrection]
EAP080/1/8/1/145: Ostojic, T., Iz Liturgije (od Oca i Sina do Svjat) [The Father - Holy; from the Liturgy] EAP080/1/8/1/146: Ostojic, T., Iz Liturgije (od Oca i Sina do Tebe pojem) [Father and Son - We sing Thee, from the Liturgy]
EAP080/1/8/1/147: Ostojic, T., Jelici [Ye all] [01 Apr 1942] EAP080/1/8/1/148: Ostojic, T., Kto Bog velij [Who is so Great] [30 Apr 1903-13 May 1903]
EAP080/1/8/1/149: Ostojic, T., Likuj dnes Sione [Rejoice Today, O Sion] EAP080/1/8/1/150: Ostojic, T., Liturgija (od Svjati Boze ) [Liturgy. Starting from Holy God] [15 Jun 1899]
EAP080/1/8/1/151: Ostojic, T., Molitvami Bogorodici [Through the Prayers] [24 Sep 1941] EAP080/1/8/1/152: Ostojic, T., Na vencanju i secenju kolaca [The Rite of Matrimony and Cutting the Slava Cake]
EAP080/1/8/1/153: Ostojic, T., O, kto, kto [Oh, who, who] [18 Dec 1934] EAP080/1/8/1/154: Ostojic, T., Tropar na Cveti [Palm Sunday Troparion] [16 Apr 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/155: Ostojic, T., Oko serdca [In my Heart] [04 Jan 1901] EAP080/1/8/1/156: Ostojic, T., Tropar na Preobrazenje [Transfiguration Troparion] [15 Aug 1943]
EAP080/1/8/1/157: Ostojic, T., Tropar sv. Savi [Troparion to St. Sava] [24 Jan 1944] EAP080/1/8/1/158: Ostojic, T., Irmos na Duhove [Pentecostal Heirmos] [24 Apr 1903]
EAP080/1/8/1/159: Ostojic, T., Svjete tihij [O Joyful Light] [02 May 1904] EAP080/1/8/1/160: Ostojic, T., Ton despotin. Gospodi, spasi [To the Bishop. Lord, Save]
EAP080/1/8/1/161: Ostojic, T., Uskrs (Irmos. Ipakoj. Kondak. Pricasten) [Easter Hymns. Heirmos. Hypakoe. Kontakion. Communion Hymn] [16 Feb 1904 and 28 Feb 1904] EAP080/1/8/1/162: Pavlovic, M. R., Duhovski tropar [Pentecost Troparion] [12 May 1944 and 15 May 1953]
EAP080/1/8/1/163: Patic, Sl., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [30 Sep 1939] EAP080/1/8/1/164: Pascan-Kojanov, S., Svjati Boze [Holy God] [17 Sep 1947]
EAP080/1/8/1/165: Persijani, Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] EAP080/1/8/1/166: Plestic, V., Molitva [The Prayer] [16 Mar 1932 and 01 Jul 1935]
EAP080/1/8/1/167: Popovic, S., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [12 Apr 1943] EAP080/1/8/1/168: Pticka, Suguba jektenija [Litany of the Fervent Supplication] [22 Sep 1945]
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EAP080/1/8/1/171: Ruzic, M., Arhijerejsko Dostojno. Aliluja i dalje [It is Truly Meet. Alleluia and the rest] EAP080/1/8/1/172: Ruzic, M., Budi imja Gospodnje [Blessed be the Name] [08 Jun 1944]
EAP080/1/8/1/173: Ruzic, M., Jako da carja [That we may receive] [03 Aug 1944] EAP080/1/8/1/174: Ruzic, M., Ninje otpuscajesi [Now Thou Dismiss Thy Servant] [28 Jan 1948]
EAP080/1/8/1/175: Ruzic, M., Oce nas br. 1 [The Lord's Prayer no. 1] [08 Jul 1947] EAP080/1/8/1/176: Ruzic, M., Oce nas br. 3 [The Lord's Prayer no. 3] [25 Nov 1947]
EAP080/1/8/1/177: Ruzic, M., Oce nas br.4 [The Lord's Prayer no. 4] [23 Aug 1947] EAP080/1/8/1/178: Ruzic, M., Svjati Boze. Aliluja i dalje. Suguba jektenija [Holy God. Alleluia. Litany of Fervent Supplication] [22 Aug 1947]
EAP080/1/8/1/179: Sarti, Radujtesja ljudije [Rejoice, People] EAP080/1/8/1/180: Sarti - Mjasnjikov, Radujtesja ljudije [Rejoice, People]
EAP080/1/8/1/181: "Siniko, F., Bozicni irmos [Christmas Heirmos] [29 Dec 1934]" EAP080/1/8/1/182: "Siniko, F., Voskliknite [O be Joyful]"
EAP080/1/8/1/183: "Smolenski S., Osana [Hosanna]" EAP080/1/8/1/184: "Sokolov N., Milost mira i dalje (do Tebe pojem ) [The Mercy of Peace - We Praise Thee] [15 Aug 1947]"
