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Central Asia

EAP630 Manuscripts from Kokand Khanate (1710-1876) court library from the museum sources of Kokand and Fergana valley and private collections

Eastern Asia

EAP010 Preservation of rare periodical publications in Mongolia
EAP012 Salvage and preservation of dongjing archives in Yunnan, China: transcript, score, ritual and performance
EAP031 The Treasures of Danzan Ravjaa
EAP081 Preservation and digitisation of Yi archives in public and private collections in Yunnan, China
EAP140 Preservation through digitisation of the Tangut collection at the Institute of Oriental Studies, St Petersburg Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
EAP143 Preservation of the last hieroglyphic manuscripts in China: Shui archives in Libo, Guizhou
EAP209 Survey on surviving dongjing archives in Jianshui, Tonghai and Mengzi
EAP217 Digitisation of Yi archives in south dialect in Yunnan, China
EAP264 Preservation through digitisation of rare photographic negatives from Mongolia
EAP460 Collection and preservation of Shui manuscripts from private collections in South Guizhou
EAP529 Digitising 19th and early 20th century Buddhist manuscripts from Dambadarjaa Monastery
EAP550 Preservation of Yao manuscripts from South Yunnan: text, image and religion
EAP727 Preservation of Tibetan Ngakpa manuscripts in Amdo region (Qinghai and Gansu Provinces, PRC)

South Eastern Asia

EAP061 The MIPES Indonesia: digitising Islamic manuscript of Indonesian Pondok Pesantren
EAP104 A pilot project aimed at the preservation of Pa'O religious and literary manuscripts
EAP117 Digitising 'sacred heirloom' in private collections in Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia
EAP128 Thai rainbow archives project: a digitised collection of Thai gay, lesbian and transgender publications
EAP144 The digitisation of Minangkabau's manuscript collections in Suraus
EAP153 Riau manuscripts: the gateway to the Malay intellectual world
EAP177 Buddhist archive of photography in Luang Prabang, Laos - major project phase I
EAP205 Endangered manuscripts of Western Sumatra. Collections of Sufi brotherhoods
EAP211 Digitising Cirebon manuscripts
EAP212 Locating, documenting and digitising: Preserving the endangered manuscripts of the Legacy of the Sultanate of Buton, South-Eastern Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
EAP219 Assessment and preservation of the old Vietnamese École Française d'Extrême Orient archive in ancient ideographic Nôm script
EAP229 Acehnese manuscripts in danger of extinction: identifying and preserving the private collections located in Pidie and Aceh Besar regencies
EAP276 Documentation and preservation of Ambon manuscripts
EAP280 Retrieving heritage: rare old Javanese and old Sundanese manuscripts from West Java (stage one)
EAP326 Buddhist archive of photography, Luang Prabang, Laos - major project phase II
EAP329 Digitising private collections of Acehnese manuscripts located in Pidie and Aceh Besar regencies
EAP352 Endangered manuscripts of Western Sumatra and the province of Jambi. Collections of Sufi brotherhoods - major project
EAP365 Preservation of Makassarese lontara’ pilot project
EAP531 Preserving the endangered manuscripts of the Cham people in Vietnam
EAP691 Rare manuscripts of great Buddhist thinkers of Laos: digitisation, translation and relocation at the 'Buddhist Archive of Luang Prabang'
EAP698 Digitisation of the endangered Cham manuscripts in Vietnam
EAP898 Myanmar negative records

