Endangered Archives

EAP067: Preservation of Gypsy/Roma historical and cultural heritage in Bulgaria

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EAP067/1/1: Photographs reflecting the social and political activities of Shakir Pashov [c1946-1962] EAP067/1/2: "Portrait photographs of Pashov family members and Shakir Pashov, c1930-c1980"
EAP067/1/3: "Family and wedding photographs, c1930-c1980" EAP067/1/4: "Photographs of everyday life, c1950-1982"
EAP067/1/5: "Posters of Gypsy theatrical and musical groups, 1947-1963" EAP067/1/6: Signed autobiography of Shakir Pashov
EAP067/1/7: "Local government statement regarding the 'Personal Peoples Pension' issued to Shakir Pashov, 1967" EAP067/1/8: "Identity card of Shakir Pashov, 1977"
EAP067/1/9: "Documents relating to the death of Shakir Pashov, 1981-1982" EAP067/1/10: "Newspaper cutting from Nov Pat (New Way) regarding Shakir Pashov, 1974"
EAP067/1/11: "Shakir Pashov book entitled ""History of Gypsies in Bulgaria and Europe. Roma"", 1957" EAP067/2/1: "Photographs reflecting the professional occupations of the men of the Zhivkov family, c1930-c1960"
EAP067/2/2: "Portrait photographs, c1930-c1950" EAP067/2/3: "Family and wedding photographs, c1910-c1960"
EAP067/2/4: "Photographs of everyday life and activities, c1930-c1970" EAP067/3/1: "Folklore Songs, c1970s"
EAP067/3/2: "Folklore 'Gergiovdensko' Song, 2006" EAP067/4/1: "Gypsy on the new way. A play in two parts, 1953"
EAP067/4/2: "Isi salkada Roma. A play in three parts, 1959" EAP067/5/1: "Gypsy Old, Oldest Songs, 1975"
EAP067/6/1: "Svetilnik Newspaper, 1927" EAP067/7/1/1: Romano Esi [23 January 1946]
EAP067/7/1/2: Romano Esi [28 March 1946] EAP067/7/1/3: Romano Esi [01 May 1946]
EAP067/7/1/4: Romano Esi [08 September 1946] EAP067/7/1/5: Romano Esi [01 February 1947]
EAP067/7/1/6: Romano Esi [01 May 1947] EAP067/7/1/7: Romano Esi [09 September 1947]
EAP067/7/1/8: Romano Esi [14 January 1948] EAP067/7/1/9: Romano Esi [30 April 1948]
EAP067/8/1: Photographs reflecting the family life and social and political activities of Gospodin Kolev EAP067/9/1: "Photographs from Fakultet Gypsy Quarter, 20th century"
EAP067/10/1: Decree of the Council of Ministers banning nomadism