EAP080/1/8/1/185: "Sokolov N., Ninje otpuscajesi [Now Thou Dismiss Thy Servant]" EAP080/1/8/1/186: "Stankovic, K., Blagosloven grjadi (iz Liturgije) [Blessed is He, from the Liturgy]"
EAP080/1/8/1/187: "Stankovic, K., Kondak iz Akatista [Kontakion from Akathistos] [Aug 1940]" EAP080/1/8/1/188: "Stankovic, K., Dostojno jest [It is truly meet] [1910-12 Feb 1945]"
EAP080/1/8/1/189: "Stankovic, K., Jako da carja [That we may receive] [12 Oct 1942]" EAP080/1/8/1/190: "Stankovic, K., Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog (odlomci) [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, fragments] [1869-13 Apr 1876]"
EAP080/1/8/1/191: "Stankovic, K., Liturdija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom] [14 Mar 1889]" EAP080/1/8/1/192: "Stankovic, K., Svjati Boze (iz Opela) [Holy God, from Funeral Service]"
EAP080/1/8/1/193: "Stankovic, K., Svjete tihij [O Joyful Light]" EAP080/1/8/1/194: "Stankovic, K., Skazi mi. Mnogaja ljeta [Tell Me. Many Years]"
EAP080/1/8/1/195: "Stankovic, K., Stankoviceva narodna liturgija [Stankovic's Liturgy]" EAP080/1/8/1/196: "Stankovic, K., Tebe pojem, veliko [We praise Thee, great chant] [Sep 1940]"
EAP080/1/8/1/197: "Stankovic, K., Heruvika [Cherubic Hymn] [12 Oct 1942]" EAP080/1/8/1/198: "Stankovic, K., Himna sv. Savi [Anthem to St. Sava]"
EAP080/1/8/1/199: "Stankovic, K., Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen] [30 Apr 1964]" EAP080/1/8/1/200: "Stojacic, D., Opelo [The Funeral Service] [26 Jan 1925]"
EAP080/1/8/1/201: "Strokin M., Ninje otpuscajesi [Now Thou Dismiss Thy Servant]" EAP080/1/8/1/202: "Tajcevic, M., Budi imja Gospodnje [Blessed be the Name] [11 Feb 1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/203: "Tajcevic, M., Dostojno jest [It is truly meet] [1934]" EAP080/1/8/1/204: "Tajcevic, M., Jako da carja [That we may receive] [23 Sep 1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/205: "Tajcevic, M., Jedin svjat [One is Holy] [1942-1947]" EAP080/1/8/1/206: "Tajcevic, M., Jektenije iz Liturgije [Litany from the Liturgy] [11 Feb 1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/207: "Tajcevic, M., Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom] [Dec 1930]" EAP080/1/8/1/208: "Tajcevic, M., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [13 Apr 1942-29 Feb 1948]"
EAP080/1/8/1/209: "Tajcevic, M., Skazi mi, Gospodi iz 29. psalma [Tell me, oh Lord, from ps. 29]" EAP080/1/8/1/210: "Tajcevic, M., Heruvimska pesma [Cherubic Hymn] [1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/211: "Tomic, S., So svjatimi [With the Saints] [06 May 1934-01 Aug 1938]" EAP080/1/8/1/212: "Topalovic, M., Iz Opela (Svjati Boze. So Svjatimi. Vjecnaja pamjat) [From Funeral Service: Holy God. With the Saints. Eternal Memory]"
EAP080/1/8/1/213: "Topalovic, M., Pesma posle vencanja [Hymn after the Wedding] [24 Jan 1838]" EAP080/1/8/1/214: Topalovic, M., So svjatimi [With the Saints]
EAP080/1/8/1/215: Trisler, K., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] EAP080/1/8/1/216: "Turcanjinov, P., Slava. Jedinorodni Sine [Glory. O, Only-begotten Son] [07 May 1934]"
EAP080/1/8/1/217: "Faure, G., Sveta Marija [Holy Mary]" EAP080/1/8/1/218: "Hadnadev I., Milost mira [The Mercy of Peace] [Dec 1943]"
EAP080/1/8/1/219: "Hadnadev, I., Svjat [Holy] [22 Dec 1943]" EAP080/1/8/1/220: "Hadnadev, I., Svjati Boze [Holy God] [22 Jul 1943]"