Southern Asia

EAP001 Faces and Places in Iran. Iranian photography at the turn of the 19th century
EAP023 Preserving Marathi manuscripts and making them accessible
EAP038 Survey, conservation and archiving of pre-1947 Telugu printed materials in India
EAP039 Digital documentation of manuscript collection in Gangtey
EAP071 Archiving texts in the Sylhet Nagri script
EAP105 The digital documentation of manuscripts at Drametse and Ogyen Choling
EAP127 Archiving 'popular market' Bengali books
EAP166 Preservation through digitisation of rare negatives and photographs from Nepal
EAP171 Feasibility survey of documenting selected 18th-20th century written heritage from Nepal
EAP183 Preserving early print literature on the history of Tamilnadu
EAP190 Digitising archival material pertaining to 'Young India' label gramophone records
EAP191 Strategies for archiving the endangered publications of French India (1800-1953)
EAP201 Study and collection of Hakku Patras and other documents among folk communities in Andhra Pradesh
EAP208 Preserving memory: documentation and digitisation of palm leaf manuscripts from northern Kerala, India
EAP248 Preserving more Marathi manuscripts and making them accessible - major project
EAP261 Digital archive of early Bengali drama
EAP262 Retrieval of two major and endangered newspapers: Jugantar and Amrita Bazar Patrika
EAP272 Preservation of historic ephemera and manuscripts from Nepal
EAP281 Locating and identifying Lepcha manuscripts as a first step towards their preservation
EAP310 The digital documentation of manuscripts in Thadrak, Tshamdrak and Nyephug Temples
EAP314 Rescuing Tamil customary law: locating and copying endangered records of village judicial assemblies (1870-1940)
EAP341 Rescuing text: retrieval and documentation of printed books and periodicals from public institutions in eastern India published prior to 1950 - major project
EAP372 Preserving early periodicals and newspapers of Tamilnadu and Pondichery
EAP373 Documenting, conserving and archiving the Tai Ahom manuscripts of Assam
EAP450 Manuscripts of the Sri Lankan Malays
EAP454 Locating and surveying early religious and related records in Mizoram, India
EAP458 Constituting a digital archive of Tamil agrarian history during the colonial period
EAP468 To preserve Indian recordings on 'Odeon' label shellac discs
EAP548 The narrative and ritual texts, narrative paintings and other performance related material belonging to the Buchen of Pin Valley, India
EAP566 Endangered Urdu periodicals: preservation and access for vulnerable scholarly resources
EAP570 Digital documentation of Dongkala, Chizing, Dodedra and Phajoding temple archives
EAP584 Preserving memory II - documentation and digitisation of palm leaf manuscripts from Kerala, India
EAP609 Digitising Malay writing in Sri Lanka
EAP619 Pilot project to locate and digitise endangered single-copy pencil drawn Thakbast/mouza maps in selected Bangladeshi districts
EAP636 Creating a digital archive of Indian Christian manuscripts
EAP660 Nur-i-Afshan archives: Perspectives on the inter-religious history of Punjab from 1873-1944
EAP676 Survey of Buddhist Sanskrit manuscripts in the possession of Vajrayana Viharas and Newar Buddhist families in Lalitpur in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal
EAP683 Rāmamālā Library manuscript project
EAP689 Constituting a digital archive of Tamil agrarian history (1650-1950) - phase II
EAP692 Documentation of endangered temple art of Tamil Nadu
EAP700 Preservation of the manuscripts of the Jaffna Bishop's House (1850-1930)
EAP729 Cataloguing, digitisation, and preservation of ancient palm leaf and paper manuscripts archived in Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF)
EAP737 Representing Self and Family. Preserving early Tamil studio photography
EAP749 The narrative and ritual texts, narrative paintings and other performance related material belonging to the Buchen of Pin Valley, India - major project
EAP759 Survey of Bengal puthis discovered in Sundarbans, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal
EAP790 The Melvin Seiden Award: Digital documentation of endangered medieval manuscripts in individual and Vihāra collections from various Newār settlements in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Western Asia

EAP057 Digitising the photo documents of Georgia's central state audio-visual archive
EAP119 Preservation of historical periodical collections (1900-1950) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem
EAP180 Preservation through digitisation of the endangered Armenian rare books and making them accessible on the Web (phase 1)
EAP399 Historical collections of manuscripts located at Al-Jazzar mosque library in Acre
EAP521 Digitisation of manuscripts at the Al-aqsa Mosque Library, East Jerusalem
EAP613 Digital preservation and cataloguing of early printed Armenian maps, periodicals and newspapers, and making them accessible online
EAP644 The Fouad Debbas Collection: assessment and digitisation of a precious private collection. Photographs from Maison Bonfils (1867-1910s), Beirut, Lebanon

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