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EAP001: Faces and Places in Iran. Iranian photography at the turn of the 19th century

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EAP001/1/1: Photographs from Esfahan taken by Minas Patkerhanian Machertich [1900-1970s] EAP001/1/2: "Photographs from Esfahan, Various Photographers [1880s-1940s]"
EAP001/2/1: Group and Individual Portrait Photographs [c1880-1941] EAP001/3/1: Sample images of photographs from the Boris A. Madatian Collection
EAP001/4/1: Sample images of photographs from the Emil Hakoupian Photographic Collection EAP001/5/1: Digitised samples from Arman Estepanian's Collection of Iranian Photography [c 1880-c 1925]
EAP001/6/1: Sample images of photographs from the Jadid ol Eslam Collection [c 1880-c 1979] EAP001/7/1: Polish Refugees [1942-1944]
EAP001/7/2: Photographs from Esfahan [1940s-1950s] EAP001/8/1: Sample photographs from Morad Salimi's collection
EAP001/9/1: Photographs of Ardabil from the Miras Farhangi Archives [Late 19th - Mid 20th Century] EAP001/10/1: Sample photographs from the Jila Photography Shop
EAP001/11/1: Portrait photographs of Armenian Iranians [1926-1935] EAP001/12/1: Sample copies of Iranian photographs [1896-1941]
EAP001/13/1: Sample photographs from Mr Soltani's Collection EAP001/14/1: Sample photographs [late 19th Century-early 20th Century]
EAP001/15/1: Sample photographs [1906-1922] EAP001/16/1: Photographs from Arak [1891-1927]
EAP001/16/2: Photographs from Mashhad [1867-1917] EAP001/17/1: Sample copies from the Ibrahimi Engineering Collection [1848-1896]
EAP001/18/1: "Photographs from the Muhammad Khan Company, Abadan. 1305H-1320H [1926-1942]" EAP001/18/2: "Photographs from the Chihra-yi 'Abd al-Javad Armakan Collection, 1320s-1330s [1940s-1950s]"
EAP001/19/1: "Oil Exploration at Abadan, 1910-c1925"