EAP080/1/8/1/221: "Hadnadev, I., Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [22 Dec 1943]" EAP080/1/8/1/222: "Hladk, K., Iz Jevandelja po Mateju [From The Gospel of Matthew]"
EAP080/1/8/1/223: "Horejsek, V., Opelo [The Funeral Service]" EAP080/1/8/1/224: "Horejsek, V., Himna sv. Savi [Anthem to St. Sava]"
EAP080/1/8/1/225: "Hristic, S., Boga celovjekom [It is Impossible for Man to See the God] [22 Dec 1942]" EAP080/1/8/1/226: "Hristic, S., Vjecnaja pamjat. Mrtvacka jektenija [Eternal Memory. Litany from the Funeral Service] [29 Jun 1941]"
EAP080/1/8/1/227: "Hristic, S., Opelo (Svjati Boze. Boga celovjekom) [The Funeral Service: Holy God, It is not Possible]" EAP080/1/8/1/228: "Hristic, S., Svjati Boze iz Opela [Holy God from the Funeral Service] [1934-1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/229: "Hristov, D., Amin. Da ispolnjatsja [Amen. Let our Mouth] [04 Aug 1941]" EAP080/1/8/1/230: "Hristov, D., Budi imja Gospodnje [Blessed be the Name] [1940 and 1941]"
EAP080/1/8/1/231: "Hristov, D., ""Zavrsno"" (od Blagosloven grjadi do Vidjehom) [Blessed is He - We have seen, the final part of the liturgy] [01 Jul 1941]" EAP080/1/8/1/232: "Hristov, D., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer]"
EAP080/1/8/1/233: "Hristov, D., Svjat [Holy] [30 Jun 1941]" EAP080/1/8/1/234: "Hristov, D., Svjati Boze br. 3 [Holy God no. 3] [22 Sep 1941]"
EAP080/1/8/1/235: "Hristov, D., Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen] [24 Jun 1940 and 02 Apr 1944]" EAP080/1/8/1/236: "Ce, J., Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer]"
EAP080/1/8/1/237: "Cvejic, B., Gospodi, spasi blagocestivija [Lord, save] [04 Jun 1943]" EAP080/1/8/1/238: "Cajkovski, P., Legenda o malome Hristu [Legend on the Child Christ] [12 Dec 1900-26 Jan 1947]"
EAP080/1/8/1/239: "Cajkovski, P., Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [25 May 1943]" EAP080/1/8/1/240: "Cekalov, P., Skazi mi, Gospodi [Tell me, o Lord]"
EAP080/1/8/1/241: "Cesnokov, P., Velika jektenija [Great Litany]" EAP080/1/8/1/242: "Cesnokov, P., Prozbena jektenija [Litany of Fervent Supplication]"
EAP080/1/8/1/243: "Unknown author, Amin. Gospodi pomiluj... [Amen. Lord, have mercy]" EAP080/1/8/1/244: "Unknown author, Angel vopijase [The Angel Cried Out]"
EAP080/1/8/1/245: "Unknown author, Angel vopijase [The Angel Cried Out]" EAP080/1/8/1/246: "Unknown author, Antifoni [Antiphons]"
EAP080/1/8/1/247: "Unknown author, Asce i vo grob [Though Thou didst descend]" EAP080/1/8/1/248: "Unknown author, Blagovjetstvuj zemlje [O, Earth, Announce]"
EAP080/1/8/1/249: "Unknown author, Tropar za Duhove [Pentecost Troparion]" EAP080/1/8/1/250: "Unknown author, Boze vo imja [God, in Your Name]"
EAP080/1/8/1/251: "Unknown author, Velika i suguba jektenija [Great Litany. Litany of Fervent Supplication]" EAP080/1/8/1/252: "Unknown author, Vencanica [The Rite of Matrimony]"
EAP080/1/8/1/253: "Unknown author, Vencanica [The Rite of Matrimony]" EAP080/1/8/1/254: "Unknown author, Vjencanica A-dur [The Rite of Matrimony, A-major]"
EAP080/1/8/1/255: "Unknown author, Vo Jordanje. Glas Gospodenj [When Thou, o Lord. The Voice of the Lord]" EAP080/1/8/1/256: "Unknown author, Voskliknite Gospodevi [O, be Joyful in the Lord]"
EAP080/1/8/1/257: "Unknown author, Voskresenije tvoje. Slava dolgoterpjeniju Tvojemu [Your Resurrection. Glory to Thy longsuffering]" EAP080/1/8/1/258: "Unknown author, Glas Gospodenj [The Voice of the Lord] [10 Feb 1925]"
