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EAP119: Preservation of historical periodical collections (1900-1950) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem

The main goal of this project is to digitise the historical periodical collection located at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in order to create archival quality digital copies of the deteriorating newspapers and magazines. In addition, the project intends to create multiple derivative copies to extend access of these rare materials to scholars, students and the general public. The original collection includes 20 sets of historical materials that document the history of Palestine in the first half of the 20th century. This unique collection of periodicals represents an irreplaceable source of information about Palestine and its people. Digitization will help to preserve these historical newspapers and magazines for current and future generations.

The collection is an important source of information about Palestine, its history, and people in the first half of the twentieth century. The newspapers provide access to primary sources about the Arab nationalist movement and Palestinian reaction towards Jewish immigration and the establishment of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine. They cover many important historical events and political movements, such as the Balfor declaration, the Al-buraq events of 1929, the Alqassam revolution of 1931, Palestinians political parties, the Palestinians armed forces, the 1936 strike, 1936-1939 revolution, and British policy against Arab leaders.

In addition, the collection documents the development of the Arab press during the British Mandate Period of 1917-48. Many of the titles included in the collection were published at the beginning of the twentieth century and are particularly rare as they represent the only copies available in the region.

This digitisation project provides an opportunity to preserve these historical periodicals and share them with a wider community of scholars and students. The newspapers and magazines held at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library are endangered not only because of the risks that many historical periodical collections face, such as poor quality of paper and the lack of environmental control, but also because of the location of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in the occupied territory and the unstable political situation in East Jerusalem. Many of the titles included in the collection are particularly rare as they represent the only known copies of these unique periodicals.


EAP119/1: Periodical collection of the al-Aqsa Mosque Library (1874-1955)

This collection comprises digital images of original periodicals held by the al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem. The collection consists of 13 newspapers and 11 magazines published mainly in Palestine, but also in Syria and Turkey, between 1874 and 1955. The publications cover a range of historical and contemporary topics including politics, science, literature, cultural issues, Islam, education and economics. The periodicals are predominantly written in Arabic although one publication, Tasvir-i efkar, is written in Turkish. French and English do appear occasionally as footnotes, annotations, or part of advertisements.Due to the political and economic environment in which these periodicals were created, publications were often suspended for short and long periods of time, and in many cases the al-Aqsa Mosque Library does not hold every issue of a publication. This means that scope dates do not always give detailed enough information, and so are often elaborated on within the series description.

EAP119/1/6: الجنان al-Jinān (1874)

EAP119/1/6/1: الجنان al-Jinān (1874)

Extent: 878 TIFF images
Level: File
Scope and Content: Digital images of one bound volume of al-Jinān, containing 24 issues covering the period January to December 1874. The covers of the volume have not been captured. Page numbers run sequentially throughout the volume, and individual issues can be identified by the following page numbers:1 January 1874 pp. 1-3515 January 1874 pp. 36-721 February 1874 pp. 73-10815 February 1874 pp. 109-1441 March 1874 pp. 145-18015 March 1874 pp. 181-2161 April 1874 pp. 217-25315 April 1874 pp. 254-2881 May 1874 pp. 289-32415 May 1874 pp. 325-3641 June 1874 pp. 365-39915 June 1874 pp. 400-4361 July 1874 pp. 437-47215 July 1874 pp. 473-508 1 August 1874 pp. 509-54415 August 1874 pp. 545-5801 September 1874 pp. 581-61615 September 1874 pp. 617-6521 October 1874 pp. 653-688Pages 689 and 690 are missing15 October 1874 pp. 691-7251 November 1874 pp. 726-76015 November 1874 pp. 761-7961 December 1874 pp. 797-83215 December 1874 pp. 833-866
Creator al-Aqsa Mosque Library , 1922-
Language(s) "Arabic"
Script(s) "Arabic"
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