EAP080/1/8/1/259: "Unknown author, Gospodi pomiluj [Lord, Have Mercy]" EAP080/1/8/1/260: "Unknown author, Duhovski irmos [Pentecost Heirmos] [01 May 1903]"
EAP080/1/8/1/261: "Unknown author, Zivi v pomosci Visnjego [Live, With the Help]" EAP080/1/8/1/262: "Unknown author, Za rukopolozenje [Ordination Service] [03 Aug 1944]"
EAP080/1/8/1/263: "Unknown author, Ize heruvimi [Cherubic Hymn]" EAP080/1/8/1/264: "Unknown author, Istocnik duhovni. Radujsja Carice [Source of the Spirit. Rejoice, Queen]"
EAP080/1/8/1/265: "Unknown author, Jako da carja [That we may receive]" EAP080/1/8/1/266: "Unknown author, Jako da carja [That we may receive] [03 Dec 1934]"
EAP080/1/8/1/267: "Unknown author, Jako da carja. Svjat [That we may receive. Holy]" EAP080/1/8/1/268: "Unknown author, Jedin svjat [One is Holy] [24 Feb 1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/269: "Unknown author, Jedinorodni Sine. Molitvami. Spasi ni. Slava Ocu i Sinu [O, Only-begotten Son. To the Prayers. Save us. Glory]" EAP080/1/8/1/270: "Unknown author, Jelici [Ye all]"
EAP080/1/8/1/271: "Unknown author, Canon evharistije [Eucharist Canon]" EAP080/1/8/1/272: "Unknown author, Koncert br.1 [Concert no. 1]"
EAP080/1/8/1/273: "Unknown author, Koncert br. 31 [Concert no. 31]" EAP080/1/8/1/274: "Unknown author, Krestu tvojemu [Thy Cross]"
EAP080/1/8/1/275: "Unknown author, Likuj dnes Sione [Rejoice Today, O Sion] [5 Dec 1901]" EAP080/1/8/1/276: "Unknown author, Liturgija na grckom jeziku (od Svjati Boze Agios o Theos ) [Greek Liturgy, beginning with Holy God[Agios o Theos]"
EAP080/1/8/1/277: "Unknown author, Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom]" EAP080/1/8/1/278: "Unknown author, Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom]"
EAP080/1/8/1/279: "Unknown author, Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom]" EAP080/1/8/1/280: "Unknown author, Liturgija sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom]"
EAP080/1/8/1/281: "Unknown author, Milost mira [The Mercy of Peace] [29 May 1951]" EAP080/1/8/1/282: "Unknown author, Milost mira. Dostojno i pravedno [The Mercy of Peace. It is meet and right]"
EAP080/1/8/1/283: "Unknown author, Molitvami. Spasi ni. Jelici [Through the prayers. Save us. Ye all]" EAP080/1/8/1/284: "Unknown author, Mnogaja ljeta [Many Years]"
EAP080/1/8/1/285: "Unknown author, Mrtvacka jektenija [Litany from the Funeral Service]" EAP080/1/8/1/286: "Unknown author, O svetlim praznicima [On Bright Holidays]"
EAP080/1/8/1/287: "Unknown author, O tebje radujetsja [All creation Rejoices] [09 Mar 1943]" EAP080/1/8/1/288: "Unknown author, Obihodna suguba jektenija. Mnogaja ljeta vladiko [Litany of the Fervent Supplication. Many years] [10 Sep 1947]"
EAP080/1/8/1/289: "Unknown author, Opelo [The Funeral Service]" EAP080/1/8/1/290: "Unknown author, Opelo (Jektenija. So svjatimi) [Funeral Service: Litany, With the Saints]"
EAP080/1/8/1/291: "Unknown author, Opelo za duse mojih milih pokojnika [The Funeral Service, for the souls of my dear deceased] [03 Nov 1931]" EAP080/1/8/1/292: "Unknown author, Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer]"
EAP080/1/8/1/293: "Unknown author, Oce nas [The Lord's Prayer] [05 Jun 1897-02 Jan 1899]" EAP080/1/8/1/294: "Unknown author, Radujsja Carice [Rejoice, Queen]"
EAP080/1/8/1/295: "Unknown author, Ruska carska suguba jektenija [Russian Emperor Litany] [20 Sep 1947]" EAP080/1/8/1/296: "Unknown author, Svjat [Holy] [14 Oct 1940]"
EAP080/1/8/1/297: "Unknown author, Svjati Boze karlovackog napeva [Holy God, based on Karlovci chant] [Jul 1940]" EAP080/1/8/1/298: "Unknown author, Svjati Boze. Mrtvacka jektenija [Holy God. Litany for the Dead]"
EAP080/1/8/1/299: "Unknown author, Svjati Boze (iz Opela). Hristos voskrese [Holy God, from the Funeral Service. Christ is Risen]" EAP080/1/8/1/300: "Unknown author, Svjati mucenici [O Holy Martyrs] [1906-1907]"
EAP080/1/8/1/301: "Unknown author, Simbol vjeri [The Creed]" EAP080/1/8/1/302: "Unknown author, Stihira srpskim svetiteljima [Stichera to Serbian Saints] [Jul 1942]"
EAP080/1/8/1/303: "Unknown author, Suguba jektenija [Litany of the Fervent Supplication] [10 Sep 1947]" EAP080/1/8/1/304: "Unknown author, Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [28 Jul 1943]"
EAP080/1/8/1/305: "Unknown author, Tebe pojem [We praise Thee] [14 Jun 1964]" EAP080/1/8/1/306: "Unknown author, Tebe odjejuscagosja. Blagoobrazni Josif [Thee who deckest Thyself. Noble Joseph]"
EAP080/1/8/1/307: "Unknown author, Tja pace uma [O Thou beyond all conceiving]" EAP080/1/8/1/308: "Unknown author, Tjelo Hristovo [Christ's Body]"
EAP080/1/8/1/309: "Unknown author, Ton despotin [To the Bishop] [26 Sep 1934-06 May 1964]" EAP080/1/8/1/310: "Unknown author, Ton despotin [To the Bishop]"
EAP080/1/8/1/311: "Unknown author, Ton despotin [To the Bishop] [03 Aug 1944]" EAP080/1/8/1/312: "Unknown author, Hvalite Boga [Praise the Lord]"
EAP080/1/8/1/313: "Unknown author, Himna sv. Cirilu i Metodiju [Anthem to St. Cyril and Methodius]" EAP080/1/8/1/314: "Unknown author, Himna sv. Savi [Anthem to St. Sava]"
EAP080/1/8/1/315: "Unknown author, Himna sv. Savi [Anthem to St. Sava]" EAP080/1/8/1/316: "Unknown author, Himna sv. Savi [Anthem to St. Sava]"
EAP080/1/8/1/317: "Unknown author, Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen] [24 Apr 1940-02 Apr 1944]" EAP080/1/8/1/318: "Unknown author, Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen]"
EAP080/1/8/1/319: "Unknown author, Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen]" EAP080/1/8/1/320: "Unknown author, Hristos voskrese [Christ is Risen]"
EAP080/1/8/1/321: "Unknown author, Hristos kao dete [Christ as a Child]" EAP080/1/8/1/322: "Unknown author, Carju nebesni [Heavenly King] [15 Apr 1940]"
EAP080/1/8/1/323: "Unknown author, Cuzde materem [Virginity is alien]" EAP080/1/8/2/1: "Various authors, Veliki petak [Compilation of hymns for the Good Friday] [28 Mar 1931]"
EAP080/1/8/2/2: "Various authors, Veliki petak [Compilation of hymns for the Good Friday]" EAP080/1/8/2/3: "Various authors, Pojanje na Veliki petak [Compilation of hymns for the Good Friday] [1958]"
EAP080/1/8/2/4: "Various authors, Vencanje i rezanje kolaca [The Rite of Matrimony and Cutting of the Slava Cake] [22 Jan 1947]" EAP080/1/8/2/5: "Various authors, Vencanje i rezanje kolaca [The Rite of Matrimony and Cutting of the Slava Cake] [22 Jan 1947]"
EAP080/1/8/2/6: "Various authors, Jektenije [Litany] [26 Sep 1934]" EAP080/1/8/2/7: "Various authors, Odlomci iz Liturgije sv. Jovana Zlatoustog [Parts of Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom]"
EAP080/1/8/2/8: "Various authors, Opelo [Funeral Service]" EAP080/1/8/2/9: "Various authors, Opelo [Funeral Service] [27 Mar 1929]"
EAP080/1/8/2/10: "Various authors, Opelo [Funeral Service]" EAP080/1/8/2/11: "Various authors, Opelo [Funeral Service]"
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